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Tuscany's neighbour, Umbria is a beautiful natural oasis, the "green heart" of Italy, a region that is much praised by all its visitors. It has quaint little towns like Perugia, Assisi, Orvieto, Norcia, etc. that are relatively close to each other and thus they are easily explored. A holiday in Umbria means reconnecting with nature, in a perfect setting of olive groves, cypress forests, vineyards and a friendly atmosphere. Umbria is also a region of art, culture, wine, architecture and of course, the specific Italian gastronomy. There's the truffles, ham and cheeses in Nurcia, then the domo in Orvieto, the Basilica di San Francesco in Assisi which contains frescoes by Giotto and many others. A holiday home in Umbria sets you in the middle of all the art and culture and has you experiencing Umbria in the most complete and comfortable way possible.

Umbria's capital, Perugia
Umbria is "the most beautiful garden in all the world" as Henry James used to say, it's the place where many famous and influential people were born and raised, like St. Francis who had a great influence on spirituality, Raphael who started his school here and others. Add to this the astonishing surrounding landscape, lush forests that shade river valleys, quaint towns that form hidden treasures of the region, just waiting to be discovered during a family holiday in Umbria. The area's capital is Perugia, dominated by a big fortress, the Rocca Paolina, the largest in Italy actually, dating from the 16th century. The Fontana Maggiore in the city center is also worth seeing, as well as La Galleria Nazionale dell'Umbria art museum, the church of Sant'Angelo, the monastery of Sant'Agnese.

Experience nature in Umbria
The natural excellence of Umbria is what defines the character of the place, the mountains, the lakes, the forests, the nature reserves and parks, they're all striking points of an amazing holiday in Umbria. In the heart of Umbria, not far from Assisi, there's the Franciscan Baths Spello, a place where you can get spoiled and enjoy nature at the same time. The Frontone Gardens in Perugia, the first public park in the city, are easily accessible from a holiday home in Umbria, and if you're into horse riding, the Calledro Horse Riding Center around Narni is the place for you. Experience this beautiful region of Italy and enjoy everything it has to offer in a perfect vacation with loved ones.

A perfect family outing with a holiday park in Umbria

An especially verdant region of Italy, Umbria is among nature's best representatives in the country, with rolling hills and high mountains, lush forests and beautiful rivers and valleys. A great producer of wine, tobacco, olives and wheat, Umbria seems to take its visitors a step back in the past, in medieval times, displaying its quaint towns with an unchanged beauty over the years. Towns like Assisi with the Basilica of Saint Francis that is one of the most important Renaissance churches, or the medieval city of Gubbio with the majestic Apennines rising behind it and the picturesque houses here completely portray the historical and cultural feel of the region. Take a trip to Lake Trasimeno nearby from your holiday park in Umbria and enjoy a day of swimming, sailing with your loved ones.

Wine and gastronomy in Umbria
A holiday in Umbria will be a fabulous journey into an immerse tradition of wines and food. Discover the regional specialties in a wine tasting tour or a food itinerary and life will just never taste the same. The best dish for those who love meat for example would be a choice of pork, and as a culinary hub in Umbria, the town of Norcia is definitely on top of the list, with the various types of hams, sausages, salami and the unsalted bread specific to the region. The strong cheeses of the area go perfect with a glass of wine, like the Assisi Grechetto and Sagrantino di Montefalco, to be enjoyed with loved ones on the terrace of a holiday park in Umbria. A dinner at a restaurant will be an experience to remember with a pasta dish with black truffles, but the white truffles in the Tiberina Valley, Orvieto and Gubbio area are also a delicacy. Experience the taste of Umbria in a skillfully prepared specific dish.

An active holiday
Nature is what defines the region of Umbria, so a holiday in Umbria will not lack any outdoor activities. Tour the Bike Park Calledro in Narni, with pats that seem to be specifically designed for a family holiday in Umbria, and paths that will impress the more advanced bikers as well. You can take a tour around the nature reserve, also there are cross country and downhill trails for some extra adrenaline. If you take the Valnerina road from Terni you'll get to the Marmore Waterfalls, which is just something you have to see for yourself to believe it's real. A must must see while in Umbria. The Parco Avventura Activo Park in Scheggino is an ideal place for those who love nature, hiking and wish to admire the local flora and fauna. It is the biggest one of this kind in Italy. Pack your bags and face adventure in Umbria.

Apartments in Umbria

The only region in Italy that does not border water is Umbria. You can discover this region from an apartment in Umbria. Go out from an apartment in Umbria and enjoy the beautiful views of the green hills and the many vineyards and olive groves. From an apartment in Umbria you can visit the many agricultural industries like sugar plantations, wheat and tobacco. Enjoy also the nice views of the mountain tops from the Apennines from an apartment in Umbria. With a mild Mediterranean climate, green hills and rich in history, you can be assured that you will enjoy a relaxed vacation from an apartment in Umbria.
Bilocale tipo 14 4 Persons
1 week 30 Nov until 07 Dec '15 € 651
This apartment is located in Umbria, in a farmhouse which dates from the year 1600. The building, which was recently renovated, consists of an eco-farm, Bed & Breakfast rooms, several dwellings and a restaurant (where you can order meals). The farm is situated...
Tommaso 1 Sopra 4 Persons
1 week 30 Nov until 07 Dec '15 € 651
This apartment is located in a house situated on the outskirts of Tuoro sul Trasimeno. The house consists of three floors and has been divided into several newly built apartments. As you enter through a large door you come to a marble staircase which leads you...
IL Custode 3 Persons
1 week 05 until 12 Dec '15 € 297
This typical rural farmhouse is located in the town of Umbertide which is part of the countryside that lies between Umbria and Tuscany. The estate, which is also a working farm, spreads across an area of approximately 50 hectares which consists mostly of viney...
Country House Ulivi 4 Persons
1 week 08 until 15 Dec '15 € 665
This apartment is located in a historic building dating from the year 1200. It lies amidst the green hills of Umbria, between the towns of Perugia and Assisi. The house, which has been completely renovated, consists of 5 apartments and is surrounded by a beaut...
Bungalow Il Lauro 3 Persons
1 week 05 until 12 Dec '15 € 669
In the green heart of Italy, surrounded by lakes, mountains and castles ....... Valleprata Holiday Homes offer the ideal hospitality for those who would like to exchange the chaos and intrusiveness of the city for the quiet pleasure of a small untouched world....
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