Apartmány Gonneville sur Honfleur 2-3p6 - Gonneville sur Honfleur, Normandie, Francie, BN70747

Gonneville sur Honfleur is a small village in the Calvados, situated 3 km from Honfleur, a town famous for its canals. It is a paradise for those who love beautiful colors.
The little Norman village of Gonneville is proud of its Romanesque church and its most beautiful building which is the Castle of Prêtreville, built in the 18th and 19th centuries.
Located in a wooded park, on both sides of the avenue leading to the Castle of Prêtreville, the residence blends into the heritage of Normandy with its brick facades and slate gray roof.
It has 86 apartments split into eight buildings of R+1. Most apartments have a balcony or a garden-level.
Except for the secure parking lots, which are located at the entrance to the park on both sides of the main entrance, the entire estate is pedestrianized.
The reception desk and the entertainment room are located in the farmhouse (a renovated old stable) and an another recently renovated building houses the gym.

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1 týden:
od 09 do 16 VIII '14 
€ 980.00
od 16 do 23 VIII '14 
€ 855.00
od 30 VIII do 06 IX '14 
€ 435.00
2 týdny:
od 09 do 23 VIII '14 
€ 1835.00
od 30 VIII do 13 IX '14 
€ 889.60 € 640.00
od 06 do 20 IX '14 
€ 811.76 € 584.00
3 týdny:
od 30 VIII do 20 IX '14 
€ 1165.00
od 06 do 27 IX '14 
€ 1035.00
od 13 IX do 04 X '14 
€ 975.00

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