Holiday homes in Hradec Kralove

Houses in Hradec Kralove offer great activity holidays to the visitors of the Czech Republic. Hradec Kralove is the capital of this region and also the capital of East Bohemia. The activity holidays, cultural holidays, nature holidays are therefore very diverse due to the natural conditions and the wonderful amenities here and there. In cultural holidays, you might think of castles, palaces and monuments and religious view. The walking and cycling holidays are great in Hradec Kralove, you can determine your own route or follow the route clockwise. In nature vacations you can think of the nature and impressive mountains. If you are thinking about active holidays in Hradec Kralove, book a holiday in Hradec Kralove for a relaxing holiday in East Bohemia. Book a holiday in Hradec Kralove.

Houses for active holidays in Hradec Kralove.

Cottages in Hradec Kralove offers great active holiday due to the favorable natural conditions. The most attractive area in East Bohemia is Orlík Mountains near the Polish border. It is an area ideal for hiking and cross country skiing and winter holidays such as alpine skiing. You will find an impressive natural beauty, although the area is indeed being used for sporting holidays in Hradec Kralove. The city Litomysl is a beautiful example of a unique cultural holiday in Hradec Kralove, it is also on the UNESCO World Heritage site, it is a Renaissance castle with more than eight thousand graffiti, it is open for visitors to this historic cultural holiday you will enjoy experience. The city of Hradec Kralove has the necessary cultural attractions that are best to visit during an active walk with or without supervision by a guide. See for yourself and book a holiday in Hradec Kralove.

Houses in Hradec Kralove for special holidays.

A holiday in Hradec Kralove offers great holiday accommodation with many of your holiday needs are met. You can go on holiday with dog house with the pool is a fine place to relax, the kids have the space, the terraces with furniture is a silent call after a day of exploring. Rychnov nad Knex is a wonderful destination for an active holiday culture in nature. You will find a beautiful castle which is open to visitors, you can celebrate the finest and most challenging mountain walking holidays. East of town lies the Zamberg Pastvinymeer, a lake suitable for water sport activities, a popular holiday destination. Near Hradec Kralove, you will also find many local culinary specialties, tastes differ but the Czechs are not without pride in their traditional cuisine, pamper yourself with a culinary vacation in culture Hradek Kralove. Book a holiday in Hradec Kralove.

Statek 9 Persons
1 week 13 until 20 Feb '16 € 471
"Statek" is the Czech word for "farm" or "estate", especially in the region around Broumov in the northeastern part of the Czech Republic, just east of the Giant Mountains. Statek was built in 1844 and has been well-preserved. The building is situated on the e...
U Malých 22 Persons
1 week 05 until 12 Mar '16 € 843
This family house is situated at the foot of the picturesque and famous Giant Mountains, in the northern Czech Republic. The quiet and undisturbed village Mříčná makes a good starting point for all forms of winter sport activities. In the ancient village there...
Souvrat 1 8 Persons
1 week 05 until 12 Mar '16 € 404
This cottage is located in the city of Mostek, in the Giant Mountains. It was built on a hill overlooking a valley with a stream. This country house has two apartments connected by an internal door. This wonderful country house is very suitable for large famil...
Villa Mladé Buky - Apartment 1 6 Persons
1 week 13 until 20 Feb '16 € 710
Style, atmosphere and service are highly valued in Villa Mladé Buky. The town of Mladé Buky is especially well-known for its excellent ski resort, ideal for beginning skiers. This recently-renewed (in 2003) villa is also called 'the small castle'. It contains ...
Villa Mladé Buky - Apartment 7 4 Persons
1 week 02 until 09 Apr '16 € 549
Style, atmosphere and service are highly valued at Villa Mladé Buky. This place is especially known for its excellent ski center, which is ideal for beginners. The villa, which is also known as 'the small castle', was renewed in 2003. It contains 6 apartments ...
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