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Portugal is one of those places that you can visit in any season and be just as charmed and swiped away by its unique character. An autumn holiday in Portugal is a great opportunity to experience the unique culture here. In Douro for example, you'll find and area that has many canyons, valleys that are covered with vineyards. The most famous city here is Porto. Besides its particular charm, the narrow streets here have you feeling like in a fairytale land, and the fine art accompanying you every step of the way is quite exquisite. Minho is richly blessed with history as are the religious cities of Braga and Guimaraes. The castle towns are picturesque sights and the many street markets here are one of a kind. For those of you who enjoy nature, Tras os Montes offers tranquility and mountain villages to be explored. Lisbon city on the other hand is famous for its culture, the city is divided into districts, each with its own character, traditions and idiosyncrasies.

An active autumn boasting with energy

An active autumn holiday in Portugal counts in numerous activities. In northern and central Portugal there are some beautiful settings, a feel of tranquility and plenty of water sports to enjoy. In the Serra de Estrela there are narrow nature trails with mountain villages and the highest mountain peak, perfect for hiking and mountain biking. Off the coast of Beiras you will find both quiet beaches and fishing villages, luxury beaches and untouched parts of nature, it's an ideal area for windsurfing. In Sintra you can walk up the hills through the woods and spend some time among the fascinating nature. The Lisbon coast is also beautiful and rugged, the water sports here are what attract so many tourists, and Braga is a traditional town with beautiful narrow streets and a wealth of religious art. In northern Portugal there are also are beautiful nature parks with trails you can explore and the Portuguese mountains are ideal for climbing and rappelling. If you feel like your energy is fading, not to worry, this country 's charm will spike up your interest with every step.

Enjoy the beach in autumn

Though it may sound less like what you imagine for a beach holiday, an a vacation at the beach in autumn in Portugal is more than you would expect. Depending on the weather, which is typically very friendly with tourists and locals alike, you can even take a dip into the sea water here. As for the water sports you can try Algarve, and accompany the fun of various actvities with a nice walk on the beach for an extra sprinkle of romance added to your autumn holiday in Portugal. Faro's beaches are less crowded in the autumn, and there are plenty of very popular resorts like Albufeira, Portimao and Lagos you can enjoy. The west coast and the bays here spread the feeling of serenity and tranquility for those who stop by, and Madeira for example consists of Maderia, Porto Santo and Desertas - an uninhabited nature reserve. The grapes, bananas and exotic flowers grow luxuriantly here. Porto Santo is popular for its 9 km of sandy beach and the active water sports like diving, snorkeling, surfing and sailing. You just can't go wrong with an autumn spent in Portugal.

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