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Bungalow.Net's holiday homes in Friesland are the perfect accommodations for your next adventurous holiday or weekend escape. Mostly an agricultural region, Friesland is home to 15% of the country's windmills as well as the well-known black and white Friesland cattle. You can see both as you enjoy a relaxing cycling holiday in Friesland, cycling through the scenic countryside past quaint villages like Dokkum, a fortified town with 5 windmills. Or embark upon a fantastic cultural holiday in Friesland with a visit to cities like Leeuwarden, birthplace of the famous Mata Hari. The capital of the province, you can enjoy a wonderful sightseeing holiday in Leeuwarden admiring famous landmarks like the former chancellery, St Bonifatius church and the Oldehove, a tower that leans more that the Tower of Pisa. Situated on the Wadden Sea, Friesland is also ideal for a water sports holiday in the Netherlands. Plan your getaway today and book one of Bungalow.Net's pet-friendly houses in Friesland!

Water water everywhere with Bungalow.Net's holiday homes in Friesland

Friesland offers numerous possibilities for an active holiday in the Netherlands and Bungalow.Net's holiday homes in Friesland will put you in the center of it all. When you think of the Netherlands you think of water, and there are many ways to enjoy the water in Friesland. You can cycle past the Frisian lakes, along villages like Terherne, Woudsend and Langweer, the latter popular with tourists for its picturesque streets and opportunities for a water sports holiday in Friesland. Ready your boat and join in the excitement of Skutsjesilen, a sailing regatta held every summer. Or head over to Sneek where you can watch the biggest sailing event held on European inland waterways (Sneekerweek). While in Sneek sweeten up your cultural holiday in Friesland with a visit to the Tonnema Candy Factory or visit the National Model Train Museum, sure to be a hit with persons of all ages. And of course the Wadden Sea and Frisian Islands have almost endless possibilities for a holiday by the sea in Friesland with activities like swimming, sunbathing, kayaking, fishing and more. Enjoy an active holiday in Friesland. Book one of Bungalow.Net's self-catering villas in Friesland now!

A cultural holiday with Bungalow.Net's holiday homes in Friesland

Bungalow.Net's holiday homes in Friesland are modern accommodations ideally situated for a cultural holiday in Friesland. The only province with its own unique language, Friesland speaks volumes when it comes to historical landmarks and monuments. The town of Franeker for example is one of eleven historical cities in Friesland and is home to the Arkens windmill, the only windmill in the Netherlands with butterfly sails. You can also visit Eisinga Planetarium which dates from 1800 or the Museum Martena. The town of Harlingen enjoys a long tradition in fishing and shipping, but there's no time like the present to begin your own traditions with a fantastic fishing holiday on the Wadden Sea. Hop over to the islands of Vlieland or Terschelling for some more aquatic fun or a cycling holiday among the dunes of Friesland. Here nature lovers and sports enthusiasts alike can enjoy an unforgettable active holiday in Friesland. Book one of Bungalow.Net's island bungalows in Friesland today!

Holiday parks in Friesland

Apartments in Friesland

Villas from Bungalow.Net in Friesland

ITW Wâldbungalow 4p 4 Persons
1 week 09 until 16 Oct '15 € 360
This spacious park in the city of Eernewoude lies in the middle of the lake region of Friesland, surrounded by extensive natural areas and lakes. The park is equipped with all amenities. There are comfortable bungalows, mostly free-standing by the water, with ...
ZWK Zilvermeeuw Wellness 6p 6 Persons
1 week 13 until 20 Nov '15 € 364
The name says it all: Zwartkruis Waterpark, located right on the canal to the Bergumermeer, in a beautiful wetland area. This area is not only ideal for boaters. The numerous small, quiet roads and unpaved trails leading through the picturesque landscape creat...
Boerderij 6-8 8 Persons
1 week 09 until 16 Oct '15 € 595
One of the most beautiful forests and wetlands of Friesland lies undoubtedly in the municipality of Skarsterlân, between the Tjeukemeer and Langweerderwielen, near St. Nicolaasga and Langweer. The charming combination of forest and lakes offers plenty of oppo...
Bungalow de Mast 5p 6 Persons
1 week 16 until 23 Oct '15 € 299
Welcome to Friesland! Holiday Park Bergumermeer is located in the watery heart of this particular province, on Lake Bergumermeer and Princess Margriet Canal. It’s an ideal holiday destination for water sports enthusiasts. The park features a marina with slipwa...
Tonmolen 4p 4 Persons
1 week 09 until 16 Oct '15 € 462
At the edge of the Weerribben-Wieden National Park, in a stunningly beautiful scenery, lies the small "De Weerribben" bungalow park, nestled among the green nature. Around two large fishponds, sided by reeds, there is this thatched roof holiday cottage, with a...
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