Holidays in Germany

Our holiday homes in Germany ensure that you enjoy a splendid holiday among nature or a true cultural holiday. This beautiful country offers something for everyone. Fantastic city trips to Berlin, Trier, Rothenburg or Köln for example, but this is just a small selection of the beautiful old cities in Germany. Want to see what's left of the Berlin Wall? With a holiday home in Berlin you'll not only be able to find this out, but also indulge yourself with plenty of culture, museums, architecture, monuments that attest its impressive history. You can definitely taste the culture during a holiday in Germany. The old historical city centers with their churches, castles and half-timbered houses invite you for a city tour on foot, and then as a conclusion, enjoy a tasty piece of pie alongside a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. A memorable experience during your stay here.

Holidays in Germany among nature
A lot of people will celebrate their holidays in Germany where they can enjoy a fantastic natural environment, and not without reason as Germany has lots to offer in the area of nature’s beauty. Numerous hiking paths and cycling routes take you through a magnificent landscape. During a holiday in Germany you can practically access nature right from the doorstep of your accommodation. Do you treasure a hiking or biking holiday? Then this country is the place for you. The Sauerland, Eifel, Harz Mountains, Black Forest or Bavarian Alps offer hiking possibilities everywhere, through forests, along splashing streams and clambering up mountains. Explore the Atta cave with a holiday home in Sauerland and taste the only cave-ripened cheese in all of the country. Cycle along large rivers like the Rhine and Moselle, past vineyards and through picturesque villages. With a holiday home in Eifel-Moselle you can even indulge yourself with spa treatments or visit the renowned zoos and parks, watch eagles fly around you and completely feel an overwhelming sense of freedom and relaxation.

Beach holidays
A true beach holiday in Germany starts on the beaches of the Wadden Sea and Baltic Sea. The long sandy beaches invite you for a unique holiday on the coast. Enjoy sunbathing then take a long walk along the beach. An active stay at the waterfront can also be found here. Enjoy hiking and cycling through the dunes or surfing and sailing at sea. The wonderful island like Rügen or Usedom are definitely worth the visit with their rich flora and fauna. But your holiday on the water can also begin with a holiday home at Mecklenburg Lakes or at lakes like the Königssee and Chiemsee with a holiday home in Bavaria. Swimming, sailing, surfing or diving, it's all possible.

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Holiday homes Germany

Bungalow.Net's holiday homes in Germany are cozy and comfortable, allowing you to feel at home while enjoying an active holiday in Germany. Reserve a pet-friendly holiday home in Germany and you can bring the furriest member of the family along too. Our holiday homes in Germany with swimming pool, children's play area, bicycle rental and more, coupled with the beautiful and varied natural landscapes of Germany, the fantastic local cuisine and hospitable people, are all important elements of a successful holiday in Germany. Those who have come in search of a cultural holiday in Germany will find more than ten thousand cities offering centuries-old history and a host of cultural landmarks, many within walking distance of our holiday homes in Germany. Reserve one of our holiday homes in the countryside of Germany and you can combine a cultural holiday with an outdoor family vacation among nature in Germany. There's even the possibility for a romantic seaside holiday in Germany at places like Usedom, one of Germany's largest islands, situated in the Baltic Sea. Here at Peenemunde, during World War II, the V-1 and V-2 rockets were tested. Now you can enjoy a lovely beach or spa holiday here in the "Bathtub of Berlin". Get the most out of your next well-deserved holiday with a holiday home on the Baltic Sea Coast from Bungalow.Net!

Opportunities abound with Bungalow.Net's holiday homes in Germany
Bungalow.Net's holiday homes in Germany are wonderful holiday accommodations with lots of amenities, perfect for those who would like to enjoy an active holiday in Germany. Reserve one of our pet-friendly holiday homes in Germany and make your holiday a totally carefree one as well. Now you're free to enjoy ancient traditions and customs like the world-famous Oktoberfest, the woodcarving and lace-making of the Ore Mountains, the Onion Market Festival in Thuringia, Rummelpottlaufen on New Year's Eve in the North Frisian Islands, and much more. Admire castles, museums attractions, events during your holiday in Thuringia for example, you will surely not be disappointed. Our self-catering holiday homes in Germany are also ideal for those who have come in search of a culinary holiday in Germany, a land where the cuisine varies from region to region. Nevertheless, there's always plenty of opportunity for a refreshing cold beer at a local beer garden or the chance to sample the local wines as you work your way along one of the famous wine routes such as the Saxon Wine Route, easily accessible from one of our fully-furnished holiday homes in Germany. And with our holiday homes with children's playground in Germany, children are guaranteed to have a fantastic time as well, but there's also plenty of family-oriented attractions like the Berlin Zoo, Munich's Fairytale Forest, Zirkus Krone, a summer bobsled run in the Bavarian Forest, and much more. Don't delay. Book one of Bungalow.Net's holiday homes with internet in Germany today, your connection to a great vacation!

Bungalow.Net's holiday homes in Germany for a beautiful winter holiday
Bungalow.Net's holiday homes in Germany are the perfect accommodation for a dynamic ski holiday in Germany. Reserve a holiday home with hot tub in Germany and your winter vacation is complete. Germany has three regions that are ideal for a ski vacation, all within easy reach of our cozy holiday homes in Germany. The first is the resort of Winterberg in the Sauerland; the second is Feldberg, situated in the Black Forest; and the third is Garmisch-Partenkirchen, located in southern Bavaria. These areas have plenty of natural snow in winter but the use of snow canons ensures a successful winter sports holiday in Germany. The Black Forest region for example will give you access to some really good value, easy to drive to, uncrowded resorts. Early booking is essential if you want to enjoy a carefree sports holiday in the snow. Our fully-furnished holiday homes in Germany also give you convenient access to venues like SnowDome Bispingen so you don't have to wait until winter to enjoy a fantastic ski or snowboarding holiday in Germany! But while enjoying your winter break in Germany, don't forget to try the Dresdener Stollen, Germany's most famous Christmas treat, or reserve a holiday home with fully-equipped kitchen in Germany and bake it yourself. Don't put off that winter holiday you've been dreaming of another day. Book one of Bungalow.Net's holiday homes in Germany with ski equipment storage now for a wonderful sports vacation in Germany!

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Types of houses

    Holiday homes Germany

    Holiday homes Germany

    Our holiday homes in Germany will ensure a wonderful holiday. Not only are they located close to tourist sights, but you can also be among nature in a very short time. There is plenty to see and do in Germany. You will find them among nature, on the waterfront and in the woods, but the accommodations in the city are another great place to stay, especially for a city trip. Bring your dog along on your holiday with our pet-friendly holiday homes in Germany. It's not only extra fun, but the dog can accompany you on long hikes and even when visiting a city. There's a suitable place to stay for everyone, from an affordable cottage to a luxurious holiday home with jacuzzi. Choose the accommodation that matches your wishes and come enjoy a fantastic relaxing holiday, whether you choose a family vacation or a break for just the two of you.

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    Bungalows Germany

    Bungalows Germany

    For an amazing holiday with the family book a bungalow among nature in Germany. It's the ideal accommodation for a family vacation. These bungalows offer all you need for a fantastic holiday among spectacular surroundings. The children as well as the dog can play in the garden and you can enjoy a barbecue in the evening. Begin your hikes at your front door or use them as a starting point for a cultural holiday with visits to castles and fortresses in the area. There is something for everyone and everyone has the chance to savor an affordable holiday. Enjoy the holiday by the sea that you always dreamed of, while our bungalows among nature ensure a great view and a fantastic peaceful holiday destination. Don’t forget to visit the wildlife reserves in the area to see which animals occupy the forests around you.

    Apartments Germany

    Apartments Germany

    Our apartments in Germany allow you to fully enjoy a city trip or a special cultural holiday. The apartments in the city in Germany are especially nice accommodations. A cozy attic loft or a luxurious penthouse overlooking the rooftops, there’s plenty of atmosphere to suit everyone. The best part is that you can walk out your door and within just a few steps you are in the historical city center with its old half-timbered houses, churches, palaces, castles, shops and cozy cafés and restaurants. This is an active cultural holiday at its best, but don't forget our apartments near the sea. Enjoy breakfast on the balcony with a breathtaking view over the water enhanced by the sounds of the breaking surf. You are on the beach within minutes where you can go swimming and do a bit of sunbathing. Our apartments in Germany are suitable for every occasion.

    Villas from Germany

    Villas from Germany

    Enjoying the luxury of a holiday villa in Germany is your dream come true. The villas in Germany are located on the best spots and offer all you need. When it’s located on the waterfront you can bring your own boat to enjoy a holiday on the water. You can also enjoy the jacuzzi or sauna if they are present and you may even have your own swimming pool. The spacious garden allows you to enjoy both peace and quiet and privacy, just to sit back and relax with a good book. Make sure you choose a destination among nature you can also enjoy you holiday optimally, take the dog for a walk in the woods or take the car to one of the larger cities in Germany to do some shopping. In a villa with tennis court or at the golf course you will enjoy your favorite sport even more. You will enjoy your stay to the max.

    Group accommodations Germany

    Group accommodations Germany

    Enjoy a weekend break with friends or family in a group accommodation in Germany. It’s just a few hours drive and you can spend some quality time together exploring the beautiful surroundings. Hiking holidays, cultural holidays or skiing holidays, it's all possible with our group houses in Germany. Visit the Sauerland with its picturesque towns, never ending hiking routes and various ski runs. A city trip or a weekend break among nature or at the waterfront are perfect ideas for a great holiday. Our group accommodations in Germany are spacious and offer room for everyone. You can cook and dine together, sit and relax in the garden, and there is also plenty of privacy with multiple bedrooms and several bathrooms. It's the ideal destination when you want to celebrate a special occasion with friends and family or just to be together.

    Holiday parks Germany

    Holiday parks Germany

    Your family holiday begins at our atmospheric holiday parks in Germany, and you don't have to drive for hours to get there. This is why you book a versatile bungalow park in Germany, where the kids can play all they want, on the playground, with the animation team or at the pool. Especially in summer, a holiday park with swimming pool is a much loved destination, and it's easy to combine with an outing, hike, bike trip, visit to a city or a day at the zoo, then take a dive in the refreshing water upon your return. Start the day with the fresh bun/bakery service and close the day with a delicious barbecue or dinner in the restaurant. You will find the holiday parks in the best spots in Germany, among nature, at the waterfront and close to various sights. Your dog is often welcome, an ideal destination for a complete stay with your family.

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Practical Information


For travel to and within Germany you will need the following documents:

  • A valid passport or ID card. From the 12th of June 2012 onwards, children will also need their own identification.

  • A driver’s license is not valid identification, although you will need to bring it along when taking your car to Germany or hiring one locally. Don't forget to bring your car insurance documents.

Driving a car:

  • Speed limits:
    Within the city limits: 50km/h
    Outside the city limits: 100km/h
    Highways 130km/h (min. 60km/h)

  • In Germany there is a mandatory environmental sticker required in certain cities. You can get information or a sticker at your local AA.

  • In Germany the legal limit for drinking and driving is 0.5‰. For drivers under 21 and persons holding a driving license for less than 2 years, there is 0 tolerance.

  • It's mandatory to carry a red warning triangle and a first aid kit in the car.

  • At traffic lights in Germany, both traffic continuing straight and cars turning off have a green light at the same time. When turning left you need to give way to the opposing traffic. Also, bikers and pedestrians will have a green light at the same time, and they also have right of way.

  • Cyclist often cycle on the side of the road. They can be poorly visible due to the hilly terrain. Note that they can cycle anywhere alongside secondary roads. We advise you to pass them in a wide angle. In Germany the indicator must also be used when passing cyclists.

  • In Germany many drivers drive fast, so beware of this.

  • In winter you need winter tires or non-skid chains.

General Information

  • Surface area: 357,022 km²

  • Number of inhabitants: 82.329 million (2009)

  • Capital: Berlin

  • Form of Government: Republic

  • Language: German

  • Currency: Euro


The currency of Germany is the Euro. The coins are 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 Euro cents and 1 and 2 Euro. Bank notes come in 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 Euro.

Food and Drink 

- Bockwurst or bratwurst with bread
- Game goulash with red cabbage
- Spätzle (egg noodles often served with sauce or cheese, especially suitable for children)
- Sülze (Pork in aspic)
- Pea soup or lentil soup out of a soup can (often at a parking lot and near tourist attractions)
- Kartoffelsalat (potato salad with bacon, egg, onion and mayonnaise)
- Sauerkraut (seasoned sauerkraut)
- Kohlroulade (meat roll braised in cabbage)
- Rote Grütze (red fruit in syrup, served with cream of vanilla sauce)
- Glühwein (mulled wine)
- Feder Weisse (very young white wine, only available in early autumn)
- German beers (Hefeweizen and Bockbier)
- Käsekuchen (cheesecake)
- Windbeutel (giant profiterole with a choice of filling and/or sauce
- Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (Black forest cake, chocolate cake with cream and cherries)
- Schmalzkuchen (fried pieces of dough covered in sugar icing)
- Griddle cake (pie with a yeast dough base, topped with various fruits and sometimes a layer of crumble on top)


If you want to bring your pet with you on your holiday to Germany, you need to be mindful of the following:

  • Each pet needs to have a European Pet Passport with the valid vaccinations listed.

  • Pets need to have identification by means of a chip (a tattoo is not valid as of the 2nd of July 2011).

  • Pets need to be vaccinated against the following diseases (at least):
    - Dogs: rabies
    - Cats: feline enteritis and toxoplasmosis

  • Make sure that your pet has been wormed prior to departure.

  • Plan ahead and contact your vet for vaccinations and a pet passport.

  • Take care that your dog is always on a leash in public and that you carry a muzzle if your dog is over 20kg or has a shoulder height over 40cm. The dog doesn't always need to wear it, but you need to be able to show it upon request.

  • Pit-bulls, Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Bull Terriers are allowed in Germany if your stay is shorter than 4 weeks. These type of dogs should always wear a muzzle in public.

  • There are certain conditions regarding the transport of pets. Dogs may not sit in the front, and on the back seat the dog must have a special seatbelt. Transporting a dog in a pet carrier/crate is always allowed.

  • You can bring a maximum of 3 dogs to Germany.

Conversation basics

When you go on holiday abroad it almost always means you will encounter a different language. Also in Germany, where the inhabitants speak German. Therefore we’d like to introduce you to the conversation basics. It’s always appreciated if you know a few words in the foreign language.

In German there are some letters that need attention for the pronunciation:
"a" is pronounced as the British "a" in can't
"s" is pronounced as "z"
"z" is pronounced as "ts"

Good morning - Gutenmorgen (gootenmorgen)
Good day - Gutentag (gootentaag)
Good evening - Gutenabend (gootenabend)
Hello - Hallo (halloo)
Goodbye - Auf Wiedersehen (auf weederzahn)
Please when giving/when receiving - Bitte (beete / Gerne (gerne)
Thank you - Vielen Dank (feelen dank)
Sorry - Entschuldigung (entshooldeegoong)
Yes - Ja (yah)
No - Nein (nine)

Supermarket - Supermarkt (zoopermarkt)
Bakery - Bäckerei (beckereye)
Butcher - Fleischerei (fly-shereye)
Restaurant - Restaurant (restaurant)
Pharmacy - Apotheke (apothaka)
Hospital - Krankenhaus (krunkenhouse)
Doctor - Doktor (doctore)
Dentist - Zahnartzt (tsaahnaartst)
Swimming pool - Schwimmbad (shweembaad)
Beach - Strand (shtrand)

One - Eins (yns)
Two - Zwei (tswy)
Three - Drei (dry)
Four - Vier (feer)
Five - Fünf (fuenf)
Six - Sechs (zex)
Seven - Sieben (zeeben)
Eight - Acht (acht)
Nine - Neun (nine)
Ten - Zehn (tsane)

Cultural habits

  • Germans usually eat the largest meal of the day at noon, but you can get a hot meal in the evening in restaurants. If you like to eat out for lunch you will find hot dishes on the menu as well. The portions served are often larger than what you are used to.

  • For services like in restaurants it's customary to give a tip if you're satisfied. This is usually 5 to 10%.

  • Always address a person you do not know formally (Sie), it's considered rude if you address someone you don't know informally (du). It must always be agreed upon with both parties to use the less formal form “du”, this is called "dutzen". It's also easiest to address people using Sie as it uses the complete conjugation and it is always the safest.

  • When invited over for coffee, usually there are several sorts of cakes and pies put on the table. It's customary to not eat one piece but several. Coffee is usually served at the dining table.

  • When hiking among nature it's customary to greet people that are coming from the other direction or if you pass people going in the same direction as you.

  • When walking in a city beware of dog dropWhen walking in a city beware of dog droppings. Dogs often relieve themselves on the streets.pings. Dogs often relieve themselves on the streets.

  • Shops are often closed on Saturday afternoons. Supermarkets have longer opening hours nowadays.

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