Holiday homes in Saxony

From Bungalow.Net's holiday homes in Saxony you can discover this amazing region of Germany with its 1000-year-old history, stunning natural beauty, vast traditions in the arts, culture and music, and world famous handicrafts. Whether you choose to spend a cultural holiday in Saxony savoring the elegant and historic urban atmosphere of cities like Dresden and Leipzig, or an active holiday in Saxony exploring endless castles, vineyards and cozy villages of the countryside, Saxony promises a holiday in Germany worth remembering. Discover it today with the help of Bungalow.Net's pet-friendly houses in Saxony. Book yours today!

Hiking and biking adventure via Bungalow.Net's holiday homes in Saxony

Those in search of an active holiday among nature in Germany will have a truly memorable time with Bungalow.Net's holiday homes in Saxony. Here you will find a wide array of quality hiking and cycling trails, scenic walking routes, mountain bike tracks and waterways making Saxony ideal for an active holiday in Germany. For example, the Vogtland Panorama Route, with its endless forests and meadows, castles and small spa towns (Bad Elster, Bad Brambach), meanders its way through some of the most idyllic countryside to be found in Germany. Special mountain biking tracks called "Sax-Tracks" are also available. Discover Saxony's 400 years worth of wine-making traditions on the Saxon Wine Route, where a romantic atmosphere, cozy villages and charming terraced vineyards await you. Water sports venues are also plentiful in Saxony. Great possibilities for swimming, windsurfing, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, rafting, fishing and so much more can be found, for example on Lake Cospudener and Lake Kulwitzer. Winter sports fans can head for the Schöneck or Altenberg ski resorts for a wonderful snowboarding or skiing holiday in Saxony. When you book one of Bungalow.Net's vacation rentals in Saxony, you're never far from the action!

Bungalow.Net's holiday homes in Saxony for a truly special experience

Bungalow.Net's holiday homes in Saxony, for the cultural experience of a lifetime! The state capital, Dresden, is a perfect place to begin your cultural holiday in Saxony. Fittingly called the "Florence on the Elbe", Dresden is a world famous baroque city easily accessible from one of our family-oriented bungalow parks in Saxony. Among its significant landmarks is the majestic 18th century Zwinger Palace, inspired by the ruler's visit to Versailles. The world famous Meissener Porcelain also has its origins nearby. As a city of music and culture, Leipzig is also well worth a visit. Also known as the economic center of Saxony, Leipzig is home to the 15th century St. Thomas Church where Johann Sebastian Bach himself worked as a cantor and where he is buried. Saxony's most famous culinary specialty is undoubtedly the Dresdener Stollen that originates from the 14th century and is the most famous German Christmas treat. Countless other historic monuments, art galleries and museums are also within close proximity to our vacation rentals in Saxony. There are plenty of reasons to visit this colorful state, so book one of Bungalow.Net's villas on a golf course in Saxony today!

Holiday parks in Saxony

Book one of our holiday parks in Saxonyto be part of an unforgettable holiday in Germany along side your friends or the entire family. Saxony is a diverse region in Germany that offers endless landmarks and sights for tourists to explore. Our holiday parks can easily accommodate larger groups as well and assure that no one will get bored, regardless of their age group. Kids can play on the playground and explore the vast inner yard. Play basketball, football, ping-pong, badminton or engage in other open air activities. Renting a bike on the ground is also often a possibility, making the beautiful surroundings easier to explore from our holiday parks in Saxony. Visit the Zitaner Gebirge Nature Park or the Vogtland Panorama trail for hiking, cycling and mountain biking, areas perfect for an active holiday in Germany.

Holiday parks in Saxony Germany for a cultural holiday

Those interested in a cultural holiday in Saxony should explore the historic capital, Dresden, offering countless museums, monuments, art galleries and many examples of wonderful baroque architecture. Stay at our holiday homes in Saxony nearby! Important sigths in the city include the Semperoper and the famous Zwinger Palace. Eager to explore history and culture in Saxony? Many traditional villages display local customs, lifestyle and cuisine for everyone to discover. Explore this colorful offer through our holiday parks in Saxony!

Apartments in Saxony

Book one of our apartments in Saxonyin Germany to experience a great diversity in nature and culture. Saxony is a leading tourist state in Germany, famous for its vast cultural heritage and stunning natural landscapes. Our apartments provide perfect conditions for every kind of holiday in Saxony: they offer plenty of space, comfort and an ideal location for sightseeing. Those interested in culture have a great number of interesting venues to choose from. Historic cities in the area are perfect for a cultural trip in Germany. Experience the baroque magic of the Zwinger Palace in Dresden or the contemporary atmosphere of Chemnitz! Discover these wonderful places and sights from our apartments in Saxony!

Apartments in Saxony Germany for an active adventure vacation

If you have an adventurous spirit and are looking for an active vacation in Germany, our apartments in Saxony provide the perfect choice. Conditions mountain biking, cycling and hiking in Saxony are ideal. Take a wonderful nature walk in the Dübener Heide Nature Park or on the Mulde Bank Trail and see stunning panoramas and untouched nature! Canoeing, kayaking, fishing, swimming, surfing, and other water sports in Saxony are also popular. Ideal venues for this purpose include Lake Cospudener or the Elbe and Spree rivers. All this and so much more is waiting to be discovered here: see for yourself by booking one of our apartments in Saxony!

Villas from Bungalow.Net in Saxony

Stay in one of our villas in Saxony in Germany and discover this amazingly varied tourist destination first hand! Majestic castles and vineyards, historic towns and villages and a colorful nature await you in Saxony. Our villas take full advantage of these ideal conditions and are located in relaxing rural areas to provide a stress-free holiday in Germany. Interested in culture? Discover the modern city of Chemnitz and its Roter Turm (red tower) or the state capital, Dresden! Both towns offer a wide selection of museums, historic monuments and art galleries for you to explore. A good way to start is the Saxon Wine Route. Set off from our villas in Saxony and discover more of this wonderfully diverse region!

Villas in Saxony Germany for an active holiday in nature

Those seeking adventures in nature will find ideal conditions in our villas in Saxony. Your active holiday in Germany can start right in the yard of our villas, where plenty of space and often a pool as well is available for a bit of extra movement. Rent a bike nearby and set off on a wonderful cycling tour in Saxony to discover its picturesque countryside. Good examples include the Vogtland Panorama Trail and the Bautzen Nature Park, where hiking and mountain biking is also possible. Go canoeing, kayaking, water skiing, fishing, rafting or surfing in Saxony on Lake Kulwitzer or the Elbe river! Book one of our villas in Saxony today experience this great diversity for yourself!
Typ C1 4 Persons
1 week 27 Nov until 04 Dec '15 € 469
Gently rolling hills, bizarre rock formations and magical hidden valleys – this family-oriented holiday park is picturesquely situated within the Naturpark Zittau Gebirge. At the edge of a forest lie 96 accommodations, the Viking Adventure Playground with play...
Typ C 4 Persons
1 week 29 Feb until 07 Mar '16 € 318
Zadelsdorf 7 km from Zeulenroda: Situated above a reservoir small holiday village "Zadelsdorf". In a quiet, sunny position, 100 m from the lake. For shared use: property. Table tennis. In the complex: reception, washing machine (for shared use, extra), bicycle...
Typ A 6 Persons
1 week 29 Feb until 07 Mar '16 € 440
Zadelsdorf 7 km from Zeulenroda: Situated above a reservoir small holiday village "Zadelsdorf". In a quiet, sunny position, 100 m from the lake. For shared use: property. Table tennis. In the complex: reception, washing machine (for shared use, extra), bicycle...
Ferienhaus 6 Persons
1 week 26 Nov until 03 Dec '15 € 595
Kamitz 4 km from Arzberg: Cosy house "Gut Kamitz", surrounded by trees and meadows. In a quiet, sunny position. For shared use: park 2 ha, garden with lawn for sunbathing, swimming pool (above ground) round (9 x 5 m, depth 150 cm, 01.05.-01.09.). Private: terr...
Typ B 4 Persons
1 week 29 Feb until 07 Mar '16 € 398
Zadelsdorf 7 km from Zeulenroda: Situated above a reservoir small holiday village "Zadelsdorf". In a quiet, sunny position, 100 m from the lake. For shared use: property. Table tennis. In the complex: reception, washing machine (for shared use, extra), bicycle...
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