Holiday in Croatia

A holiday in Croatia has a lot to offer. A holiday here with the entire family is enjoyable, because of the numerous activities for children. The Croats love children so they are welcome everywhere here. Take the child-friendly beaches for example. On the Makarska Riviera, you will find beautiful beach resorts with beaches in Brela and Baska Voda. At Omis there is a beautiful sandy beach and a nice old city center, ideal for children. With the beautiful beach on the island of Ciovo Okrug Gornji both young and old will enjoy themselves. It is not far from the historic city of Trogir and the boulevard here is beautiful. On the island of Rab you can find several child-friendly beaches where you as a parent can let your children enjoy the sea, the sun and the sand with no worries.

Discover the rich culture of Croatia
Croatia is a unique country with six historical, cultural and natural attractions protected by UNESCO. The Basilica of Euphrasius in Porec is a wonderful example of the early Christian architecture. There is a palace here, a basilica, a chapel and a baptistry. The Dioklecians Palace in Split is another famous palace, de Luzé villa and the palace represent now the heart of the city center in Split. In the ancient cellars in the square there are unique art exhibitions and cultural events. Discover the historic city of Trogir with the very special stone works and sculptures combined with the architecture of the city. The St. Jakob Cathedral in Sibenik is an important Croatian Renaissance monument. The 72 stone portraits on the outside of the building are unique in Europe. Don't forget to visit the small villages while exploring Croatia. The country is full of surprises.

Enjoy the nature of Croatia
Seven of the eight national parks here are located by the sea. During a holiday in Croatia you have the luxury of walking, cycling, mountain biking, practicing mountain sports and water sports in the middle of nature. For active mountain sports you need to be in Northern Velebit, Paklenica and Risnjak, ideal for climbing, caving and hearty hikers. The Brijuni archipelago with hundreds of Islands is a paradise for nature and peace lovers, water and water sports, boat trips and bird watching as well as dolphin spotting on the sea. With a holiday home in the Croatian Islands you can indulge yourself with a beautiful cruise on the clear waters of this beautiful country. This mix of activities and nature is unique in Europe. Croatia is in itself a unique country.

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Fun, diving, relaxing at the beach with a holiday park in Croatia

A holiday in Croatia is always relaxing, the country is beautiful, you have amazing views of the sea as you drive up the coastal roads, and the locals are very friendly. It seems to be the perfect recipe for an amazing vacation but don't take our word for it, try it yourself! A visit to the walled port town of Zadar is a must while here! It's a great place just to stroll around and relax, far from the horde of tourists you'll find in other Croatian seaside towns. The pedestrian main street (the Kalelarga) with its boutiques, cafes and historic buildings is not without reason a popular place to hang out and the beach in Zadar is also very popular. You can not only swim but enjoy a full array of water sports plus diving here. There are also diving centers where there are people licensed to teach you how to dive if you're not much of an underwater savvy. And if Zadar becomes a bit overcrowded for you, you can always take a boat excursion or set sail to a remote island. Imagination alone can't do this place justice, so best to experience it in all its grandeur with a holiday park in Croatia.

Feel happy and relaxed in Croatia
Start your vacation off right with water sports venues, beaches, hiking trails, cultural sites and more and share all these with best friends, or family or with your significant other. A holiday park in Croatia will have sport fields, children's play areas, grilling facilities, bike rental, swimming pools, table tennis tables and tennis courts to help you fill your leisure time. While in Croatia why not explore one of the country's many islands, like Dugi Otok. It's wide beaches with lovely coves are ideal for just relaxing at the beach but there's also plenty of opportunity for hiking in the Telascica nature park, home to some impressive cliffs, a salt lake, the Veli Rat lighthouse, several Roman ruins and a pre-Roman church. Not overrun with tourists, it's a great place to spend a relaxing day. There's also bigger cities here though, cities like Zagreb and Dubrovnik that offer museums, cultural landmarks, restaurants and cafes. Treat yourself to a happy family holiday.

Discover Brac Island
If you're looking for the opportunity to spend time by the sea, you simply can't go wrong with the Croatian coastline, ideal for an active vacation with family or friends. A visit to Brac Island promises endless opportunities for persons of all ages. Home to some of the most beautiful beaches in all of the Adriatic, like Zlatni rat (in Bol), it's the perfect place for sunbathing or swimming. If you're looking for additional opportunities for aquatic fun, head over to the town of Bol, the windsurfing capital of Croatia. Learn to scuba dive at one of the island's dive centers then discover underwater treasures like Lucice Cave. Discover the wonderful cuisine of Brac Island, which includes culinary treasures like Brac Vitalac, sheep intestines prepared over and open fire, along with the local Bolski Plavac wine. If afterward you're feeling a bit stuffed, hike up to Vidora Gora, the highest peak on the island. Don't delay your holiday in Croatia, it will be a perfect mix of moments to remember.

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Types of houses

    Holiday homes Croatia

    Holiday homes Croatia

    The holiday homes in Croatia are the best start to your holiday, there are lots of things to do and to visit for both young and old. You can visit beautiful cities such as the town of Porec with its famous cathedral and historic architecture. Giostra is the historic festival where 300-year-old traditions temporarily come to life. The events, concerts and plays are organized and performed in authentic venues. Other famous attractions are the Round Tower, Marafor Square or the Roman House. You can also discover the nature and the coast of this beautiful country with the Kvarner Bay - Islands of Krk, Cres and Losinj. The Ucka mountain protects the Islands from the cold air flows. This way the tourists on the coast are offered a very pleasant climate. A beach holiday and water sports holiday are a huge success on these Islands given the natural conditions with sun, sea and sand.

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    Apartments Croatia

    Apartments Croatia

    The apartments in Croatia are a great starting point for your holiday, they are comfortable and cozy. Whether you choose a winter sports holiday or a city break in Zagreb, you will find some pleasant apartments that you can book everywhere. The city of Zagreb is a beautiful city, divided into an upper town and lower town with a difference in elevation of 36 meters. They are bridged by steep streets and a cog railway with two cabins. Zagreb is like a large garden with numerous other parks and gardens in it. With 30 theaters, two concert halls, 44 museums and galleries and 22 historic buildings here you will always find the culture that you wish to discover. A winter holiday in Gorski Kotar is very popular. Here you will find various sports activities opportunities in the snow. The Platak ski resort has ski slopes for every level skiers, ski lifts for the kids and a cable car. If you want, you can take skiing and snowboarding lessons. If you want to try something different, you can choose a snow safari at night. Croatia offers culture and tranquility, nature and adventure.

    Villas from Croatia

    Villas from Croatia

    The villas in Croatia are a good start for a fun holiday. If you want to enjoy an active holiday, you will find countless opportunities for this within the natural landscape of Croatia. Climbers can spend their energy in a pleasant way with the over 400 trails for all levels climbing in the national park of Paklenicain. In Brela and Baska you'll find both the sea and the mountains, some really unique settings for an active holiday. The long coastline of Croatia also offers several possibilities for a diving holiday, the water is crystal clear here. Exploring Croatia by bike, with following the right instructions for the area will offer you a fantastic vacation. Culture is another plus in Croatia. Remember the Basilica of Euphrasius in Porec, an example of Christian architecture or Dioiklecian's Palace in Split. Both cities are also worth a visit, and during a walking tour in Dubrovnik you will come across the most beautiful places and buildings.

    Group accommodations Croatia

    Group accommodations Croatia

    Discover Croatia from the group accommodations. These accommodations are great for groups of people, there is sufficient space for luggage and for your children as well as for your pet. You can book them everywhere throughout Croatia. Experience exceptional cities like Split. It is the great ' White City ' with an old center and a beautiful promenade. The narrow streets, the squares and the town Center with the marble stones give the city a very special something, so don't miss it. A visit to one of the museums is also highly recommended. And what about the beaches near the group accommodations? You can find the best beaches in Croatia as Drazica Beach in Biograd-touristic place with countless water sports possibilities. Another option is Zlatni Rat in Bol on Brac Island. The beach is like a white tongue in water, and depending on the wind it changes its shape and location. Brela also offers beautiful beaches. Sun-lovers, water sports enthusiasts and those seeking rest and relaxation will certainly enjoy it.

    Holiday parks Croatia

    Holiday parks Croatia

    From the holiday parks in Croatia you can expect everything from your holiday. Almost everything is possible from sporting activities in nature to discovering beautiful cities. Exploring the countryside and the small villages in Croatia is very special also. The town of Pula houses numerous attractions such as the Temple of Augustus, the Dom from 1640, the Maria Chapel-small church from the 6th century or the two ports as the Hercules port or the Gemini port. Rijeka is a port town, capital of Kvarner and a bustling city. The center of town is the port from where you can walk to the church and to the rest of the town on lateral streets. From here you can also choose to go on boat trips. Enjoy the assets of this country with mountain climbing, hiking, cycling and diving. The Paklenica national park offers more than 400 routes for mountaineers. At Krk and Brela you can find both the sea and the mountains. Diving enthusiasts can visit Kornati, Mljet, Vis, Bijekovo and Svetac. A hiking and cycling holiday is possible almost everywhere if you are not afraid of some height variations.

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Practical Information


When traveling to Croatia you must show a valid passport or identity card. You do not need a visa for a regular holiday. If you want to stay longer in the country though, you have to check with the Embassy with regards to the documentation you need for a legal stay. Don’t forget the insurance papers for the car, the health insurance and travel insurance papers. It is not mandatory to have them but in case of any problems, things are solved faster if you do have them. Another important fact is having the phone number where you can call and block your bank card in case of theft or loss. This way you will have a carefree vacation.

Driving a car:

You have to be in possession of a valid driver's license and insurance papers. The traffic rules are in line with the European rules. Mobile conversations while driving, over speeding or driving without a safety belt on will bring you hefty fines in Croatia. Alcohol use will not be tolerated while driving a car or a motorcycle.

  • Speed limits:
    Within the city limits: 50km/h
    Outside the city limits: 90km/h

General Information

  • Surface area: 56.542 km²

  • Surface – 31.067 km2

  • Capital – Zagreb

  • Form of Government: Republic

  • Language: Croatian; in addition, English and German are spoken more and more often

  • Currency: Kuna


The currency in Croatia is the Kuna. A kuna is 100 lipa's. You can exchange money in banks and exchange offices. ATM machines are to be found anywhere here.

Food and Drink 

The origins of the Croatian cuisine are Slavic, with outdoor prepared food, on a fire made with wood, by fishermen and shepherds. Croatia is the living proof of the fact that the history of a country has a large influence on its gastronomy. Additionally, you will notice that here the different regions portray different customs and traditions in one's kitchen.

Appetizers with ham and sausage, smoked and air-dried in Dalmatia in Istria
The fragrant sheep cheese from the island of Pag
Marinated fish on the islands of Brac, Hvar and Korcula
Main dishes of grilled fish such as bream and perch
Delicacies as oysters on ice with lemon
In Istria, noodles and Lamb Chops with truffles
Squids and mussels from the sea coast
Meat dishes on the coast; goat meat and lamb
Desserts like puffy pastries filled with something sweet or savory

The wine tradition in Croatia is centuries-old, and in various regions you will find various wines and rosés. You can get acquainted with the wines and food here on site. Two well-known beer brands that are much consumed here are Ozuskoi and Karlovacko.


You can take pets with you on your holiday if they are in possession of a valid European animal passport, and a muzzle when it comes to dogs. Your dog should always be kept on a leash and he needs to have had all vaccinations administered, like the ones for diseases such as rabies. Please note that you are not welcome everywhere with a dog, no matter if it is a large one or a small one. You should inquire in advance with regards to the locations where dogs may or may not be allowed. Not everyone loves to drink their coffee or tea while having a dog sit behind them or in front of them on a terrace.

A few words in Croatian

•televice = televisione
•radio = radio
•disco = discoteca
•policie = polizia
•limonadu = limonata (come la cocacola ed altri nomi di brand)
•parkovat = parcheggio
•benzinu = benzina
•rezervace = prenotazione
•toaleta = toilet/wc
•specialita = specialità
•restaurace = ristorante
•salaty = insalate
•gulas - goulash
•biftek = bistecca
•tenis = tennis
•papir = carta recepce = reception

In Croatia people will not always appreciate when they are addressed directly in English. They may just not have a very friendly reaction. Therefore, it can never hurt to know also a few polite Croatian words, so that you can establish a connection with the Croatian population. English and German are also used by more and more people here.

Cultural habits

Croatia is a country with a turbulent history, which had an impact on the population's mentality. The people are more reticent at first, but quite frankly if the first threshold of communication is passed, they do everything for you. Keep this in mind as you establish contacts with the local population. Once a friend, always a friend, and they do everything for friendship. Discover the traditions of Croatia
The production of wine symbolizes the old traditions with recipes passed down from generation to generation. In addition, the almost ideal climate in the wine regions plays a major role in this. You will find several modern techniques combined with traditional methods, the result being a fantastic wine. Discover the traditional costumes in Croatia. The cold winters made ​people very creative. Folklore is important for Croats. This is reflected in the industries here as well. Think of the island of Pag with several local breweries. Discover the glass painted objects in Hlebine. The leather bags and jackets as well as other utensils are often handmade and they are true works of art. Did you know that neckties originated in Croatia? The story is that the army needed some identification marks and the neckties were great for such a thing. The folk music and dance are important parts of the Croatian life and the Croats are very proud of them. This is also reflected in the various popular events where tourists are more than welcome. You will learn about the ganga, lindo and klapa combined with traditional dance styles and musical instruments such as tambura and mandolina. Respect the country 's wisdom and the country 's honor and you will get a sincere friendship in return.

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