Holiday in the Czech Republic

A holiday in the Czech Republic is an enjoyable experience. You will be pleasantly surprised by the beautiful culture of this country. You can visit beautiful cities here with historical centers such as Prague and Kutna Hora, Telc, Cesky Krumlov. Prague is a vibrant city with some beautiful and special museums, the Jewish quarter and many other attractions, historical monuments of World War II. A visit to the historic village of Holasovice is also highly recommended and what would you also think of Kromeritz or the Litomysl Castle? The spa towns of the Czech Republic offer relaxation and conviviality, professional treatments with minerals and thermal springs, having a vast history when it comes to the healing springs, since the 12th century. This can be both healing and relaxing. Think of Karlsbad and Marienbad this way. The culture in Czech Republic also has numerous features.

Enjoy your holiday in the Czech mountains

You will experience some great times during your summer and winter holidays in the mountains. You will find beautiful mountains in the Czech Republic as in the Sumava National Park or the Bohemian Forest. It is large and was fairly untouched, the natural inhabitants and the border guards came here in 1990. Mount Plechy is 1378 meters high. It is a beautiful area for hiking, cycling and enjoying nature. The national park Krkonose or ‘Reuzengebergte’ (Giant Mountains) is protected by UNESCO. The highest peak is 1602 meters high. Thanks to the varied natural landscape, it is very suitable for winter sports. In summer it’s perfect for walking and mountain biking. The routes are getting longer and are better marked. The ‘Ertsgebergte’, meaning the Ore mountains is another beautiful area.

Choose an active holiday in the Czech Republic

You can choose to relax in various ways during an active holiday in the Czech Republic. The numerous reservoirs offer holiday activities such as fishing and water sports. A wonderful example is the Lipno lake and with a holiday home in South Bohemia you will have the option of enjoying its water sports possibilities that include boating, surfing and sailing. Additionally, in certain places you can go fishing on the shore. For example, ideal places for trout fishing are the Vltava, Otava or Strela rivers. You can purchase a fishing license for a day as a tourist, the guide can tell you all about these things. Golfing is another popular activity during your holiday. The first golf course was laid out in 1904 here. Since then, the golf courses are constantly evolving to European standards. The Czech hospitality, the wealth of nature and culture are great reasons to choose the Czech Republic as your holiday destination.

Culture, outdoors activities with a holiday home in the Czech Republic

A fantastic holiday in the Czech Republic is right around the corner this year. You can enjoy the varied landscape here and the numerous touristic attractions together with loved ones, and make it an experience to remember. For example, you can set off from your affordable holiday home in the Czech Republic and go hiking in the Bohemian Forest, mountain biking in the Giant Mountains or soak up the culture offered by cities like Prague and Valtice in Bohemia. There are numerous nature parks, such as the Podvji National Park, so you can relax among nature, or you can enjoy plenty of wellness with a visit to traditional spa towns like Karlovy Vary or Marianske Lzne. Places like Aquapalace Praha, the largest water park in the Czech Republic, are the ideal place for children's fun. In a land known for its marionettes and puppets, children are guaranteed to have fun, while beer festivals like Pilsner Fest offer plenty of opportunity for some grown up fun. There are plenty of activities that you can enjoy in this beautiful country, inclusive of golf. You just have to choose the perfect way of spending your time for the day.

A unique cultural holiday

A holiday home in the Czech Republic offers the perfect opportunity to discover the country formerly known as Bohemia. It's a beautiful country and regions like North Bohemia and South Bohemia are perfect for a family holiday in the Czech Republic. Check out the historic city of Prague, the most important cultural destination in the Czech Republic, but don't forget about other wonderful towns and cities like Lednice, home to a palace whose garden forms the largest park in the Czech Republic. The country impresses also with its Karlovy Vary, a spa city with hundreds of hot springs and home to the Grandhotel Pupp which was used in the Bond film "Casino Royal" and which hosts an International Film Festival each year. While you're in Karlovy Vary don't forget to try the incomparable "Carlsbad plums"! Sweeten up your life with a fabulous break from the mundane in this beautiful gem of Europe.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

If you're looking for the chance to enjoy some quality time with family or friends maybe it's time you tried a week or two of outdoor adventure. In the Czech Republic there are plenty of options for all sorts of activities among nature. In winter, mountains such as the Ore and Giant Mountains provide plenty of possibilities for winter sports. A ski resort in like the popular Spindleruv Mlyn or Harrachov, will allow you to spend your days downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding or sledging. In Spindleruv Mlyn there's also SnowJam, an international snowboard competition. And don't think for a second that you'll get bored during summer as there are numerous hiking adventures awaiting for you here, and you'll encounter numerous mountain huts (called "boudas") along the way, ideal for a rejuvenating break or overnight respite. A holiday in the Czech Republic also means endless surfing, swimming, sailing, sunbathing and building sand castles with the kids. Add to the list of outdoor possibilities activities like golf, mountain biking, cycling, horse riding, clay pigeon shooting, fishing, paintballing and more, and you have the stuff dreams are made of.

Types of houses

    Holiday homes Czech Republic

    Holiday homes Czech Republic

    The holiday homes in the Czech Republic are a great start to your holiday. There is plenty to do in this beautiful country with mountains like the Beskidy mountains and cities like Prague. The holiday homes are complete and cozy holiday accommodations where you can stay with your children and where pets are also allowed. The city of Prague is one of the most well-known destinations in the Czech Republic. This city is full of culture, ancient architectural styles and unique monuments. Discover the lively Charles Bridge or walk the boulevard. Choose a walk along the Golden Lane. The Czech Republic also has beautiful nature such as the Beskiden Mountains. The highest peak is the Lysa Hora with 1327 meters in height. These mountains house the last remnants of the Wal Lachen. Some folk architecture and other objects can be seen in the open-air museum in Roznov Pod Radhostem. In summer you can enjoy hiking and mountain biking in the mountains. A winter holiday offers many fantastic options because of the snowy mountains in the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic is a versatile holiday destination.

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    Apartments Czech Republic

    Apartments Czech Republic

    With the holiday apartments in the Czech Republic, you can spend a very special holiday here. These apartments are the best starting points for wonderful excursions in the area. The amazing atmosphere in the Giant Mountains is given by the natural beauty and the special locations. Think of the beautiful ski resorts like Spindleruv Mlyn, Harrachov and Vrchlabi. The spa resort at Janske Lazne along with the possibilities for winter sports, hiking and mountain biking tours make this a special holiday destination. You will find here rest as well as action, nature and adventure. Everyone can enjoy themselves in their own way here. In Harrachov you will find the Giant Mountains museum and the Mumlava waterfalls, both of which should not be missed. The spas, as in Karlsbad and Marienbad, are a great addition to a holiday in the Czech Republic. In the surroundings of Karlova Vary there are over 60 hot springs at the foot of the Ore mountains, having beneficial and healing properties, offering you thus a unique holiday experience.

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    Villas from Czech Republic

    Villas from Czech Republic

    You can opt for romance and coziness in Prague, around the villas in Czech Republic. It is called the 1000 years old but new romantic capital of Europe. The city of Prague is a great source of history with Romanesque and Gothic architecture, the Jewish Quarter, Charles Bridge, the Old Town, St Vitus Cathedral and Golden Lane, and these are just a few examples. One day will not be enough for you to see everything. The tram and metro transport is good, fast and cheap. Outside the city of Prague in the Czech Republic, you can enjoy hiking and cycling. Cycling is more and more popular, this being reflected in the increasing network of trails and paths. If you're a fan of winter sports, you can choose from a variety of regions such as the Ore Mountains, Bohemian Forest, Giant Mountains or the Beskids mountains for a complete and enjoyable winter. Castles and historic architecture can be seen in places like Kromeriz and Litomysl.

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    Group accommodations Czech Republic

    Group accommodations Czech Republic

    The group accommodations in Czech Republic offer sufficient space for several people, with luggage and pets. These accommodations are ideal if you want to spend a holiday together with a group of people. During the day, you can take a group trip and in the afternoon you can talk and share experiences. There are numerous things to do in the Czech Republic. Discover the area of Olomouc or Northern Bohemia. Visit the old university town of Olomouc with the Saint Wenceslas Cathedral or the Premyslid Palace. If you prefer nature and outdoor activities, Northern Bohemia is a beautiful region. Here you will find many forests, endless hiking and cycling trails. Discover the surrounding area of Melnik with its Castle and vineyards. What you should also not miss here is a visit to the former concentration camp at Theresienstadt. It's an impressive, historical and bizarre monument that no one should forget about. The Czech Republic is a unique holiday destination.

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    Holiday parks Czech Republic

    Holiday parks Czech Republic

    Choose one of the holiday parks in the Czech Republic. These parks are great for a family vacation with children. The various activities for kids and parents at the park offer even more possibilities for your holiday. While the dad is reading a newspaper on the terrace, the kids can play football on the football field and the mother can go sunbathing. You can enjoy a great holiday either together or apart. Outside the park, you can also visit some of the most beautiful places in the Czech Republic. The city of Prague offers plenty of culture. There are museums, a great atmosphere, beautiful squares, the Prague Castle, the Royal Palace and the Golden Lane, these being just a few examples of the culture and history here. A city break in Prague is unforgettable. The Bohemian Forest is another beautiful piece of nature in the Czech Republic, it is also called the Sumava National park. The Lipno lake is located in the same area. You can see the Plechy peak with a height of 1378m from far. In winter you will find here a complete array of winter sports with ice skating, surfing, flying, cross-country skiing and downhill skiing. For example, you can go snow kiting on the Lipno Lake. The cable cars offer beautiful views in both summer and winter. Experience a wonderful holiday in the country of Czech Republic.

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Practical Information


All people above 15 have to have a valid passport or ID on them. The border control is minimal, but you are obliged to have these documents on you at the Czech border. Don't forget about other documents, such as health insurance or travel insurance. Other information are important as well, such as the SOS telephone number when losing the credit or bank card. Not compulsory, but very recommendable.

Driving a car:

Make sure your license is valid. The traffic rules in the Czech Republic, are the same as in the rest of Europe. Please note that the secondary roads are not always very modern, some two-lane roads are often made of cobblestones. The traffic speed limit in urban areas is 50 km per hour, outside urban areas is 90 km per hour. On highways and motorways the speed limit is 130 km per hour. Also do not forget to buy the toll sticker if you enter the country by car. The lack of it can result in a hefty fine for you. The use of your mobile phone is prohibited if you are behind the wheel. Alcohol consumption is completely prohibited if you drive. Keep in mind that the penalties for traffic violations in the Czech Republic are rough.

  • Speed limits:
    Within the city limits: 50km/h
    Outside the city limits: 90km/h

General Information

  • Surface area: 78.865 km²

  • Number of inhabitans: 10.177.300 in 2013 / 129 per km2

  • Capital: Prague

  • Form of Government: Republic

  • Language: Czech

  • Currency: Czech koruna CZK


The currency here is the Koruna, and the most profitable exchange rate is in the country itself. Another option is the debit card where you insert the Koruna directly into your account. For the exact exchange rate, we advise you to check the internet just before you leave, so you know where you stand. If you are visiting less touristy locations, make sure you can pay with crowns there. Paying with euros in a city like Prague is also not an issue. You can use different credit cards depending on the location.
Tipping is very common in the Czech Republic, you add it to the bill if you pay with cash and you leave the tip in cash if you pay by debit card. Important: exchange offices and banks are closed on weekends.

Food and Drink 

- The Czech or Bohemian cuisine has some clear Austrian and German influences.
- Knedliky – flour product served in combination with meat or in combination with something sweet as a sweet dish
- The meat dishes play an important role in the daily diet in Czech Republic
- In various locations you can find some local breweries producing known or less known beers such as Budweiser or Pilserner Urguell.
- The wines from Moravia have built up a European reputation.
- Becherovka is a well known herbal bitter.
- Soups are also a popular food in villages, as part of the meal, served with home-made bread.
- Cesnekova polevka- Garlic soup with cheese, ham, chives and toasted bread.
- Knedliky- Several variations of potato and bran dumplings, often served in square slices.
- Bramborak- Spicy, seasoned, fist-sized potato biscuit.
- Chlebicky- The ' Smörrebröd ' of the Czechs: countless variations of sandwiches where salami, ham, cheese and salad (especially the Bohemian potato salad) are combined with artistic canapés.
- Pstruh prazdroj- fried or grilled trout.
- Palacinky se zavar eninou, ovoce, poleva karemelova- Stuffed pancakes with jam, fruit and caramel.


With regards to pets' access into the Czech Republic during your holiday, the European law for pets applies. The animal must be in possession of a valid European passport, an identification chip or tattoo is also required. It goes without saying that the pet has to have had all vaccinations such as against rabies. A muzzle is compulsory for your dog, as well as is the fact that your dog must always be kept on a leash. If you are in a holiday park or staying in a hotel, you will definitely have to show the documents.

Some words in Czech

televice = television
• radio = radio
• disco = disco
• policie = police
• limonadu = lemonade (like coke and other brand names)
• parkovat = parking
• benzinu = gasoline
• rezervace = booking
• toaleta = toilet
• specialita = specialties
• restaurace = restaurant
• salads = salads
• gulas=goulash
• biftek = steak
• tenis = tennis
• papir = paper
• recepce = reception

The inhabitants of the Czech Republic have lots of respect for someone who tries to speak their language

Good day = Dobry den (pronounced exactly as it is). The Czechs though greet each other less formally, especially if they already know each other, namely with ' Ahoy '.
• Please = prosím (pronounced ' prosiem ')
• Thank you = dekuji vam (pronounced ' djekoeji ')
• I'm sorry/Apologies = prominte (pronounced ' promintje ')
• See you = Na shledanou
• To your health / cheers = Na zdravi

Cultural habits

The Czech hospitality is well known in Europe. At first the Czechs are polite and analyzing, then if you pass their test, they do anything for you. A dinner party at home has some unwritten rules such as: Bring a gift for the hostess, and also for the children Take off your shoes when entering the living room Never come unexpectedly The Czechs are open to suggestions, but you should do what they like The weekends are for the family, they go for walks through the forests in search for fruits or mushrooms Until about ten years ago everybody used to walk around. Now there many roads for cyclists and cars which are happily used by the population as well as by the tourists.

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