Holiday homes West Bohemia, your getaway into a world of relaxation

The Czech Republic is a land of legends and great beauty, a land of unique culture and breathtaking nature, and a holiday home in West Bohemia is the ideal starting point for an adventure that will create a great set of new and exciting memories. West Bohemia is also famous for its spas towns, offering various therapeutic and wellness program. Whether you find yourself in West Bohemia in winter or in summer, this area of the Czech Republic is not one to allow any trace of boredom... nature reserves, walks among nature, hiking, winter sports, mountains and lakes, romantic places hidden in lush forests, history, tradition, cities with a culture that stands out worldwide, entertainment venues and not to mention the famous Czech beer, all come together to create that unique setting that will define what is a memorable holiday in West Bohemia.

Visit a Czech spa

When it comes to relaxation, West Bohemia has the key to what you would call a treat of both the body and soul, with its amazing spa towns, like the Karlovy Vary, the Františkovy Lázně or the Mariánské Lázně. Whether you opt for a treatment program or just pure relaxation, bathing in thermal waters while enjoying also a magnificent view is what defines a perfect Czech vacation. These spa towns also feature great restaurants and cafes, so you can better picture an image of spending time by the pool, with a refreshing drink in your hands and a typical Czech snack to complete the experience. A romantic escape in West Bohemia will steal your heart as well, with a walk along the colonnades, to the source of the great Vltava river in Šumava, or some fun winter sports in the Krušné Mountains, a picnic on the side of the Kladská Pond in the nature reserve bearing the same name.

West Bohemia is never one to be underrated

In leaving your holiday home in West Bohemia, a region full of spas, you will find yourself admiring one of the most beautiful observation towers in the entire country, namely the Krásenská Observation Tower, and further on you can get to know a fabulous place, the Loket Castle, where the Czech king and Roman emperor Charles IV had their hunting games. Of course, there is no real vacation in the Czech Republic without sampling a delicious and world famous Czech beer and the city of Plzeň is one to offer you the best setting for this. The West Bohemian spa triangle is a great, relaxing venue as well and the Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary comes to perfectly complete the cultural side of your exciting vacation in this area of the Czech Republic. The endless one-on-one game of culture and nature, grace and glory define this area of the Czech Republic as an emblem of the country's overall greatness.
Chalet Praha 43 15 Persons
1 week 13 until 20 Feb '16 € 1396
Jáchymov (or Joachimsthal as it is known in English) lies in a valley at the foot of the Krušné Hory (the Ore Mountains), in the western part of the Czech Republic. It is 7 km from the border with Germany and approximately 20 km from the famous resort of Karlo...
Apartment Jáchymov 2 4 Persons
1 week 05 until 12 Mar '16 € 425
This apartment is situated in the Ore Mountains (Ertsgebergte or Krušné Hory), 6 km from the German border. The Ore Mountains mean wonderful nature, healing springs and resorts, crystal glass and porcelain, wholesome gin on bitter herbs, the origin of beer an...
Holiday Home Abertamy 8 Persons
1 week 05 until 12 Mar '16 € 539
This house is located in the Ore Mountains where you will find excellent opportunities for skiing. Situated in a beautiful environment with many winter sports facilities, it is only 10 km from the German border. The house is suitable, with its two living rooms...
Chalet Rainbow 5 Persons
1 week 12 until 19 Mar '16 € 408
This chalet is located in a friendly environment on the outside of a group of chalets. It overlooks the valley. In the garden you’ll find a furnished terrace with a fireplace and grill for those nice days in spring and autumn. There is a simple ski slope situa...
Pohoda 23 Persons
1 week 12 until 19 Mar '16 € 994
In een prachtig recreatiegebied van het Ertsgebergte, op 900 m boven de zeespiegel en in het centrum van het pittoreske dorpje Hrebecna, staat deze recent gerenoveerde vakantievilla op u te wachten. Het huis ligt op een zonnige plek bij een bos, aan een doodlo...
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