Holiday homes in Liege

Bungalow.Net's self-catering holiday homes in Liège offer the chance to get acquainted with this area in a pleasant way. The holiday homes have everything to make your stay comfortable, both inside and outside, for example a furnished terrace with barbecue and play area for children. You do not necessarily have to set off for a holiday feeling. From the early 19th century the city of Liege has been called  La Cité Ardente, the Ardent City. The city itself is worth seeing, discover the beautiful places during a beautiful walk. A visit to Hergenrath is also special, known for the Hammer Bridge, an old railway bridge over the Geul and the Euneburg castle. You will not regret this cultural holiday in Belgium.

Bungalow.Net's holiday homes in Liège for active holidays in Belgium.

The holiday homes in Liege are a great base for active holidays in Belgium for example Liege, which lies partly in the High Fens. The hiking trails are divided into openly accessible trails to only accessible with a guide, depending on the natural environment and the flora and fauna. You can  also undertake very adventurous mountain biking tours among nature. In the winter this area is a great cross-country skiing area, for the lovers of a sports holiday this province is a major tourist destination. The area also has two visitor centers or nature centers in Eupen and Robertville. Visit St. Vith, a town perched in Liege. It is a pleasant town with attractions like the Büchelturm and St. Vitus Church. The atmosphere is relaxing in St. Vith, you can enjoy a warm welcome. You will enjoy this active holiday in Belgium.

Bungalow.Net's holiday homes in Liège in Belgium for attractive holidays.

 The crossroads of Moresnet is located in the neighbourhood of Herve, fourteen stations and a chapel created by the Franciscan monks. It is a beautiful park and an attractive attraction during your cultural vacation in Belgium. Calestienne is one kilometer long strip of limestone rocks, crossing the border of Belgium. It's a piece of nature which actually ends in the province of Liege, a unique holiday in nature, it is visible here how wonderful is the creation of the world. This area is home to the Labyrinth of Barvaux, very rewarding. Musée d'Ansembourg is a beautiful 18th century mansion, situated in Liege, the uniqueness of this house is that it is very well preserved and illustrates well the richness of the past. You will not forget soon this active cultural holiday.

Holiday parks in Liege

Bungalow.Net's holiday parks in Liègeare pleasant holiday destinations with great amenities, comfortable and fully furnished. They are self-catering accommodations where the children have plenty of play area. Outside there is a playground and the holiday parks often have a swimming pool. You can take your pet with you as well when you book a pet-friendly accommodation. You can enjoy outdoor activities, two key ingredients for an enjoyable active holiday in Belgium. You can visit Manderfeld home to Krippana and Euro Tecnica Kraippana, the first being an exhibition of nativity scenes and the second an exhibition of model trains and miniature railways, one of the largest in Europe. Attractive cultural holiday for cultural holiday lovers.

Holiday parks in Liege in Belgium for pleasant cultural holidays

Liège and a holiday park in Belgium offer you a relaxing active holiday. You can go hiking, biking, boating and swimming and enjoy to the fullest. In addition there is lots of culture, like the Schieferstollen-Recht tourist mine. A more than 100 years old bluestone mine is reopened, it has been restored and is now home to an almost a mile long trail including a bridge and scenic games. The whole is sometimes called the Cathedral because of its size. In Stavelot, you will spend a pleasant time, it has an attractive downtown, you'll find three museums at Spa-Francorchamps. The themes of the museums are the former principality, Apollinaire, a poet from the region and old racing cars. Characteristic of a holiday in Belgium, with a wide range of attractions, attractive cultural holidays for cultural holiday lovers.

Holiday parks in Liege for lovely nature holidays.

The holiday parks in Liège are comfortable holiday destinations, with complete furnishing. It offers everything you need for a perfect holiday in Belgium. If you want to set off, visit the waterfalls of Coo in Ambleve, one of the higher waterfalls in Belgium. The origin of this beautiful area is not clear, you can enjoy a wonderful nature holiday, that's for sure. Go kayaking or walking in nature, visit the Plopsa Coo theme park, enjoy adventurous mountain biking, it's all possible on this wonderful holiday in Belgium. A visit to Puzzle Planet will surprise the children, a wooden maze with three levels and three kilometers long. Combined with a walk in nature this is a unique vacation in Liege.

Apartments in Liege

Group accommodations in Liege

Villas from Bungalow.Net in Liege

Bungalow.Net's villas in Liege offers a fantastic holiday in Belgium. Whether you're looking for sporting activities during a sports holiday or you want to enjoy relaxing during a holiday among nature or you want to soak up some culture during a cultural holiday, you're always in the right place during a vacation in Liege. A visit to Raeren is worth the effort, a village in Liege that has as many as six castles, a historic church from the 18th century and a moated castle with a tower, situated in  the Aachen forest. It is very interesting to see the source of the Geul as well. The area is a natural holiday in itself.  The historical monuments are a nice addition especially for cultural holiday lovers.

Bungalow.Net's villas in Liege for an active holiday in Belgium.

A holiday from Bungalow.Net's self-catering villas in Liege is surprising and beautiful. The accommodations are fully furnished and cozy, so it's nice to set off but coming home as well. You can relax in pleasant surroundings of the many impressions, while the children play in and around the villa. Villas in Liege are pet-friendly accommodations, allowing you to enjoy an attractive vacation in Belgium with the whole family. Elsenborn is a village situated at Bütgenback, it is the highest village in Belgium in a wooded area. The Schwalmvachtal nature reserve is close, where you can take a walk or go cycling and mountain biking in nature. Besides the extensive hiking and cycling trails network, there are also cross-country skiing trails. This natural vacation is unforgettable for its beautiful natural surroundings, it has also plenty of ingredients for a perfect sports holiday.

Bungalow.Net's villas in Liege for an attractive cultural holidays in Belgium.

Bungalow.Net's self-catering villas in Liege are comfortable vacation destinations. You can bring your pet along when you book a pet friendly villa. Many villas offer sufficient play area for children both inside and outside. Very pleasant conditions for a pleasant vacation in Liege. Source O Rama is an interactive Water Museum, this museum in Chaudfontaine has everything to give you an unforgettable day as Cinema 4D and musical fountains. Water has also a great historical value, the fifteen attractions will tell you everything with a touch of humor. Walking along the water in nature is very rewarding during a holiday in Belgium along the reservoirs in East Canton but also along the rivers and many small streams across the meadows. Enjoy this holiday among nature in your own way. Book one of Bungalow.Net's villas for the vacation of a life time.
Maison des Ardennes 1 45 Persons
1 week 02 until 09 Mar '15 € 1462
This group accommodation is situated in a quiet spot in the heart of the German-speaking cantons of Belgium, near Malmedy. This used to be a hotel. Maison des Ardennes 1 is a fine group accommodation suitable for groups of 40 - 65 persons. Maison des Ardennes ...
Sourse La Reid 12 Persons
1 week 02 until 09 Mar '15 € 525
The village of La Reid-Theux lies in the northeastern part of the Ardennes, 30 miles south of Liege and 9 km north of Spa. This free-standing villa is located on the edge of a nature area where you can find the source of the spa's water. The famous caves of Re...
Les Charmes 20 Persons
1 week 23 until 30 Mar '15 € 1544
This accommodation is situated on the edge of a forest, in Stoumont, Belgium. Stoumont is located 15 km west of Stavelot. It is a community with lots of forests through which the Amblève and Lienne Rivers flow and is centrally located between the main towns of...
Bungalow La Vieux Sart 8 Persons
1 week 02 until 09 Mar '15 € 383
This bungalow is located in the Belgian Ardennes, close to the waterfalls of Coo, Plopsaland, restaurants and cafes. The bungalow is situated in a small park with thirty bungalows and was built on the south side of a mountain which means you have a magnificent...
MB 6-8 PERS. 8 Persons
1 week 06 until 13 Mar '15 € 360
Just 5 minutes from the motorway, yet hidden among the greenery, lies this family holiday home. Here you are less than 20 minutes from Liege and only 30 minutes from Spa. The stone-built house was renovated with great taste and attention to detail. There is pl...
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