Holiday homes in Styria

Bungalow.Net's holiday homes in Styria offer a great vacation for people of all ages. A house with swimming pool is a popular vacation rental in Austria and all accommodations come fully furnished. You can even go on holiday with the family pet when you reserve a pet-friendly bungalow in Styria. The region has a beautiful natural setting, ideal for a green holiday in Austria. During your stay in Styria enjoy a cultural holiday in Graz where you can sample fine wines from famous wine vintners or visit its Old Town with art museum, Castle Hill (Grazer Schlossberg) with bell tower, the mausoleum of Emperor Ferdinand II and more. For a bit more action, pursue an active mountain climbing holiday at Hoher Dachstein, the highest point in Styria. In winter set out from one of our cozy chalets in Styria and enjoy a ski or snowboarding holiday in Austria. One thing is for sure - our resorts in Styria are the place to be whether you're seeking a cultural vacation in the city or an active holiday among nature. So don't hesitate - book one of Bungalow.Net's detached villas in Styria today!

Hiking and cycling holiday with Bungalow.Net's holiday homes in Styria

Walking, hiking and cycling holidays in Styria come in all shapes and sizes, and that goes for Bungalow.Net's holiday homes in Styria as well: cozy ski chalets, villas with swimming pool, self-catering apartments - there's something for everyone, even the family dog when you reserve a pet-friendly accommodation in Austria. Set out on one of three river cycling routes like the River Enns Cycling Route which stretches 265 km and goes through Austria's newest national park, the Gesaune. This green and heavily forested area is packed with beautiful natural scenery, ideal for a green holiday in Austria. For those who prefer to explore the surroundings on foot, there's also plenty of choice including a wine route and a volcanic route in Thermenland Styria. For a challenging mountain biking holiday in Styria, the region between Dachstein and Graz is a true paradise with gently sloping hills and plenty of rocky crags. Whether it's a cycling, hiking or Nordic walking holiday in Styria you're looking for, there's more than enough possibilities so you can choose your favorite setting: in the countryside, past lakes, mountains, rivers or through the woods. As an alternative to a cycling holiday in Styria you can go Alpine or cross-country skiing, horseback riding and swimming or play tennis, golf and more. Get ready for an energetic holiday in Austria. Book one of Bungalow.Net's child-friendly holiday parks in Styria now!

Bungalow.Net's holiday homes Styria offer active holiday among nature

Spend an active holiday among an awe-inspiring backdrop with Bungalow.Net's holiday homes in Styria. Styria boasts seven natural regions, each of which offers the chance for a special holiday. Think of the Enns Valley, where you'll find hiking trails along with wonderful amenities for a superb climbing holiday in Austria. For a unique cultural holiday among nature, head off the beaten path for a visit to the mountain climber's cemetery in Johnsbach, an impressive site among impressive surroundings. Here you will also find the Nature Park Styrian Eisenwurzen which contains, among other things, Kraus Cave. First opened to the public in 1892, you can take a guided tour of this natural wonder which is home to the largest gypsum crystals in Europe. Take the family rafting down the Enns River then unwind back at your fully-furnished, self-catering villa in Styria. Reserve a pet-friendly house and that includes the family pet as well. In winter the area is ideal for a skiing holiday in Austria or you can go skating, cross-country skiing, sledding with the kids or enjoy a romantic sleigh ride or challenging snowshoe hike through the forest. However you've imagined an active holiday in Austria, you will find it here. Book one of Bungalow.Net's vacation rentals with internet in Styria today!

Holiday parks in Styria

Comfortable and spacious holiday accommodations await you at Bungalow.Net's holiday parks in Styria. Here you will find numerous outdoor facilities like basketball and volleyball courts, generous terraces, children's playgrounds and swimming pools. Everything you need to enjoy a wonderful relaxing family vacation in Styria. Reserve a pet-friendly bungalow and bring the family dog along too. Outside the resorts you will find forests, mountains, lakes and rivers so you can pursue an active outdoor adventure in Austria diving, swimming, walking, cycling, paragliding, mountain biking and more. Savor a ski weekend in winter, relish a cultural holiday in Graz, pamper yourself with a wellness break in Bad Waltersdorf - there's plenty of choice, so don't delay. Book one of Bungalow.Net's full-facility resorts in Styria today!

Bungalow.Net's holiday parks in Styria for a complete active holiday

A holiday in Styria offers a wide range of possibilities and Bungalow.Net's holiday parks in Styria are wonderful accommodations suitable for persons of all ages. There's even the possibility of pet-friendly and disability-friendly holiday homes in Styria. The tranquil mountain villages and lush green river valleys are a great place to enjoy a cultural holiday among nature. Sample a delicious glass of local wine along with numerous culinary delights or pursue an active water sports holiday with all the trimmings. Walking and hiking holidays in Styria are quite diverse. You can meander through vineyards, go for a challenging hike in the forest or do a bit of climbing in the mountains. Combine your love of cuisine with an active green holiday in Austria and visit the pilgrimage site of Frauenberg, a wine region with beach swimming and fishing opportunities. Whatever your passion, you'll find that Styria is a perfect place for a complete holiday in Styria. What more could you want? Reserve one of Bungalow.Net's self-catering villas in Styria now!

Culture amidst nature with Bungalow.Net's holiday parks in Styria

A stay at Bungalow.Net's holiday parks in Styria allows you to discover a region of Austria where culture and nature often go hand in hand. A visit to the hills around the town of Leibnitz is a great example. Towering above the town is Seggau Castle, originally a bishop's residence, today it's home to a hotel, the "Schloss Cafe" and a 300-year-old wine cellar - ideal for a wine-tasting holiday in Styria. Adorning another hill is Frauenberg church, a famous pilgrimage site. In the town itself you can soak up plenty of local culture at the annual wine week or harvest festival in autumn. Explore the vineyard-covered hillsides or enjoy a cycling holiday in Leibnitz traversing one of several trails, such as the path along the Mur River. Be sure to stop off at one of the "Buschenschenke" (wine houses) for a delicious glass of wine! There's even the opportunity for an active holiday in Leibnitz ice skating, swimming or playing a rousing game of tennis. A green holiday in Styria with opportunities for culture, cuisine and sport, it's sure to be a vacation you will not soon forget. Book one of Bungalow.Net's pet-friendly bungalows in Styria now and turn your holiday dreams into reality!    

Apartments in Styria

Villas from Bungalow.Net in Styria

Let Bungalow.Net's villas in Styria introduce you to southeastern Austria. Styria is a beautiful area with numerous forests and an impressive mountain range thus offering virtually endless opportunities for an active holiday in Austria. Enjoy a challenging outdoor holiday in the mountains climbing, mountain biking, skiing, hiking and more. Styria has no less than seven national parks where nature is preserved and visitors can enjoy the great outdoors accompanied by plenty of fresh mountain air. Cultural holidays in Styria are also very enjoyable. In addition to the castles, medieval churches and town squares of smaller towns, there's Graz, the second largest city in Austria and voted Cultural Capital of Europe in 2003. The historic buildings speak for themselves, as does a magnificent cultural holiday in Styria! Reserve one of Bungalow.Net's pet-friendly resorts in Styria today and set your sites on a fantastic family vacation in Austria!

Green and everything in between with Bungalow.Net's villas in Styria

If your idea of a green holiday in Austria also includes adventure, then Bungalow.Net's villas in Styria are the place for you! The high alpine glaciers to the north and the wine regions to the south mean you can enjoy everything from skiing and mountain climbing to cuisine and wine tasting. A beautiful blend of culture, sports and nature resulting in a perfect active holiday in Styria. From one of our pet-friendly bungalows you can visit places like Ramsau, popular for its traditional costumes, it's a great place for a cultural holiday in Styria. Nearby lies the Dachstein massif which is home to a full array of Nordic sports, mountaineering and ski holidays in Austria. The unique natural conditions make it perfect for a wonderful holiday among nature. Another example is Almenland. 125 pastures dedicated to cattle grazing, it is situated between the Teichalm and Sommeralm Alps and makes an ideal place for a walking or cycling holiday in Austria. Green can also mean a golf holiday in Styria, thanks to a number of championship golf courses. Take the challenge and book one of Bungalow.Net's self-catering holiday homes in Styria now!

Bungalow.Net's villas in Styria for a complete cultural holiday

Bungalow.Net's villas in Styria are first-class accommodations for a unique cultural holiday in Austria. Although famous for its nature, forests and mountains, there are also plenty of possibilities for a wonderful cultural holiday in Styria. If you are in Graz during Advent you can enjoy the Christmas atmosphere with all the trimmings. There's a children's carousel, local delicacies, drinks, handicrafts from the region, unique gifts and a lively square filled with decorated stands where you can pick up a souvenir or Christmas gift while savoring the smell of freshly baked Christmas cookies. From one of our self-catering apartments in Styria you can make the pilgrimage to Mariazell, whose picturesque basilica surrounded by mountains is illuminated by numerous lights during Advent. If you've come in search of a culinary holiday in Austria, try the famous beetle beans from Styria, a low fat brown bean found in many salads and soups. Soup lovers will also enjoy the hearty Klachelsoep, a soup made from pork leg and vegetables. These are just two examples of the many delicious dishes that await you on an active holiday in Styria. An appropriate bottle of wine from the region and one of Bungalow.Net's bungalows with swimming pool complete the holiday menu. Book yours today!
Chalet 8 Persons
1 week 06 until 13 Feb '16 € 1530
The municipality of St. Georgen ob Murau has 1460 inhabitants and consists of the following villages: St. George, St. Lorenzen, Lutzmannsdorf, Kaindorf and Bodandorf. It offers plenty of opportunity to relax. Those who are looking for the space to rest will de...
Hütte Turrach 14 Persons
1 week 30 Nov until 07 Dec '15 € 1680
The huts are situated close to the ski area (from the house you can ski right to the slopes) and are accessible by car all year long (in winter snow chains are required). The Turracherhöhe is one of the snowiest regions in Austria and lies within the beautifu...
Hütte Sonnleitn 6 Persons
1 week 30 Nov until 07 Dec '15 € 861
The huts are situated close to the ski area (from the house you can ski right to the slopes) and are accessible by car all year long (in winter snow chains are required). The Turracherhöhe is one of the snowiest regions in Austria and lies within the beautifu...
Hütte Präbichl 6 Persons
1 week 30 Nov until 07 Dec '15 € 693
These newly built (2006) chalets are situated in Präbichl, in Styria, in the midst of unspoilt nature. Here you have breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. The chalets are located in the ski resort of Präbichl - a modern ski resort in Upper...
Chalet 8 Personen 8 Persons
1 week 06 until 13 Apr '16 € 1085
Vanaf het aantrekkelijke resort dat tussen Murau en St.Lorenzen ligt, heeft u een prachtig uitzicht over het schitterende landschap en op de Kreischberg. Het park dat rustig en toch centraal gelegen biedt een vakantie van rust en harmonie, zonder dat men aan f...
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