Holiday homes in Veneto

Book a holiday home in Veneto and enjoy in the most prosperous region of Italy. This region located in the northeast of Italy, close to the Dolomites where you are guaranteed to experience an adventurous holiday in the mountains. From the holiday homes in Veneto you can go walking, mountain biking, mountain climbing or hang gliding in the mountains. Enjoy the mountainous landscape and the breathtaking views that you have from the balcony of a holiday home in Veneto during your holiday among nature. From this point you can take the nicest photos and if you have decided to go mountain climbing you can explore the wildlife around you during your trip to the top from holiday homes in Italy.

A beach holiday at a holiday home in Veneto

From holiday homes in Veneto you can visit Lake Garda and practice different water sports during your water sport vacation. Practice sports like sailing, windsurfing, boat sailing or kayaking during a holiday home in Veneto. If you are spending a beach holiday you can lodge in a holiday home at the water. You can spend your day at azure blue beaches of the Adriatic Sea and the white sandy beaches enjoying under the warm sun. The suitable climate of this region makes it possible that you can spend wonderful days at the beach enjoying under the warm sun or taking a refreshing dive in the water using holiday homes in Veneto as starting point for your holiday at the beach.

Culture or nature in Italy

If you prefer to have a cultural holiday or a holiday among nature then this is also possible from a holiday home in Veneto. Book your holiday home in the city and admire the cultural aspects of Veneto. Visit the oldest monuments, churches, palaces and castles. Learn more about the history of the region in a museum or gallery. You are sure to see a lot during your cultural holiday in Veneto. Otherwise holiday homes among nature in Veneto gives you the possibility to enjoy among nature by making beautiful walks or by exploring the area by bike, breathe in the fresh air and admire the beautiful flora and fauna. The holiday homes in Veneto are thus ideal for your holiday among nature.

Holiday parks in Veneto

Enjoy with your family of an unforgettable holiday at a holiday park in Veneto. You don’t have to leave the park if you don't want to go out. You can participate at different activities that are organized on the park. On the holiday parks with swimming pool in Veneto you can participate at sports like tennis or golf, some fitness or swimming in the swimming pools. For the children there are special children pools and also an animation team with whom they can have some fun. Use the internet connection on the holiday park in Veneto to stay in contact with your family and friends. At night you can enjoy a delicious meal in the restaurant or enjoy at the bar. The holiday parks in Veneto are ideal for your family holiday.

Culinary holiday in Italy, the country of pizza and pasta

For a culinary experience you can stay on the holiday parks in Veneto. Taste the most delicious meals of the Venetian kitchen during your stay where you can visit local restaurant and eat meals like Radicchio, Polenta, Carpaccio and Tiramisu. You will surely enjoy a delicious meal served in the restaurant of the holiday park in Veneto. During your cultural holiday in Veneto you can also attend the local events. From the holiday parks in Veneto you can for instance visit the carnival of Venice, La Sensa or Vendemmia. You will have a great time during your cultural holiday when you attend these events. A holiday park in Veneto is thus recommended.

Adventure among nature from holiday parks in Veneto

On a holiday park in Veneto you can enjoy an adventurous holiday among nature. Take the funicular from Malcesine to the top of Monte Baldo. From the top you can enjoy the nice views over the area. Take here the nicest pictures as a memory from your trip to this place. From the holiday parks with bicycle rental in Veneto you can explore the forests in the neighborhood. Rent some bikes at the reception and with the children you can go biking in the woods. Look which animals and plants you can discover and enjoy a delicious picnic under the shadow of the trees. You will enjoy an unforgettable holiday when you stay on a holiday park among nature in Veneto.

Apartments in Veneto

From an apartment in Veneto you can spend a memorable culture holiday. Get to know the artwork of artists like Andrea Palladio. Admire his work like different villas in Vicenza and Padua, the basilica of Saint George or the church of the savior. You can also visit museums and galleries where you can admire beautiful paintings, of course from apartments in Veneto. You can also make an interesting city tour during your cultural holiday in Veneto. From the booked apartment in the city you can visit cities like Venice, Padua or Verona. Here you can enjoy the many beautiful cultural main sights that appear on the world heritage list of UNESCO. In the apartments in Veneto you are guaranteed to enjoy a cultural holiday.

Swimming at the beaches of Veneto from an apartment in Veneto

Change your cultural holiday with a visit to the beaches from apartments in Veneto. Spend the day at the beach Jesolo where you can enjoy a swim, some snorkeling, surfing or diving or sunbathe on your beach chair. It is also possible that the apartment in Veneto lies on walking distance from the beach. You will surely enjoy your beach holiday in Veneto. After a day at the beach you can relax in the garden of the apartment complex in Veneto enjoying a delicious Tiramisu. Close the day enjoying in the beautiful garden, sitting back in the garden chairs, reading a relaxing book, talk a little or prepare a meal on the barbecue. The apartments in Veneto are ideal for some relaxing.

Your relaxing holiday in Italy

Veneto is the ideal place to come enjoy a relaxing holiday and you can do this from apartments in Veneto. If you want to escape the stress of the daily life for a couple of days you can come relax completely at the thermal baths at Abano Terme. Here you can undergo special treatments that will take away all the stress. You will return home like a newborn after your relaxing holiday spent in an apartment in Veneto. In the nature you can also relax and you can do this during your holiday among nature in apartments in Veneto. Make beautiful relaxing walks in the forests, rest under the shadow of the trees while listening to the beautiful birds singing, using an apartment in Veneto as starting point.

Villas from Bungalow.Net in Veneto

A villa in Veneto located at the beach is suitable to spend a fun vacation with the family. From a villa in Veneto you can have a great time at the sandy beaches and azure blue waters. Lye at ease on one of the many beach chairs on the beach, while your children are building a sandcastle. A visit to the city is also worth a trip. Admire the beautiful and often bizarre statues and churches that the city is rich for. Take nice pictures with which you can make a nice scrapbook when you get back home. A villa in Veneto with its own private pool is also a must. Enjoy of your privacy at the pool, where the children can also play and swim safely. Prepare your own dinner or walk to the closest pizzeria, where you can savor a delicious pizza.
Rosmari studio 01 4 Persons
1 week 02 until 09 Apr '16 € 261
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Caviola Bilo 2 2 Persons
1 week 28 Nov until 05 Dec '15 € 360
Caviola is a gorgeous fabulous village in winter too covered by snow in 2 500 m elevatin above sea-level. "FALCADE" There is arrange for you 27 funicular with 100 km downhill courses around, on which is plenty of mountain chalet. You have there an opportunity ...
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1 week 19 until 26 Mar '16 € 491
The island of Albarella, connected by a bridge to the mainland, is located in the Po Delta Park, between Chioggia (30 km) and Comacchio (45 km) in the municipality of Rosolina in the province of Rovigo. With its length of 5 km, Albarella is a private island wh...
Appartamento N. 7 7 Persons
1 week 25 Nov until 02 Dec '15 € 996
This family-run house, consisting of 5 apartments spread over 3 floors, is located just 1.5 km from the center of Arabba (less than a 5 minute's drive), right next to the Pordoi Pass, in a quiet area with a magnificent view. Furthermore, it is important to not...
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