Active or cultural, a holiday home in the Dolomites is just ideal

The perfect idea for those who love the mountains, a holiday in the Dolomites will not be a disappointment for anyone. You can completely relax in the Italian Dolomites, take long walks among nature, admire the flora and the fauna of the area, enjoy the lakes to be found here, water sports, hiking, trekking, skiing, snowboarding in winter, all in all, the ideal location for your next active adventure with a holiday home in the Dolomites. Experience the ancient traditions perfectly preserved in the valleys of the Dolomites, the interesting museums, the folk music, the jazz festival, the great food and beautiful cities.

An active holiday in the Dolomites
There's three main areas in the Dolomites, more exactly the South Tyrol area with great traditions, hospitality, sports and nature, as well as great skiing opportunities; then there is also the Trentino area with amazing scenery, and the Veneto. As for actively enjoying your vacation here, there is water sports at the lakes, rivers, swimming pools; there is cycling and mountain biking, there are ferratas and climbing routes, that will offer the most astonishing views, or maybe hiking or Nordic walking is more your thing. Either way, there are plenty of things to do here while enjoying that long awaited family holiday in the Dolomites.

Experience culture
One may think that the Dolomites are all about sports and the outdoors, but you'll be pleasantly surprised to find here plenty of culture as well. Visit museums like The South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology with the famous Oetzi, the ice man, and important mummies; the Messner Mountain Muzeum where you'll find out all there is to know about the mountains, or maybe the Trentino museums, either indoor ones or out in the open ones. The Dolomites are the land of legends and sagas, there is history and tradition everywhere, and it will be particularly interesting to get to meet the Ladin, an ethnic group in northern Italy. All this is accessible to you with a holiday home in the Dolomites so you can be sure that your vacation in Italy will offer both young and old more than just the perfect setting for memorable times.

Delicious food and a wellness break, a holiday park in the Dolomites

A holiday in the Dolomites is what everyone who loves the mountains should be looking for...either you want peace and quiet and to just enjoy nature, or you wish for sporty activities like hiking, cycling, mountain biking, or maybe swimming or rafting in a river or lake, you'll have the best of it with your loved ones with a holiday park in the Dolomites. Explore the nature reserves here, the unique flora and fauna, the ski slopes in the winter time, take your kids fishing on a lake or river, whatever your choice, fun and memorable times are guaranteed.

Food and wine
Any holiday in any area or country is partly completed by the local cuisine. Everywhere you go, you actually get the real taste of the place by experiencing their gastronomy. There's nothing quite like a family holiday in the Dolomites, especially considering that very special moment when you all sit down at the table and enjoy a delicious meal, and a refreshing glass of local wine. This being said, while on holiday in the Dolomites your plate should not miss the famous speck (smoked raw ham), the lucanica (fresh sausage), and some pancetta (Italian bacon). Don't leave before trying the local mushroom dishes as well, and the unique cheeses that are known world-wide. A glass of Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay if you're a fan of white and some Pinot Nero, Merlot or Cabernet if you're more into red wine is also a unique experience.

Treat yourself to a nice wellness time
The Dolomites are actually considered to be one of the most incredible wellness and spa areas in the world, so, go figure, with a holiday park in the Dolomites you can also enjoy some first-class pampering. In the heart of the natural preserve of Adamello Brenta you'll find the thermal baths of Comano, and the "Terme di Valgrande", the highest thermal waters in the world, in the midst of woods and next to beautiful lakes are a miracle for your skin and body. There's also wellness centers, spas and saunas that offer all sorts of treatments like wine baths, fragrant teas with mountain herbs, and a cozy atmosphere. The perfect way to rejuvenate your body and soul.

Apartments in Dolomites

Villas from Bungalow.Net in Dolomites

Your vacation in the mountains begins in a villa in the Dolomites. Here you can practice different mountain sports like mountain climbing, mountain biking, trekking, spelunking and many more. In Vason you can climb Monte Bondone in the summer and in winter you can practice skiing. Rent a vacation villa in the Dolomites if you are planning a winter sport vacation with your friends. In the high tops of the Dolomites there are lots of winter sports you can participate at. Skiing, snowboarding or langlaufing are just a few. If you can’t ski, no problem, you can take courses there and in a very short time you can ski as a professional down the ski slopes. Before heading back to your villa in the Dolomites, enjoy a warm cup of coffee at the stations.

Cultural break in Italy

Your cultural vacation can be easily held in the Dolomites. You cannot only enjoy in the mountains when you are in the Dolomites, but also culture can be admired in the many cities around the mountain range. Visit monuments like the church of Falcade, the Focobon and the Mulaz. In Bressanone you can go visit the Cathedral and the Hofburg and admire here the beautiful architecture. After having admired culture, you can relax at the swimming pool of your villa. Vacation villas in the Dolomites with private swimming pool are recommended especially after an exhausting day in the mountains or in the city.

Vacation at the lakes at a villa in the Dolomites.

From villas in the Dolomites you can enjoy a vacation at the lakes. There are many lakes that border the mountain range and where you are sure to spend a lovely time. Have some fun and go swimming, sailing or snorkeling. You won’t be bored a single moment when you are in the Dolomites. For your vacation in the nature you can rent a vacation villa in the Dolomites from where you can go make nice walks in the area of the villa and in the forests around the mountain range. You can do this walking, on a bicycle or on a horse and go explore the area. Study the plants and the colorful flowers. Take a look at the different animal species that live in the area. Your nature vacation can be spent in a villa in the Dolomites.

Leonhard 8 Persons
1 week 19 until 26 Dec '15 € 1666
This accommodation is situated at an altitude of about 1000 meters, in the village of St. Andrä, between the famous city of Brixen / Bressanone (560 meters) and Plose Mountain (2445 m), in the region of South Tyrol, Italy. The house was built in typical rural ...
Chalet 4 Persons
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This accommodation is situated in the heart of the Dolomites, at the foot of the Brenta mountain range, in Dimaro. This stunning environment, between the famous ski and mountain villages of Madonna di Campiglio, Folgarida and Marilleva, make this a unique loca...
Caviola Bilo 2 2 Persons
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1 week 30 Nov until 07 Dec '15 € 1076
This family-run house, consisting of 5 apartments spread over 3 floors, is located just 1.5 km from the center of Arabba (less than a 5 minute's drive), right next to the Pordoi Pass, in a quiet area with a magnificent view. Furthermore, it is important to not...
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Imagine a magical pine cone rising up from the forest undergrowth: this is how our Residence in Tesero in Val di Fiemme looks, surrounded by the precious flower garden of Trentino. In order to renew your surprise, every season we wear a new cloak: in 2011 we g...
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