Holiday homes Istria, great seaside experiences and an adrenaline rush

Istria is a large peninsula at the northern part of the Adriatic Sea, with beaches that are true wonders of nature. If you close your eyes just for a second and try to imagine an azure sea, a sun that is at its zenith, a light breeze that touches your face and a great beach to lay on with a nice refreshing drink in your hand...well, you'll see that a holiday in Istria is what turns this all into reality. To add a little romance to it, you can just sprawl on a white rock in one of the many hidden coves here, or you can take a nice walk among the pine-trees to be found here...the Mediterranean air will set the mood for any kind of holiday in Istria you wish for.

Events portraying Istrian history
Spend some unforgettable moments with participating in various events that revive the history of the place and set up for a great family holiday in Istria. Visit the Roman archaeological site in Vižula from a holiday home in Istria, dating from the year 326, or maybe the Spacio in Rovinj. For even more fun take a ride in batana boat and listen to bitinade which is a sort of karaoke, or take part in a trial in the medieval Svetvinčenat, the place where Mara Radolovich awaits for her faith. You can even dance at a baroque ball among noblemen and women of Poreč and to keep it interesting, the Lighthouse of love in Savudrija can have you participating in the romantic legend of Count Metternich and his Savudrian girlfriend. Be a free spirit of the 20th century and past times in the Old Town of Buzet or maybe become a miner for a day in Labin. To all this you can add the great food and wine, so an evening at a restaurant after a day of taking part in events and activities will be a perfect closure.

A summer in Istria
Istria is one of the most popular touristic areas in Croatia, so you shouldn't wait too long to book one of Bungalow.Net's holiday homes in Istria for the summer. Among the beaches and the clear blue water here, there's quite a number of activities you can enjoy in various places offering top entertainment full of adrenaline. Visit Aquapark Istralandia or drive in a Parenzana Train, explore the underwater world in a semi - submarine. You can even take a trip back in the times of the dinosaurs. Aquapark Istralandia has the largest artificial waves swimming pool in this part of the Old Continent, so surfing, swimming or floating on some air inflatables is part of the fun here. Adrenalin Park in Umag-Umago offers several colored routes, hanging trails in the woods that test everyone's borderlines. The zip line over the Pazin Cave is also an adrenaline rush, as well as a game of paintball in a natural setting in Istria. Gather your courage and set off on a new adventure!
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