Apartmány Chorvatsko

Jure 4 osob
1 týden od 06 do 13 II '16 € 236
If you are interested not only in the splashing in the sea, but are open to admiring the natural and cultural treasures, or the culinary delights, a spring or autumn, even winter break, can be ideal. Due to its Mediterranean climate, these months are quite ple...
Marija Ap 102. 4 osob
1 týden od 06 do 13 II '16 € 262
The accomodation is located in the center of  Klek resort, offering a relaxing environment. In the yard the guests will find a swimming pool and a smaller pool for children. Just a short walk away there is a tennis court, a soccer field and a minigolf field as...
Cetinic 5 osob
1 týden od 06 do 13 II '16 € 396
The accomodation is on the island of  Korčula, in a quiet location, directly on the beach. Here, one can enjoy the view on the sea and take a dip in the crystal clear water only 10 meters away. The appartment is comfortable and the calm area will provide an en...
Siljeg Ap2. 4 osob
1 týden od 06 do 13 II '16 € 262
Klek is one of the country's small jewels. In a comfortable environment, it is surrounded by the sea and mountains. As the accommodation is located in the heart of South Dalmatia there are countless possibilities for a one day sightseeing excursions such as to...
Ulika I. 4 osob
1 týden od 09 do 16 IV '16 € 445
These vacation homes are located in Krnica, a small village on the eastern coast of Istria, 22 km from Pula. Situated 195 meters above sea level, they are surrounded by beautiful forests, pastures and vineyards. Krnica is the only village in Istria with its ow...
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