Last minute holiday homes Texel, Netherlands

Looking for a destination for a last minute holiday? Why not try the island of Texel, in the Netherlands? Actually, it's rather hard to come up with a reason why not to go there, but there are surely many things that can be counted in as reasons to do visit this Dutch island. First thing first, you should know what to expect in matters of landscapes and climate when considering renting a last minute holiday home in Texel: to this effect, the landscape will present you with dunes and beaches, as well as with flatland and hills, and not to forget, wetlands with many walking trails. So one may easily think that there are really a whole lot of things you can do on a last minute holiday in Texel, Netherlands, and they would not be wrong at all. Given the variety of the landscape here and the pleasant climate, you can bet on both swimming and water sports, as well as on walking and hiking, culture and nature in all its facets. The hilly area gives away some most amazing views of the island, there are many birds that can be spotted here in their natural habitat, and pretty much just as many tourists that come here for a vacation, though in a different context, of course. All in all, there is no place for the word “boredom” in the “vacation dictionary of Texel”.

In speaking of nature...

It's natural to love nature... we all do, in our own way. But like in any kind of such “admirable relationship”, we show our feelings towards nature in various ways: some of us love the sea, some of us love the mountains, some of us decide the perfect “match” for us when it comes to nature is the one of water sports and summery feelings, others love the winter and its magical white coat laying out fun winter sports. Either way, a last minute holiday home in Texel will give us the chance to express our feelings towards nature in a most entertaining way. The Duinen van Texel National Park for example is a protected nature reserve here, one that will leave you breathless with its infinite beauty. During the ice age this park was covered by immense glaciers, now it is an area that offers spectacular landscapes, perfect for hiking, a rich flora and fauna and also lakes that seem to be a mirror in which the sky reveals its blue charming magic every day. Since prehistoric times the Texel Group has been inhabited they say, and the remains of prehistoric settlements and places of worship, all sorts of fortifications to be found here will attest to this. It's no doubt the Texel island, the biggest one of the Wadden Islands of Netherlands, is so popular for a last minute family holiday in the Netherlands as well.

At the beach on Texel island

Yet another one of the many ways to spend your time on a last minute holiday in Texel, the Netherlands. Going to the beach is fun pretty much anywhere, but going to the beach in the modern seaside resort of De Koog for example is particularly pleasant. Not only that you are by the sea and you have plenty of water sports to enjoy, but there are also a wide array of facilities that make your joy to be here that much more comfortable. The little fishing port and marina of Oudeschild is really beautiful, as well as the many picturesque villages to be found by the sea, like Oosterend, Den Hoorn, De Waal. Bird watching is very popular here and the capital of the island, the city of Den Burg, will present you with its numerous attractions ranging from cultural to historical ones. In speaking of attractions beside the obvious fun at the beach, you should also stop by at the Texel Lighthouse and the Maritime and Beachcombers Museum, that's a whole different kind of interesting. Boat rides and day trips, attractions and cultural events, Texel is a destination like no other, you will see for yourself!
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