Chalupy Chalet Perles des Alpes - Haute-Nendaz, Valais, Svycarsko, BN900266

This stylish and luxurious private chalet occupies an idyllic location on the outskirts of the resort/commune of Haute-Nendaz. Situated at an altitude of 1550 meters, on the south side of the Rhone Valley, the chalet is right in the midst of the Swiss Alps - ideal for a relaxing holiday, with lots of activities available in the immediate vicinity.
This detached cottage is surrounded by a wonderful natural environment and lies adjacent to a small mountain stream, alpine meadow and upland forests. From the well-furnished and sunny terrace you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Alps, Rhone Valley and Sion (the pleasant capital of Valais) until late in the evening. Around the chalet children can safely and freely play amidst nature.
A paved dead end road leads from the center of the village to a wide walkway, where the chalet is located. You can bring your car to within 75 meters of the chalet (with a 4x4 vehicle you can go to 15 meters). The chalet has two private parking spaces at your disposal. From the chalet you can walk to your parking space in just a few minutes and then in 15 minutes (or 2 minutes by car) to the heart of Haute-Nendaz where you will find numerous shops, supermarkets, restaurants and cafes plus tennis courts, a swimming pool and sports center. All in all, an oasis of peace and quiet and a great starting point for beautiful mountain hikes, mountain bike tours and exciting excursions. Ideal for families.

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