Quality time with loved ones with a holiday home at Lake Idro

Bungalow.Net's holiday homes at Lake Idro are waiting for you with wonderful beaches and plenty of warm sunshine. The clear blue lake provides hours of fun in the water, swimming, fishing, canoeing, sailing and surfing, so you will not have time to be bored during your stay here. When you feel like you can take a break from the water, go hiking in the mountains around the lake or drive your car around the lake and soak up the culture of the quaint little villages from your holiday home at Lake Idro. Or maybe you want to make a day trip to Arena di Verona or Venice. Whatever your interests, you'll have a great time fulfilling them at Lake Idro.

A family holiday at Lake Idro
Spending your leisure time with loved ones is a rewarding experience, and spending this time at Lake Idro will make it even more special. The beautiful surroundings and the delicious local cuisine, the water sports to be enjoyed and the splashing around in the pleasant waters of the lake makes for a complete and joyful holiday at Lake Idro. You can even rent bikes and explore the surrounding mountains or just walk around and enjoy the magnificent view. If you decide to take your pet with you as well, which you totally can, the family vacation at Lake Idro will be even more fun. A hike in the surroundings or a trekking tour with a horse are definitely things you want to try.

Water sports at Lake Idro
Enjoy a lovely holiday in the Italian sun; fill your days with activity on and around the lake during your stay at Lake Idro. You can go directly from the door of your accommodation with swimming pool to the beach. Find a nice spot for sunbathing while the children play in the water. Swimming, canoeing and floating on an air mattress - a wonderful way to spend your holiday at Lake Idro. For active water sports enthusiasts there are excellent opportunities for sailing and surfing in the clear blue waters of the lake. There's even a surf school to be found here for those of you that wish to master the lake's water with a board. You can also practice recreational fishing here, you'll find bass, pike, chub, eels, and bleak. In the evening just sit on the lake's shore and enjoy the beautiful landscape, and a gorgeous sunset with the loved ones in your life.

Lake Idro holiday parks, nature meets perfection during your holiday

Lake Idro is about 11 km long and is situated west from Lake Garda, being a perfect location for those wishing to enjoy a nice relaxing time, water sports or outdoor activities. During the high season this is a very popular location for tourists that come here to practice these various water sports and enjoy the entertainment activities, and in the low season the peace and quiet that are to be enjoyed here are just perfect for a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A holiday at Lake Idro is perfect for families and people of all ages. Playing on the beach with your kids, or maybe just laying in the sun and bathing in the beautiful water of this lake is a great experience, due to the temperature of the water that is quite warm, and the mild climate in general. You can take a refreshing dip in the morning from your holiday park at Lake Idro or maybe cool off during the hot hours, whatever is most enjoyable to you. The water is also very clean, so all in all you'll live a wonderful experience at Lake Idro.

An active time at Lake Idro
There is never a dull moment when spending a holiday at Lake Idro, there's many different activities for people of all ages so all you have left to do is pick and choose and tailor your vacation the way you imagined it. There's surfing if you're a fan, and even a surfing school if you're a novice; there's day trips to cities like Verona or Venice; there's mountain biking, and hiking and trekking, motorbiking or just nice relaxing walks in the beautiful surroundings. The Chiese river runs through the lake and thus the lake is constantly provided with fresh water. If you want to test your bravery limits, you can even canoe on this river. For those into fishing, they can book a holiday park at Lake Idro and "chase" after the famous pesce persico here. History enthusiasts will appreciate Rocca d’Anfo, constructed between 1450 and 1490. No matter the season, this Italian lake has got the perfect setting for a good time.

Enjoy the Italian cuisine
A family holiday at Lake Idro can be a real treat in itself, and if you add to it the delicious cuisine of the area, you got yourself the great setting of fun and relaxation with loved ones, and a nice walk down the "memory lane" while enjoying an Italian dinner. Here gastronomy changes with the seasons and the main flavors that build up the character of the Italian cuisine at Lake Idro are mushrooms and game in the autumn, grilled chicken and mixed meats in the summer. There's also typical mountain dishes, perch and different types of trout. The cheeses are excellent as well and you simply must try Bagòss and one of the varieties of goat cheeses. They say that "there is no place like home", yet after spending a holiday in this area, you're bound to say "there's just no place like Lake Idro".

Apartments in Lake Idro

Apartments by Lake Idro offer a magnificent view of the azure blue water and green mountains. But the apartments by Lake Idro are just steps away from the beach and the water. You are sure to enjoy a stay in an apartment in Tre Capitelli or an apartment in  Crone, near the historic center of the village. Lake Idro offers a holiday on the water in the warm Italian sun for the whole family. Come to Lake Idro and be surprised.

A wonderful holiday at the apartments at Lake Idro

The cozy apartments by Lake Idro ensure a memorable holiday. Enjoy breakfast on the terrace or balcony overlooking the lake. The apartments at Lake Idro can accommodate 2 to 8 people and are fully equipped. Enjoy your dream holiday in an apartment by Lake Idro, the water and the rich culture and hospitality in the villages around the lake. Enjoy the sun at the beach and take occasionally a dip in the water. Spend an afternoon exploring the lake by a pedal boat and an evening strolling along the shore enjoying an Italian ice cream. Book one of Bungalow.Net's apartments by Lake Idro for a truly relaxing holiday.

Active holiday by the water in Italy

The apartments at a holiday park by Lake Idro provide lots of fun with the facilities like swimming pool, tennis courts and entertainment for an active holiday by Lake Idro. Of course you can be on the beach in a short time where you can pursue one of the water sports. You can also enjoy canoeing or pedal boating, swimming, snorkeling or diving or do you opt for sailing, surfing or fishing? It's all possible on Lake Idro. Nevertheless, you can spend an active holiday on the dry land as well. Hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding in the mountains are a wonderful way to spend your holiday in an apartment by Lake Idro.
Flavia Panoramica 4 Persons
1 week 09 until 16 Jul '16 € 560
This apartment is part of a beautiful bungalow park that borders Lake Idro. The complex has Dutch management and is ideal for family holidays. The accommodations of the park are suitable for 4 to 6 persons. Facilities include a cozy restaurant, pizzeria, mini-...
Vico Master 6 Persons
1 week 02 until 09 Jan '16 € 399
This apartment is located in a beautiful park, right beside wonderful Lake Idro. The complex consists of 22 comfortable and modern apartments, surrounded by a park. Guests have access to a beautiful (heated) pool with Jacuzzi and separate children's area. Gard...
Casa Flora 6 Persons
1 week 28 Nov until 05 Dec '15 € 339
This apartment is located in the village of Crone, on Lake Idro. The building where the apartment is located has a total of four apartments. From your apartment you have a view of Lake Idro and the surrounding mountains. The main square of Crone is accessible ...
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