A holiday home in Liguria, a little part of paradise just for you

One may wonder how right people are when they recommend a place to go on holiday to, especially when using the classic phrase of "you'll fall in love with the place". In Liguria's case, this actually applies, as a holiday in Liguria will leave you speechless. There are plenty of things to steal your love and admiration here, starting from the walking paths under the olive trees in the beautiful Cinque Terre, to the hiking at Monte di Portofino, boat rides along the coast of the Cinque Terre, the renowned five villages with their splendid setting on the coast, historical Genoa, and numerous others. Enjoy a wonderful time in a holiday home in Liguria, an accommodation located on the coast is reason alone to be in love with this amazing region of Italy. The mild climate will allow you to enjoy the beach, sandy or pebbly, the beaches here are great for a family holiday in Liguria, as well as the lovely chilly waters.

The dreamy Italian Riviera
Over 320 kilometers of coastline, from from Ventimiglia past the Cinque Terre, the beaches in Liguria are best explored by combining them with one of the wine regions in the area. Take the beach at Balzi Rossi for example, with the great azurian sea here, it's just perfect for snorkeling, while Loano is ideal for relaxing and just enjoying the sea and the white sand, Bergeggi is a great hit among the younger crowds, especially those into diving. Spend wonderful days, not only on the beach but exploring the nature and culture of Liguria as well relaxing at your holiday home in Liguria. Visit natural parks where you can enjoy the exotic flora and fauna. Enjoy walks or bicycle tours on the landscaped walking and biking trails. Rest on the benches under the shade of the trees and take in the beautiful scenery.

A rich cultural heritage
During your holiday in Liguria you can also admire important, famous sights that will most certainly impress you. Visit the various museums and galleries where you will see the prehistory on display. Go shopping for souvenirs in the town centers and enjoy the delicious food as well. And speaking of delicious food, definitely do not miss the precursor of fast food, meaning the famous Focaccia with different toppings. While in Genoa, the pesto Genovese will make you never want to leave the place as they say. As for culture, here in Genoa you won't lack the opportunity to indulge in it, the historical buildings in this city, the Palazzo Ducale, the Palazzi dei Rolli capture anyone's interest and admiration. And if you're into some medieval culture, visit Triora, the town of witches, known for the 1588 trial that convicted a group of women of being guilty of witchcraft. On a more cheerful and inspiring note, the Gulf of the Poets (La Spezia) is also worth seeing, a little corner of paradise where famous poets, artists and writers lived and created some great memorable works. Whatever your interests, Liguria is a place you'll enjoy and be in love with, so book your next vacation here with confidence!
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