Holiday in Slovakia

During a holiday in Slovakia, the nature and culture here are hosting your vacation. An active vacation offers various possibilities such as hiking and cycling, climbing and rafting. If you want to try something different, you can choose to climb on the Prena Magura in the Low Tatras, a hiking trip through the mountains to the Strato Volcano or a mountain tour to the peaks of the Tatra mountains. The Tatras with mountain lakes, waterfalls and glaciers offer besides a sporting challenge, an extraordinary piece of nature and when staying at a holiday home in the Zilina region for example, you will have the chance to enjoy it all.
A visit to the capital, Bratislava, will certainly be appealing. It is a city of museums, historical monuments and beautiful places, a walk is often the best way to see this city. So you can visit the Michalska Brana, one of the four gates of the town with a copper green color. Here you can visit the Museum of Weapons also. More so, it is close to the shopping area with many attractions and buskers in summertime. The Dino Park is a small zoo with numerous animals, a playground, a 3D cinema and fine hiking trails. There is also plenty of art in Bratislava, you can see it really everywhere in the streets, like in the Old Town.
Culture and Nature
The mix of culture and nature is often encountered in Slovakia. Visit the village of Vlkolinec in Ruzomberok. It is a village of 40 historic wooden houses surrounded by nature where people work and live a normal life. The caves of Aggtelek Karst are the silent witnesses of past times. You cannot distinguish anything specific in their shape and size. All this was born due to a natural chemical reaction many years ago. Think of the Dobsinska Ice cave or the Silica Ice Cave. The historic town of Bardejov is a beautiful city with remnants of medieval culture. Fortunately, all of this is protected by UNESCO so that you and your children can admire these natural and cultural attractions for years to come.

Prohlédněte si naše rekreační domy

Rekreační domy Slovensko

Prohlédněte si naše rekreační domy

Druh ubytování

    Rekreační domy Slovensko

    Rekreační domy Slovensko

    The holiday homes in Slovakia are the best start to your holiday. These accommodations are cozy and complete with everything you need for a great holiday. The same things apply also when we refer to the entire country of Slovakia. You will find here some high mountains, beautiful nature, cities with museums and historical monuments. The city of Kosice is Slovakia's second largest city. In 1369 the city got its own coat of arms. It is an active city with lots of culture and sports activities. On the first Sunday in April, the second oldest European marathon will be organized, the first one dates back to 1924. Discover the largest zoo here or the beautiful botanical garden and of course the city itself. The landscape of the Slovak Ore mountains, Slovakia's largest mountain range, is very impressive. The national parks like the Muranska Plateau and the Slovak Karst are wonderful locations for nature lovers, peace seekers, for hiking and mountain biking.

    Naše rekreační domy

    Apartmány Slovensko

    Apartmány Slovensko

    The apartments in Slovakia are an ideal starting point for your holiday if you want to go sightseeing in the area, visit the countryside or a beautiful city. Zilinia is a beautiful destination, a walk is one of the ways to get to know the city. Zilina is a city that has it all. The museum of Art in Zilina is definitely recommended, as well as the Church of the Holy Trinity, the Hlinkovo Namestie Church in the square, surrounded by the beautiful mountains of Mala Fatra. In the Zilina dam you can enjoy some activities like running, hiking, inline skating and cycling. On the Stranik hill you will find suitable locations for paragliding. Here you will find culture with the beautiful Budatin Castle or the Starhrad ruins on the Hill. Visit one of the markets such as the fruit and vegetables market or discover the local cheese in local stores near the market. At the Mala Fatra or the Sali rocks you can take long walks. This mix of action and culture is specific to Slovakia.

    Vily Slovensko

    Vily Slovensko

    The villas in Slovakia offer coziness and luxury during your holiday here. The country of Slovakia offers a varied holiday with castles and fortresses, nature, good food, nice cities. So is the Spissky castle complex, popular with the tourists. It is a great place and the museum with weapons, coins and torture instruments is definitely worth a visit. The Bratislavasky castle is a good reason to visit the capital. Vlkolinec is a traditional village with wooden houses, painted in distinctive colors, and even the bell tower in the market is made of wood. You can taste the pleasant atmosphere of Slovakia here. The nature of the Slovak Karst and the Slovak Ore Mountains is a complex of limestone caves, partly open to the public. The Dunajec Gorge is a natural border of unparalleled beauty in the nature park of Pienini, with a forested mountain landscape and a great atmosphere. Slovakia is a year-round holiday destination.

    Skupinová ubytování Slovensko

    Skupinová ubytování Slovensko

    The group accommodations in Slovakia are to be found throughout the country, in cities but also in the mountains and around beautiful lakes. If you like nature, the Kremnica mountains (volcanic) are a wonderful destination for a hiking or mountain biking tour. The highest mountain is Flochova with a height of 1317 meters. In winter you will find here ski resorts in Krahule, Sibenicny Hill and the Skalka mountains. Banska Bystrica is a city with a unique location between three mountains; Low Tatras, Veľká Fatra and the Slovak Ore mountains. In the artistic and historical monuments-museums you will find many silent witnesses of the former Medieval mining town. The architecture in the city is a testimony of the old times with richly decorated houses, fortifications and historic buildings. Consider also that the Banksa Bystrica summers are hot and the winters are snowy and cold. History lovers will not have enough time to spend in Banska Bystrica.

    Rekreační parky Slovensko

    Rekreační parky Slovensko

    The holiday parks in Slovakia are cozy holiday accommodations suited for everyone's taste. Therefore while one takes a walk or plays a game on the sports field, the other can visit a cafe or spend an evening at the cinema. There is also plenty to do and see outside the parks. Explore the area of the Little Carpathians with their 768 meter high peak. Hikers will also enjoy this area. On the south-eastern hills there are several beautiful vineyards. You can also visit the famous castle of Cerveny Kamen Devins in this region. Visit historic towns such Svaty Jur, Pezinok and Modra. Here you will surely discover great wine-houses and cellars. In Modra you can visit also a fortification from the 17th century. Trnava is a city in western Slovakia with beautiful museums. In Piestany, you will find a well-known spa resort with hot springs. The Slnava lake is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts.

    Naše rekreační parky

Speciální nabídky

Praktické informace


You can travel the country with a valid passport or identity card. If you want to stay a little longer in Slovakia, you must inquire at the Embassy if you need a visa. Don't forget your travel insurance papers as well as the health insurance papers. Make a copy of your passport and driver's license, in the event of loss or theft of these documents the declaration you must turn in is very simple.

Řízení motorového vozidla:

You can choose a driving holiday in Slovakia with complete confidence. It is a beautiful country. The roads are well maintained although you will find less highways. You should of course be in possession of a valid driver's license and European insurance papers. Don't forget to purchase at the border the obligatory vignette for a week, a month or a year, for the Slovak highways. There is 0% alcohol tolerance for drivers here. Furthermore, you must respect the normal traffic rules such as wearing a seat belt, lights during the day and not exceeding the speed limit. The traffic speed limits are: 50 km per hour in urban areas, 90 km per hour outside the urban areas, 130 km per hour on highways and motorways. The same applies for each country: therefore you must be a lady/gentleman in traffic.

  • Rychlostní limity:
    V obci: 50km/h
    Mimo obec: 90km/h

Základní informace

  • Obytná plocha: 49.035 km²

  • Počet obyvatel: 5.425.000 v roce 2012

  • Capital: Bratislava

  • Forma vlády: Republika

  • Jazyk: slovenština

  • Měna: Euro


The currency in Slovakia is the Euro. Mince mají hodnotu 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 eurocentů a 1 a 2 Eura. Papírové bankovky mají hodnotu 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 a 500 Euro.

Jídla a Nápoje

Breakfast in a restaurant here can be comprised of both Slovak and international food, as per your preferences. The Slovaks often serve a hot lunch with soup and a warm dish, you will also often find here bread sandwiches or mayonnaise based salads. The warm dinner in a restaurant is often consisted of a schnitzel, goulash with fried egg or runderlap (steak) which you will pretty much find everywhere. With a meat dish, you can often choose between fries, knedliky (dumplings)-noodles or boiled potatoes.

The Slovaks use everything that comes from nature like fish, mushrooms and berries
Bryndzove halusky – potato noodles with sheep cheese and bacon pieces
Beer is popular - Pivovar Saris or Zlaty Bazant, discover the local breweries

Local wines can be found in Southwest Slovakia, visit the local wine cellars
Drinking tap water is not recommended for hygienic reasons.
Slovak cuisine is partly influenced by the Hungarian cuisine especially when it comes to spices.
You will find many types of cheese in Slovakia, very popular with locals.
Each region has its own specific cuisine
A pretty common breakfast is a cup of strong coffee with cake or pastry
A common dessert is pasta filled with cheese, ham or sweets.
Home-made food or home-made bread is very popular Slovak garlic soup
Segdin goulash
Devil pork meat, consumed with peanut butter

Domácí zvířata

Traveling with your pet in Slovakia will not be an issue. Make sure your dog is always on a leash and that he is wearing a muzzle. The documents you need to have for traveling are: European dog passport, recent vaccination certificate and valid health certificate from the vet. This way, you will have a carefree holiday.

Pár slov ve slovenštině

áno yes
nie no
Prosim! Please! / You're welcome! / What?
Ďakujem! Thank you!
Dobre ráno! Good morning!
Dobrý deň! Hello!
Dobrý večer! Good evening!
Dobru noc! Good night! Sleep tight!
Ahoj. Hello! / Goodbye!
Rád / rada Ťa vidím. Good to see you!
Dovidenia. See you!
Maj sa dobre. Take care!
Dávaj pozor. Be careful!
Ako sa máš/máte? How are you?
Ďakujem, dobre. Well, thank you Prepáčte, ospravedlňujem sa. Excuse me, please excuse me.
Nechcem. I do not.
Nemôžem. I cannot.
Ako sa volaš / voláte? What's your name?
Odkiaľ si / ste? Where do you / did you come from Kedy? / Ako? When? / How?
Čo?/ Prečo? What? / When?
Kde?/ Ktorý? Where? / What?
Kolko? How much?
Kde je...? Where is ...?
Je tam...? Is there ...?

Kde môžem dostať ...? Where can I get ...?
Kde môžem nájsť .....? Where can I find ...?
Kde bývate? Where do you live?
Koľko máte rokov? How old are you?
Koľko je hodín? What time is it?
Zablúdil / zablúdila sum. I'm lost.
Hovorí niekto anglicky / Německý / ... Does anyone here speak English / German / ...
Rozumiete mi? Do you understand me?
Nerozumiem. I do not understand you /
Môžete mi ukázať cestu after mape? Can you show me the way on the map?
Povedali by ste mi ..... Could you tell me ...
Počkajte Wait
staré / nové old / new
dobré / zlé good / bad
drahé / lacné expensive / cheap
veľké / malé big / small
blízko / ďaleko near / far
voľné / obsadené free / busy
otvorené / zatvorené open / closed
vľavo / vpravo / rovno left / right / straight
ťahať/tlačiť push/pull

Kulturní zvyky

Obyvatelstvo Slovenska je velmi příjemné, pokud jde o návštěvníky. Rádi mluví svým vlastním jazykem, ale protože mnoho lidí nemluví slovensky, stále více a více z nich také mluví německy. Seznamte se legendy a ságy na Slovensku, se zvláštními památkami s názvem města nebo historickými události. Tohle je v podstatě pohled na zemi a Slováky.

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