Holiday homes Lake Balaton, up for some water fun, romance, pampering?

In researching a vacation to Hungary one cannot but stumble upon one of the country's greatest treasures, the famous Lake Balaton. A 50 miles long stretch of water, clear beautiful water, shallow and with a blissful temperature for swimming and practicing whatever water sport suits you better. Yes, this is a holiday at Lake Balaton, one that is ideal for families with small children, lovers or groups of friends, even for a solo experience at the “Hungarian Sea”. The water and the mud in the lake are just great remedies for various illnesses, and the landscape is also dotted by picturesque vineyards all around so if at any point you need to escape the lake shores, what could possibly be better than a holiday at Lake Balaton that also includes a wine tasting tour, and of course a nice meal of local authentic food. Unprecedented!

What's the famous Siófok about?
When talking about Siófok, you are actually talking about the largest town on the southern side of the “Hungarian Sea”, and to add to it, this is also the party town of the lake. Every boat ride on the Balaton is served by the Siófok port, any cruise you might be tempted to take on a family holiday at Lake Balaton will start from here. So upon leaving your holiday home at Lake Balaton you can stroll around the park in Siófok with its many statues, the Lutheran church of the city is rather unique as well, learn a thing or two about the culture here in the town of the international composer of some renowned operettas Imre Kálmán, visit the interesting museum dedicated to this great artist. And speaking of museums, the Water Management Museum will be a rather interesting stop with the history of shipping and fishery displayed here, and the Museum of Minerals could also be a hit for those into finding out more about a huge collection of minerals. After all the sightseeing, what' s left to do is, well... party, party, party!

Love is in the... water, at Lake Balaton
Are you in love? If so, a holiday home at Lake Balaton is the perfect little “love nest” for spending some wonderful times with your loved one. If not, than you will surely fall in love with at least the magic of the Balaton Lake while spending some time here. Tour the hills and enjoy the atmosphere, a delicious glass of local wine and a spectacular view, sunbathe on the lake shores, swim in its pleasant water. These are but few pictures that come to mind when thinking of a love blossoming vacation in this area of Hungary, and if you add up some visits to famous castles and palaces on the lake side, like the Baroque Festetics Palace at Keszthely. Climb the water tower of Siófok and take in the magnificent view. If you are to choose a city of romance around the lake, that should be Tihany, with its Benedictine Abbey, classical concerts, astonishing fields of lavender surrounding it. Two lakes, geysers, wildlife are to welcome lovers of nature as well. Take a sailing trip, or maybe a wine tasting trip in Badacsony, recharge your batteries at a spa or thermal bath, tailor your love blossoming trip just to your liking at Lake Balaton.

Apartments in Lake Balaton

Villas from Bungalow.Net in Lake Balaton

Embark on the perfect holiday in Hungary with the help of our villas on Lake Balaton! As the largest lake in Central Europe, Lake Balaton is - apart from Budapest - the most popular tourist destination in Hungary. This stunning lake offers more than just ideal conditions for water sports: its shore are packed with cultural attractions waiting to be explored. Discover them from our holiday villas on Lake Balaton!

Villas on Lake Balaton Hungary for an active holiday experience

Staying in one of our villas on Lake Balaton will no doubt convince you of the region's charm. The vibrant Kis Balaton (Little Balaton) wetlands are a protected area of many rare plants and animals. A kayaking, canoeing or boat tour here is a wonderful holiday idea. The picturesque Tihany Peninsula is also home to a charming little lake, and the area is perfect for hiking, mountain biking and cycling. Sailing, swimming, water skiing and wakeboarding is also possible, so come and explore the region from our villas on the Balaton Lake!

Villas on Lake Balaton Hungary for a cultural experience

Our villas on the Balaton Lake can serve as the perfect starting point of your cultural vacation. Visit the area's traditional lake-side resorts! The posh town of Siófok is also known as the "summer capital of Hungary", and is very popular with the younger generation. Balatonfüred, on the other hand is one of the area's oldest traditional spa towns. A museum or art gallery is never hard to find in the area either. Discover more from our holiday villas on Lake Balaton!
Nyaralóapartman B5A 7 Persons
1 week 23 until 30 Apr '16 € 483
This holiday home is located in Badacsony, 1km from Lake Balaton. Badacsony, situated on the north shore of the lake, is one of the most popular destinations in Hungary for hikers. The region is also famous for its wines which have a national reputation. The h...
Pink Panther Ap.3 6 Persons
1 week 05 until 12 Dec '15 € 510
The Pink Panther Apartment house is situated on a quiet street just 5 minutes (on foot) from the town center and beach. On the way to the town center you will pass by a few restaurants, a Spar supermarket, a post office and a variety of smaller shops. A very i...
Twin apartments 8 Persons
1 week 01 until 08 Apr '16 € 525
Only 500 meters from the city center, on the upper level of a duplex house, lies this holiday accommodation with separate entrance. It is an excellent place to spend a holiday in Hungary! The apartment has a 350m2 garden which is shared with the guests of the ...
Piknik Apartman 4+4 8 Persons
1 week 29 Nov until 06 Dec '15 € 931
The Hotel welcomes it's guests to the family-oriented environment of Siófok, situated in the 'heart of Balaton'. The hotel and apartments are about 3.5 kilometers from the lake. An enclosed car park ensures the safety of your car. A rich, substantial breakfast...
Holiday village B 4+2 6 Persons
1 week 29 Nov until 06 Dec '15 € 350
The Holiday Village welcomes it's guests to the family-oriented environment of Siófok, situated in the 'heart of Balaton'. The apartments are about 1,2 kilometers from the lake. An enclosed car park ensures the safety of your car. Guests can use the wellness f...
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