Holidays in Italy

Holidays in Italy mean 100% enjoyment whether vacationing with family, friends or just the two of you. A beach holiday or cultural holiday are a much loved type of holiday for many. This is not without reason, as the long coastline offers sandy beaches and an azure blue sea, perfect for sunbathing or building sand castles with the children then cooling off with a quick dip in the water. A holiday in Italy at the Italian lakes like Lake Como or Lake Idro is another great example of a beach and sun holiday, where numerous small beaches and refreshing lake water alternate with picturesque villages along the shores. Try a holiday home at Lake Trasimeno and swimming, sailing, surfing and diving will make your water sports holiday in Italy complete.

Breathe in the cultural atmosphere when on holiday in Italy
The atmospheric holiday homes in Italy are the ideal starting point for a versatile cultural holiday in Italy. The rich history of the country ensures that your holiday in Italy can be packed with cultural excursions, and a great way to do this is with a city trip in Italy. Historic cities like Rome, Naples, Palermo and Florence are perfect examples. With a holiday home in Tuscany you can also breathe in the authentic atmosphere of the region with its numerous borgos, vineyards and quaint little villages and towns. Admire the old churches and towers and allow yourself to be transported back in time while strolling among the old town squares. Various Roman archeological sites also make for a perfect day out. Of course part of the Italian culture is its fantastic cuisine, with world famous pizzas, pastas, salads and delicious meat and fish dishes. Do not forget the equally famous wines and wonderful Italian ice creams. Close the day at a cosy restaurant or trattoria during your holiday in Italy.

Active holidays in Italy for everyone
Hiking and biking in the mountains or enjoying water sports on lakes like Lake Garda with infinite possibilities for windsurfing, sailing, water-skiing, jet-skiing snorkeling, there are plenty of opportunities for a fantastic active holiday in Italy for both young and old. Explore the area on foot, by bike or on horseback, you will no doubt enjoy the splendid nature and stunning scenery. Climb the mountains of the Dolomites or even Mount Etna. Walking along the beaches and enjoying the great views is another way to spend your holiday on an island or near the sea with a holiday home in Sicily. You'll find possibilities for an active beach holiday everywhere with opportunities for paddling and swimming, but there are numerous other activities to choose from when you opt for an active holiday in Italy.

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Beach fun, cultural cities, great times with a holiday park in Italy

Bungalow.Net's holiday parks in Italy are situated in easily accessible locations so you won't miss a thing while on vacation in Italy. Replete with facilities like swimming pools, tennis courts, restaurants, children's playgrounds, secure parking and more, you'll enjoy a relaxing holiday in Italy. The country is versatile, the hospitality of the people here will make you feel cozy and relaxed, the magnificent scenery and the delicious Italian food are just unique! For example, enjoy culture in historic Florence, the capital of Tuscany. Here you can visit sites like Pitti Palace and the medieval Ponte Vecchio, or hang out with tourists and locals alike on the Piazza della Signolia. Savor the nature in this country as well, with activities like hiking, biking and mountain biking, or you can take the kids to Zoo Safari in Puglia or simply admire nature at the Val Grande National Park, situated not far from Milan. And of course you can pursue a full array of water sports at places like Lake Maggiore.

Holiday parks in Italy for an active family holiday
Italy may be for lovers but the country has numerous attractions for families as well. A family holiday in Italy means one of a kind activities like picnicking on the grassy field of the Piazza dei Miracoli while enjoying a fantastic view of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and riding the thrilling roller coasters of Gardaland, Italy's largest amusement park. The coast of Italy will have you enjoying a morning of building sandcastles on the beaches of Rimini or a visit to the nearby aqua park for an afternoon of splashing fun. If you like old castles, there are countless medieval fortresses like Fénis Castle (in Fénis) and the Doge's Palace in Venice, complete with medieval weapons collection that are ready to take you back in past ages. And don't forget about all those outdoor activities, like rafting and kayaking near Torino, in Piedmont.

Holiday parks in Italy for Venice culture and more
If it's Italian culture you're after, then let our holiday parks in Italy provide you with comfortable and affordable accommodation, complete with restaurants, swimming pools and children's playgrounds. There are just so many wonderful cities to visit, that have something amazing to display. Venice is one tourist destination you won't want to miss. It's a great place to spend an entire day or even an entire week, gliding along the canals or visiting interesting historic sites. 7 km away lies the village of Burano, which is famous for its colorfully-painted houses and a tradition in lace making that dates back to the 16th century. You can visit the lace museum of Consorzio Merletti di Burano or purchase some hand-made lace as a wonderful reminder of your vacation on the Venetian lagoon. And while in the Venice region, be sure to take advantage of the Lido, an 11-km-long strip of sandy beaches running from Chioggia to Jesolo. It's a great place for a holiday in Italy. The country is full of culture and fun at the same time.

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Types of houses

    Holiday homes Italy

    Holiday homes Italy

    Holiday homes in Italy are the ideal destination for a family holiday in the sun plus you will find them in the nicest spots of the country: close to the sea, on the waterfront of the Italian lakes or among the most beautiful natural scenery. You can enjoy a luxurious holiday with private swimming pool in Italy, or choose a cosy holiday home in a historic residence which exudes an authentic Italian atmosphere. For a holiday with the dog, Italy is also a great choice and you can book a pet-friendly holiday home where the dog can run freely in the garden and can come along on day trips. Holiday homes in Italy among nature await you for a relaxing holiday, daydreaming or enjoying a good book under an umbrella. A holiday home with barbecue ensures a delicious ending to the day.

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    Apartments Italy

    Apartments Italy

    A cultural holiday or city trip in Italy starts with an apartment in the city, where within just a few steps you will find yourself in the lively heart of the beautiful old city with its numerous tourist sights and shops. It's the ideal destination for culture lovers. It's also easy to find an apartment in Italy near the sea or in a cosy residence with swimming pool. Admire breathtaking views of the water while enjoying breakfast on your balcony. At the residence kids can make new friends at the swimming pool or on the playground. Apartments in Italy are versatile and suitable for couples, families with children or groups of friends alike. Everyone is sure to enjoy a holiday in Italy. You will find the apartments in Italy in the nicest spots so you can enjoy splendid views and be close to all the sights and activities. (Max 850-900 characters)

    Villas from Italy

    Villas from Italy

    Your luxurious holiday starts by renting a villa in Italy. Choose one with private pool or at the waterfront, you'll definitely enjoy your relaxing holiday with all the comforts. Have you always dreamed of the golden hills, lined with cypresses? This is your chance to sleep and relax in this perfect scene. Our villas in Italy are a much loved holiday destination for families and friends, especially with swimming pool and barbecue which ensure an extra cosy stay. Yet you can easily indulge in the cultural richness of Italy right from your doorstep. They are located in the best spots, near the most beautiful sights. Would you like to spend your holiday with your dog? Then the the large garden is ideal. There is plenty of space and you can enjoy day trips together or take long walks in the beautiful surrounding countryside. Do take a look at our villas in Italy for a luxurious holiday.

    Group accommodations Italy

    Group accommodations Italy

    Go on holiday with the entire family or with a group of friends with a group house in Italy. You will definitely enjoy the warm climate, the beautiful surroundings and the rich culture. With a group accommodation with swimming pool in Italy you can enjoy a relaxing holiday with all the privacy you need. Go for a swim, sunbathe or play games in the garden. At night you can fire up the barbecue and savor a delicious meal together accompanied by a glass of Italian wine, the perfect way to end the day. The spacious group houses in Italy offer comfortable bedrooms, luxurious bathrooms and enough privacy to suit everyone. The spacious kitchens and living rooms allow you to spend quality time together. Group accommodations in Italy are ideal destinations for every group. Discover the surroundings on foot or by car but don't forget to visit a castle or vineyard in the area.

    Holiday parks Italy

    Holiday parks Italy

    Holiday parks in Italy, often with swimming pools, tennis courts and animation, provide the perfect family holiday and are an ideal destination for you and your family. While you relax on the terrace of your holiday home in a bungalow park in Italy, your children can make new friends, play on the playground, enjoy the organized activities of the animation team or jump in and out of the swimming pool. There are often hiking excursions or guided tours organized around the park. In the area around the holiday parks in Italy there is always plenty to see and do. Visiting a zoo or a theme park, exploring the natural surroundings or the country's culture in quaint old towns or at an archeological site, also makes for a great day out. As you can see, there is always plenty to do in and around the holiday parks in Italy.

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Practical Information


For travel to and within Italy you will need the following documents:

  • A valid passport or ID card. From the 12th of June 2012 onwards children will also need their own identification. A drivers license is not valid identification although you will need to bring it when taking your car to Italy or hiring one locally. Don't forget to bring your car insurance documents.

Driving a car:

  • Speed limits:
    Within the city limits: 50km/h
    Outside the city limits: 90km/h
    Motorway: 110km/h, - In rain: 90km/h
    Highways 130km/h, - In rain: 90km/h

  • In Italy you need to pay a toll on most highways. This is calculated according to the travelled distance. If you want to avoid queues at the tollbooths you can buy a card (Punto Blu) at each toll station (in a special office).

  • In Italy you are allowed to drive after drinking 2 beers or 1 glass of wine. The legal limit is 0.5‰. For beginning drivers (with a drivers license less than 3 years old) there is 0 tolerance.

  • You must have a red warning triangle and fluorescent vests in your car.

  • Pay attention when turning as it's possible that you are being overtaken. The person overtaking you has the right of way.

  • Note that most drivers drive fast in Italy and many will overtake you.

  • In winter you must have snow tires or non-skid chains in certain areas or on certain roads, where there is an additional risk in case of snowfall. This is indicated by a sign next to the road.

General Information

  • Surface area: 301,318 km²

  • Number of inhabitants: ca 58.1 million (2009)

  • Capitale: Rome

  • Form of Government: Republic

  • Language: Italian

  • Currency: Euro


  • The currency of Italy is the Euro. The coins are 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 Euro cents and 1 and 2 Euro. Bank notes come in 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 Euro.

Food and Drink 

  • Various pasta dishes (Bucatini all’amatriciana, ravioli, lasagne)

  • Pizza from a stone oven

  • Different antipasti dishes (caponata, bruschetta, arancini di riso )

  • Pesce Spada (swordfish), scaloppini, spiedini misti

  • Brunello (red wine from Tuscany), Prosecco (white sparkling wine from Veneto)

  • Limoncello (Italian alcoholic beverage made from lemons)

  • Various sorts of cheeses (pecorino, parmesan, mozzarella)

  • Cannolo siciliano (fried hollow role of biscuit filled with sweet ricotta), tiramisu, panna cotta, panettone

  • Gelati, Italian ice cream. Look for the sign “produzione propria” (hand made), sorbetto, semifreddo.


If you want to bring your pet with you on your holiday to Italy, you need to be mindful of the following:

  • Each pet needs to have a European Pet Passport with the valid vaccinations listed.

  • Pets need to have identification by means of a chip.

  • Pets need to be vaccinated against the following diseases (at least):
    - Dogs: rabies
    - Cats: feline enteritis and toxoplasmosis

  • Make sure your pet is wormed before you travel.

  • Contact your vet in time to arrange for vaccinations and a passport.

  • Take care that your dog is always on a leash in public and that you carry a muzzle, especially if you have a larger dog. The dog doesn't always need to wear it, but you need to be able to show it upon request.

  • Dogs under 3 months of age are not allowed to be brought to Italy.

  • There are certain conditions regarding the transport of pets. If you are bringing more than 1 dog, you need to have them in the back behind a special screen.

Conversation basics

When you go on holiday abroad it almost always means you will encounter a different language. Therefore we’d like to introduce you to the conversation basics. It’s always appreciated if you know a few words in the foreign language.

Good morning - Buongiorno (bwon dzjorno, spreek de w heel zachtjes uit)
Good evening – Buona sera (bwonna seera)
Hello – Ciao (tjau)
Good day! - Salve! Salvee
Goodbye - Arrivederci (Arrievedertsjie)
Please (when giving) – Prego (prago)
Thank you - Grazie (graatzië)
Sorry - Scusi (skoesie)
How are you doing? - Come sta?(komee sta)
What is your name? - Come si chiama? – (Komee sie kjama)
See you later! - A più tardi – (A pjoe tardie)

Supermarket - Supermercato (soupermerkatoe)
Bakery - Panificio (paaneefeetsjeeo)
Butcher - Salumiere (saloomièrè)
Restaurant - Ristorante (riestorante)
Pharmacy -Farmacia (farmatsjia)
Hospital - Ospedale (ospedale)
Doctor - Dottore (dottore)
Dentist - Dentista (denteesta)
Swimming pool - Piscina (peace tjeena)
Beach - Spiaggia (speejaadja)

One - Uno (uno)
Two - Due (doue)
Three - Tre (trè)
Four - Quattro (kwattroo)
Five – Cinque (tsjinkwè)
Six - Sei (sei)
Seven - Sette (sette)
Eight - Otto (otto)
Nine - Nove (nowe)
Ten - Dieci (dee-etsjee)

Cultural habits

When in Rome…
When in Italy you will experience a different culture. The culture of a country is not only defined by its architecture, clothing and language, but also by the manner of being which can be quite different from what you're used to. Besides the language, body language is also very important. We hope to give you a better insight into the Italian habits and customs with the following information:

  • It's customary in Italy to have a siesta in the afternoon. Beware that in most cities, and especially in villages, the shops are closed between 13:00 and 16:00. During these hours people rest at home or they eat with family. Loud noises are not greatly appreciated during these hours.

  • When visiting a church your shoulders need to be covered and your pants or skirt should be below the knee.

  • For service in restaurants etc. it's customary to tip the waiter if you are satisfied. The usual tip is 10%. In Italy there is also an amount added to the bill for cutlery, napkins and bread (this is called coperto), usually a few euro per person. This is not a tip for the service.

  • Ordering drinks at the bar like a cappuccino, coffee, aperitif or ice cream is usually cheaper than on the terrace.

  • Italians are proud of their country, culture, sportsmen and famous / important persons. Italian hospitality is widely known. Italians will do anything to ensure that guests are satisfied. Not everyone may speak English or German, but they will try to help. If there is something wrong with the holiday home, we advise you to tell the owner about it carefully and calmly. Keep in mind that the owner is proud of his house and has done his best to make it look as nice as possible.

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