Holiday in Luxembourg

A holiday in Luxembourg can be described by words like nature, outdoor sporting activities, history and good food. This also clearly shows that both young and old feel at home in this holiday destination. The Diekirch region is sparsely populated but it is mainly represented by nature. This provides numerous opportunities for hiking, exploring, mountain biking, canoeing, fishing, kayaking and enjoying the beautiful nature. The city of Grevenmacher is in Luxembourg and it has a wine center, a butterfly garden, a cozy town center, printing press and a cards games museum. This city is definitely worth a visit during a trip to Luxembourg. There's plenty to do on a holiday in Luxembourg.

Get familiar to Luxembourg During a holiday in Luxembourg, you can choose Gutland, it is an area with lots of farms and vineyards, uncrowded and has a history of iron mining. To this you have to ad the beautiful landscape. The Industrial Park Fond - de- Gras is an amusement park themed - iron mining and industry - it is fun and informative, complete with a train in the mines. In Esch - sur - Alzette, you can visit the National Resistance Museum, very impressive, you should not miss it. In Luxembourg, you will find both culture and nature, action and rest. For example at Esch sur Sure, one of the most beautiful villages in Luxembourg, close to 90km of hiking trails through a beautiful landscape, castle ruins and of course the river Sure. There is something for everyone here.

Actively enjoy Luxembourg Throughout Luxembourg there are beautiful paths and trails for hikers, mountain bikers and road cyclists. Ettelbruck or the Gate of the Ardennes is a wonderful example for this, and can be found above the river Sure. The Pulpit offers stunning views of the area, the trails are very well marked here. In Berdorf you will find a vast plateau above the valleys of Noire, Sure and Aesbach. The hiking trails are located along ravines, caves, cliffs and magnificent viewpoints, in 1200 ha of forests. The Mullerthal route offers 110 km of trails through nature with adventurous and gorgeous climbing routes. Book a holiday home in the Osling region and do not miss the picturesque valleys of the Esch, Moselle, Sauer, Our and Wiltz. Also a definite “must see” are the beautiful cities of Luxembourg, Clervaux, Diekirch, Echternach Remich, Vianden and Wiltz.

A perfect scenery of culture with a holiday home in Luxembourg

The amazing scenery of Luxembourg, together with the beautiful natural surroundings and hospitality of the locals, help make it a perfect destination for your next getaway. Luxembourg is a country with picturesque towns, a beautiful natural environment and numerous castles and historic buildings (keep in mind that many castles are only open on weekends during winter), perfect for a cultural family holiday among nature. If you like action and conviviality, you would be the perfect "candidate" for visiting one of the charming towns where you can tour the center then relax with a cup of coffee or refreshing beer at a local cafe. The atmosphere is great here, you can enjoy the simplicity, the tradition of the place and pamper yourself. You'll find that Luxembourg has plenty to offer.

Active holiday with your children

Bungalow.Net's holiday homes in Luxembourg are comfortable accommodations ideally suited for an active vacation among nature. Luxembourg contains beautiful scenic areas such as the Ardennes and Ösling, a popular destination for walking around during summer, skiing in winter, and mountain biking throughout the year. For those who are even more adventurous, a survival trip on the water in this country might do the trick. Keep in mind that during the high season the Ardennes is very popular with tourists; logical when you consider the shear beauty of the natural landscape. Thus for relaxing and calm moments among nature in Luxembourg, the peak season is not quite the perfect time! Savor the simple pleasures of life like good food, wholesome family fun, historic sites and uncomplicated hospitality, the perfect ingredients for a well-deserved holiday in Luxembourg.

A cultural experience in Luxemburg

Luxembourg has a rich cultural heritage so there are plenty of things to see here at any time of the year, for both young and old. A holiday home in Luxembourg will set you right in the middle of all the action, whether you are looking for a visit at a museum, or maybe an art gallery, experiencing the vivid nightlife here or just strolling around a cozy town. Culture abounds in Luxembourg. Furthermore, the idyllic little towns and villages have plenty to offer in terms of a culinary experience here. Savor some sightseeing, visit the city of Luxembourg, twice voted Europe's capital of culture. Here there are several museums including a natural history museum and a museum of modern art, plus the city itself has a host of historic sites like Luxembourg Castle, Adolphe Bridge, the city's old fortifications and the Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial, the final resting place of more than 5,000 soldiers including the famous WWII general George S. Patton. Make your next holiday in Luxembourg is one to remember.

Types of houses

    Holiday homes Luxembourg

    Holiday homes Luxembourg

    The holiday homes in Luxembourg are cozy holiday accommodation. They are an excellent start for your holiday. From here you can relax and explore the area on bicycle, on a mountain bike, hiking, by motorbike or by car. The natural environment is varied with forested mountains, hills and river valleys in Ösling-Luxembourg Ardennes with the highest mountain peak on Kneiff, of 560m. The nature park of the Ardennes and the Our nature park and Obersauer nature park are three heavenly holiday destinations if you like nature, peace and hiking. Southern Luxembourg is a hilly area, with the region named Gutland. You can also visit beautiful towns like Esch sur Sure, Vianden, Diekirch Clervaux with wonderful culture and history. These towns have a sphere of tourism, tradition, hospitality and history. Enjoy the simplicity of your holiday in Luxembourg.

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    Apartments Luxembourg

    Apartments Luxembourg

    Why book an apartment in Luxembourg? There are numerous reasons to do it. The hospitality of the people in Luxembourg is heartwarming. The natural landscape of the Ardennes, the Ösling in Gutland offer numerous opportunities for sports activities in nature. The delicious local specialties are a nice bonus to your holiday in Luxembourg. The apartments are equipped with everything you need for a pleasant stay. If you want to cook, you have there all the necessary amenities. The furnished terrace or balcony are ideal spots for a lazy afternoon or a romantic evening, enjoying a glass of wine with your partner. The apartments are usually easily accesible and close to beautiful nature and unique attractions. Luxembourg is not exactly a country of mass tourism, but it is the land of many pleasant little surprises that you will not soon forget.

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    Villas from Luxembourg

    Villas from Luxembourg

    During a vacation in one of the villas in Luxembourg you can take a break from the everyday stress and activities. The villas are fully equipped, there is almost always a terrace with garden furniture and a fireplace in the living room. Both the kitchen and the bedrooms are fully furnished, often with air conditioning. The comfort and convenience of these villas is great. After a day of sightseeing in the area you can relax in your pleasant villa. The villas are situated in beautiful locations so you can easily choose to enjoy a walk or a bike ride. From your holiday home you can opt for an active holiday in nature, but also for a visit in a town with culture and history. Enjoy a comfortable holiday in Luxembourg.

    Our villas

    Group accommodations Luxembourg

    Group accommodations Luxembourg

    The group accommodations in Luxembourg are ideal if you go on vacation with a group of friends or family. This holiday accommodation is equipped for a larger group of people. This includes features such as bathrooms and kitchens. There is plenty of room for kids, pets and extra baggage such as any sports equipment. During a holiday in Luxembourg, a visit to the city of Luxembourg is a must. It is a beautiful city with something to offer for everyone. You will find history and architecture, a lively city, cafes and well-preserved fortifications in the form of casemates. If you walk around here, you can experience the feelings that the soldiers must have felt in the past. Luxembourg is a relatively small country with a wide range of activities, attractions and monuments. Treat yourself to this cozy holiday.

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    Holiday parks Luxembourg

    Holiday parks Luxembourg

    A holiday in the holiday parks in Luxembourg is buzzing with energy. This is partly due to the numerous amenities in the park with the holiday homes. There are holiday parks with a swimming pool and sports fields. During school holidays there is often an entertainment team who organizes various activities suitable for every member of the family, such as sports, day trips and special programs for kids or a karaoke night for the elderly. The internet cafes are also one of the facilities offered to the guests of the holiday park, some being practical and some having a relaxed atmosphere. This makes the holiday park suitable for a group holiday or a holiday with children. You do not necessarily have to go out every day. Children can also enjoy themselves in the park, whether they are with their parents or not. There is something for everyone here.

    Our holiday parks


Practical Information


The following documents are required for traveling to Luxembourg

  • A valid passport or a valid identity card. Please note that since June 26, 2012 all children must have their own passport or ID card.

  • A driving license is not a valid ID, but you will need it when you go to Luxembourg by car.

  • Also consider taking the papers for your travel insurance, health insurance, and the telephone number for canceling your bank card if needed. This is not compulsory in Luxembourg but it will help you handle possible issues much easier.

Driving a car:

  • Speed limits:
    Within the city limits: 50km/h
    Outside the city limits: 90km/h

  • In Luxembourg, the permitted BAC is 0.5%, as for drivers with less than two years of having their driving license, the permitted blood alcohol level is 0.2%

  • It is required to have a hazard warning triangle with you.

  • It is not allowed to make phone calls on your mobile phone while driving your car. You should consider that you can get a substantial fine.

General Information

  • Surface area: 2.586 km²

  • Population: 514.862 (2013)

  • Capital: Luxemburg

  • Government: Duchy

  • Language: Luxembourgish, French and German

  • Currency: Euro


Luxembourg's official currency is the Euro. The coins are 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 Euro cents and 1 and 2 Euro. Bank notes come in 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 Euro.

Food and Drink 

The Luxembourgish ham, thinly sliced, is often eaten as a starter for example in the Ardennes
Gromper Keeschelche, a seasoned and fried potato pancake.
Kach Keis, a kind of cream cheese, cooked cheese with spices
Judd mat Gaardebounen, pork neck with broad beans
Flääschtaart, rillettes
Luxembourgish Moselle wines, especially white wines, mainly in Gutland
Quetschetort, plum cake with other fruits
Various types of Luxembourgish beer like in Diekirch
Fried Fish from the Mosel and Sure.


If you want to take your dog with you to Luxembourg, you must consider the following matters

  • The pet is required to have a European passport/valid vaccination certificate which states all the vaccinations that the pet has had.

  • The pet should be able to be identified through a chip.

  • For going to Luxembourg, your pet must be vaccinated at least for the following diseases:
    - Dogs: Rabies
    - Cats: cat flu, feline distemper

  • You also have to make sure that your pet is dewormed before leaving.

  • Please contact your vet in time to be able to arrange for the passport and vaccinations.

Some words in Luxembourgish

Below you will find a few general phrases in Luxembourgish or Letzebuergesch. The locals in Luxembourg will appreciate if you try a few words in their language.

The "g" in Luxembourgish is pronounced like the letter g in the word "baguette"

Good morning - Gudde Moien (gudde moien)
Good afternoon - Moien (moien)
Good evening - Gudden owend (gudden oawend)
Hello - Salut (salute)
Goodbye - Bis geschwenn (bies gesjwen)
Please - Wannegklift (wan-eg-glift)
Thank you - Merci (Merzie)
Sorry - Eentschellecht, pardon (eentsjellegt, pardòhn)
Yes - Jo (joh)
No - Neen (neen)
Supermarket - Supermarché (zoepermarsjee)
Bakery - Bäcker (bekker)
Butcher Shop - Metzler (Metzler)
Restaurant - Restaurant (restauran)
Pharmacy - Apdikt (apdiekt)
Hospital - Spidol (spiedool)
Doctor - Dokter (dokter)
Dentist - Zänndokter (tsendokter)
Pool - Schwämm (sjwem)
Beach - Plage (plaazje)

Cultural habits

Every holiday has its own pleasantries and quirks. The influences of culture and traditions in each country play a greater or a smaller role. It is always useful to know something about the customs of the country you travel to. Here are a few tips.

  • People from Luxembourg are friendly and welcoming.

  • Eating out is a part of culture in Luxembourg and the choice of restaurants is also great.

  • In Luxembourg it is not customary to leave a tip unless of course you are satisfied with the services. You can then think of 10%.

  • In Luxembourg the holiday accommodations are often a lot more plain than in the Netherlands with more basic furniture.

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