Holidays in the Netherlands

Enjoy a holiday in the Netherlands, a popular destination for many and not without reason as the country is very diverse, with beautiful long sandy beaches, endless sand dunes, hidden holiday homes on the West Frisian islands, forests and extensive heather fields. A holiday in the Netherlands is suitable for everyone and because of this you'll find great holiday homes and bungalows in many places, whether you’re traveling with family or a group of friends. Book a vacation house on a holiday park, the kids will love it.

Holidays in the Netherlands, joy for all seasons

The awakening of nature in spring with budding flowers, young animals and numerous songbirds are the features to enjoy during the May holidays in the Netherlands, whilst hiking and biking among nature. A good place for this active holiday is the holiday homes in Drenthe. The warm summer sun, green trees and warm sea of the Coast of Zealand await you in summer. Water sports start on the numerous lakes and waterway such as the Loosdrecht Lakes, Frisian Lakes and of course the IJsselmeer.

Autumn in all its colorful glory invites you to spend your autumn holidays in the Netherlands at one of our cozy holiday homes in North Brabant. And don’t forget about a holiday in the Netherlands in winter where the frozen canals and lakes beckon you for a skating tour while a weekend break with friends in a holiday home with fireplace is highly recommended. The holiday homes in Limburg are recommendable to visit a Christmas market in the area, whether in the Netherlands or just across the border. You are sure to enjoy a holiday in the Netherlands no matter the season.

Cultural holiday in the Netherlands

A holiday in the Netherlands is not just for nature lovers, but also for those who love an active holiday or a cultural holiday in the Netherlands. The centuries-long history can be witnessed in many places, from the prehistoric dolmens in Drenthe and medieval city centers of Utrecht, Nijmegen and Deventer to the fortified town of Bourtange which dates back to the days of the Dutch Revolt. There are also many different museums that will take you back in time like the open-air museum in Arnhem and the house of Anne Frank in Amsterdam. The various museums of modern and contemporary art and the numerous sculptures in the Netherlands will make a holiday in the Netherlands complete for any culture lover.

Holiday homes in the Netherlands, water fun and inspiring culture

There are many ways in which one can relax, and if you come to think of it this would kind of be the definition of a great vacation: relaxation and fun, both of which you will encounter when spending a holiday in the Netherlands. The country is vast and offers endless possibilities for all sorts of activities, yet as we probably all know it, the place is quite famous for its two-wheeled share of fun rides. Indeed bikes are very popular here and not for nothing: a holiday home in Friesland would give you the perfect example of this as well as the perfect cycling experience with its wonderful network of cycling paths and the famous Eleven City cycling route with a length of over 200 km. If you're looking for a long-distance route, then the North Sea Trail will surely meet and actually surpass all your expectations. This is though not the only way to relax, especially when staying at a holiday home in the Netherlands. Kids and adults love theme parks, so the Walibi Holland is a must. Also, some of you might not be completely aware of the fact that this beautiful European country can spoil you with a beach family holiday.

A fantastic seaside vacation

Despite the fact that the Netherlands is a densely populated country, the natural environment is strikingly beautiful, therefore a trip to the Wadden Islands will have you encounter unspoiled nature as well as some fantastic beaches, while  on the North Sea Coast activities like swimming, sunbathing, building sand castles in the sun and practicing water sports will be part of your daily holiday routine. In Zeeland, a provence also surrounded by water, there are some great opportunities for boat trips and relaxation at the beach with a holiday home in the Netherlands, after all "Zomer in Zeeland" (summer in Zeeland) has been inspirational enough to become the name of a song, eluding how great the place is in summer. Back this up with the traditional Dutch landscape of windmills, tulip bulb fields, fairy tale-like castles and historic sailing ships and you have the stuff that dream holidays are made of.

Inspiring culture

The country clearly has a very special cultural heritage, just considering the numerous museums, monuments, landmarks. When you say "museum" in the Netherlands all thoughts immediately target the famous Rembrandt Museum as well as the Van Gogh Museum in the Hoge Veluwe, these are places that completely change one's take on the world of artists and unique masterpieces. There are also famous castles and palaces like Het Loo, magnificent gardens including the 100+ year-old Wilhelminapark, and of course plenty of windmills (over 1,200). Don't limit yourself this holiday season. A holiday in Netherlands will turn out to be just what you need.

Explore nature and relax with a holiday park in the Netherlands

Get active and enjoy some real fun during your holiday in the Netherlands, exploring the numerous well-marked trails or go swimming or sailing in lakes like Gooi, Veere or Grevelingen. Extreme sports including mountain biking or indoor skiing are also a fabulous experience here, and a hot-air balloon excursion will take it over the top. Head over to Madurodam, a beautifully reconstructed Netherlands, only in miniature, a world-famous attraction, the perfect day out for a family holiday in the Netherlands. Of course you will definitely want to visit one of the zoos in the country such as Artis, Burgers Zoo, Emmen Zoo with its beautiful butterfly garden, or the Rotterdam Zoo. If you would prefer to spend your time in the company of celebrities or a famous singer rather than animals, at the Madame Tussaud's wax museum you can see them all! These are just few of the numerous opportunities this great country has to offer, especially when booking a holiday park in the Netherlands, so it is surely worth all the consideration as a perfect holiday destination all year round.

Netherlands, home of culture
Meet the country as a cultural hub with a holiday park in the Netherlands and a perfect new experience will tailor its way into this year's vacation. Despite its modern and progressive image, the Netherlands is a country rich in tradition. In winter many Dutch participate in the Eleven Cities Tour, a prestigious 200 km skating event held on natural ice between eleven cities in Friesland. Actually skating on natural ice can be enjoyed almost anywhere, so don't forget the "Koek and Zopie"! For coffee lovers and not only, the coffee culture of this country is the perfect way to top off a culinary experience here. the numerous restaurants and coffee shops with their cozy atmosphere are lined up awaiting for both locals and tourists with a wide selection of Dutch "culinary goodies".

A green experience
As you probably already know, the country of Netherlands is synonymous with water. The dikes here serve serve a triple function, which you can discover while spending a glorious time here. The Delta Works, an impressive piece of engineering known worldwide would be a great start of a fun journey. Thanks to the maintenance of the dikes, nature is preserved, water recreation areas are formed, and flooding has been prevented. The Dutch surely know their way with the engineering, see for yourself during a holiday in the Netherlands. And since vacations are the perfect occasion to have the best of times, water sports might do the trick also, and there's plenty of opportunities for that in this European gem, when considering you can hit the North Sea shores while here. There's nothing like a sandy beach and a rejuvenating sun to make for a great family holiday or some good times with a group of friends in the Netherlands. When you feel like you've had enough sun and water fun, a walk or a bike ride among the dunes or along the dikes would be a perfect evening activity. The Wadden Islands are also not to be missed, they offer a completely different take on this already great country.

Apartments Netherlands

Winter break or summer holiday, Bungalow.Net's apartments in the Netherlands are ideal accommodations whether you're looking to enjoy an active water sports holiday on the North Sea coast or would like to savor a cultural holiday in cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Eindhoven. Reserve one of our pet-friendly apartments in the Netherlands and bring the family pet along too. Rent a bicycle and enjoy a fantastic cycling holiday in the Veluwe. With 1600 km of cycling trails you can cycle till your heart's content. Stop off and visit the famous Het Loo palace or take the kids to the Koningin Juliana Toren amusement park, perfect for a family day out in the Netherlands. During a winter break our cozy apartments in the Netherlands allow you to enjoy great pastimes like ice skating or you can join in the excitement of the Eleven Cities Tour, a 200 km skating event held on natural ice. Of course you don't have to wait for winter to go ice skating in the Netherlands as the city of Eindhoven is home to Europe's largest indoor skating rink, a great place for an active holiday and easily within reach of our affordable apartments in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is also the perfect destination for a beach holiday on the Wadden Sea or a sailing holiday at places like Lake Eem in Utrecht, all possible with a holiday apartment by the sea in the Netherlands. Put some wind in your holiday sails this year and book one of Bungalow.Net's apartments in the Netherlands!

Group accommodations Netherlands

Bungalow.Net's group accommodations in the Netherlands are the perfect place to spend a family vacation, a holiday with a group of friends, or a business team-building weekend in the Netherlands. Kick off the program with an array of activities like swimming, diving, sailing, jet-skiing and more in the Netherlands' number one water sports destination, Overijssel. Reserve one of our group accommodations with swimming pool and sauna in the Netherlands and you'll have plenty of opportunity to truly relax after a day of fun in the sun. Head over to Giethoorn, the "Venice of the North" for a peaceful evening canal boat ride or admire the historic windmills of the Zaanse Schans open-air museum in North Holland, both within easy reach of our spacious group accommodations in the Netherlands. Set off from your self-catering group accommodation in the Netherlands and visit a museum like Breda's War and Peace Museum, Overijssel's toy museum or the Dutch Resistance Museum in Gouda. Gouda is also home to one of the Netherlands remaining traditional cheese markets (on Thursdays) and with its historic sailing harbor is a great place to relax for an afternoon, as are our fully-furnished group accommodations in the Netherlands. Recharge your batteries then enjoy a beach break on the coast of Zeeland, a golfing holiday in Oostvoorne, a sailing holiday on Lake Grevelingen, a hot-air balloon ride in Brabant, or head over to the Wadden Island of Vlieland for a cycling holiday in the "Sahara of the North". With so many possibilities for an active holiday in the Netherlands, isn't it time you booked one of Bungalow.Net's group accommodations in the Netherlands?

Villas from Bungalow.Net Netherlands

With Bungalow.Net's villas in the Netherlands a wonderful holiday is just around the corner. Depending on your needs and preferences for a certain type holiday, you can choose from a full array of fully-equipped villas in the Netherlands. How about a wonderful coastal beach holiday in the Netherlands or a walking or cycling holiday with an affordable villa in the countryside of the Netherlands? A villa on an island of the Netherlands offers additional opportunities for an active or relaxing holiday in the Netherlands. In the south of the country you'll encounter a hilly landscape, great for a mountain biking holiday in the Netherlands. Opportunities for a cultural holiday abound. Reserve a villa in a city of the Netherlands and you can tour interesting museums, or opt for a villa in a smaller village of the Netherlands and learn about the local traditions and customs which are reflected in the smaller museums and local dishes of village restaurants. Be sure to take home some special Delft Blue or Makkum pottery. You can even find museums and old workshops on these products, which are both interesting and informative. Don't settle for the same old holiday this year. Book one of Bungalow.Net's pet-friendly villas in the Netherlands today and every member of the family can enjoy the holiday of their dreams!

Villas in the Netherlands for a cultural holiday

Bungalow.Net's villas in the Netherlands are perfect for a cultural holiday in the Netherlands. All our villas in the Netherlands are comfortable and completely furnished, and some of our villas in the Netherlands even have a private swimming pool, ideal for that truly carefree holiday with family or friends. A cultural holiday in the Netherlands is always enjoyable. Reserve a villa by the water in the Netherlands and you can enjoy the seafaring traditions of the Dutch, who have for years derived a principle part of their income from fishing, which may explain why the Dutch still love the "new herring", raw herring in brine with fresh onions, eaten with your fingers, a delicacy for many Dutch, less popular with foreign tourists. Be sure to visit a quaint fishing village where the elderly still wear the traditional costumes then enjoy some mouthwatering seafood at a local restaurant. You can also stop by the fresh fish market and purchase everything you need to prepare your own delicious meal back at your self-catering villa in the Netherlands. Be sure to visit one of the Dutch ports where you can find the remnants of an old fleet, or spend a relaxing afternoon touring a museum about fishing or seafaring. One thing is for sure. There's no need to fish around for a deal when you can book one of Bungalow.Net's affordable villas in the Netherlands and enjoy a whale of a holiday!

Villas in the Netherlands for a unique holiday

A holiday in the Netherlands can be quite unique, and that goes for Bungalow.Net's villas in the Netherlands as well. Despite its progressive image, the Netherlands has a lot to offer in terms of history, culture, nature, traditions and wellness and our villas in the Netherlands are beautiful and comfortable, plus with a pet-friendly villa in the Netherlands you can even go on holiday with the family pet, ideal for a carefree vacation with the whole family. As you visit the different provinces, you will discover that not every county has the same type of farms, as is the case in Friesland and Drenthe Zeeland. And although the country is famous for its windmills, there are two areas in the Netherlands where you can find many old mills: the Kinderdijk and Zaanse Schans. Easily within reach of our cozy villas in the Netherlands, these are great destinations for a cultural break in the Netherlands, both for the Dutch as well as foreign visitor. Visit one of the mills from your villa in the countryside of the Netherlands and learn about its history and the life behind the mill. You can reach these unique areas by car, or go "Dutch" and travel by bicycle along the many dikes, where you can stop off for a picnic along the way. A unique holiday is waiting for you in the Netherlands. Don't delay. Book one of Bungalow.Net's affordable villas in the Netherlands now and come see for yourself!

Types of houses

    Holiday homes Netherlands

    Holiday homes Netherlands

    Holiday homes in the Netherlands are ideal accommodations for a fantastic family holiday. This is why they are located in the best spots, near activities and places of interest, so that you can plan a different trip each day. Most holiday homes in the Netherlands have a large garden where you can barbecue while the pet-friendly holiday homes are suitable for your holidays with dog. There is a fitting holiday home in the Netherlands for each budget, from simple houses to luxurious villas, so you can select the house that best matches your wishes. For nature lovers there are holiday homes among nature or at the waterfront, even with a private landing for your own boat, and for a city trip in the Netherlands there are holiday homes in the city. Holiday homes in the Netherlands are an ideal starting point for every vacation.

    Our holiday homes

    Apartments Netherlands

    Apartments Netherlands

    A city tour of the Netherlands begins with an apartment in the city, but the apartments near the sea with a beautiful view are also fantastic holiday destinations. The great thing about apartments in the Netherlands is that they are usually inexpensive so you can easily book your weekend break or city shopping trip. Apartments in the Netherlands come in all sizes, from simple studios for two to luxurious apartments for 8 persons. Whichever one you chose you will definitely be able to relax, whether walking among nature or enjoying a wellness weekend, it's all possible with an apartment in the Netherlands. From the balcony you can enjoy a beautiful view of the surroundings and it's the best place to round off the day with a drink. This is why you should book an apartment in the Netherlands: low prices and lots of fun!

    Group accommodations Netherlands

    Group accommodations Netherlands

    A weekend break with friends or the whole family? That's what a group accommodation in the Netherlands offers you, with lots of space so you can spend time together comfortably. A large garden with barbecue enables cozy evenings outdoors and often you'll find plenty of space for the children to play. The central locations of the group houses in the Netherlands allow you to make various day trips. When travelling with a group you often arrive with several cars and the group houses in the Netherlands can accommodate this with plenty of parking on secure grounds. Numerous bedrooms, several bathrooms, a spacious kitchen and dining area will help make your family weekend a success, while the fireplace provides that extra atmosphere in winter. The group accommodations will make your weekend break with family or friends a time to remember, no matter the season.

    Holiday parks Netherlands

    Holiday parks Netherlands

    Your family holiday starts with a holiday park in the Netherlands with swimming pool, animation and of course plenty to do in the area. The cozy holiday parks are located in the nicest spots with lots to offer for both young and old. Children love theme parks and zoos and that makes for a great day out. They can enjoy games and sports with the animation team or do some handicrafts. While the kids are busy playing with their new friends you get the chance to relax. You can book different types of accommodations at the bungalow parks in the Netherlands, from simple to luxurious houses, sometimes even with a private sauna or Jacuzzi. A holiday park with swimming pool is always wonderful, you can go for a swim and often you'll find a mini-golf course, restaurant and supermarket in the park. All the ingredients for a perfect family holiday are present in the holiday parks in the Netherlands.

    Our holiday parks


Practical Information


To travel to the Netherlands you will need the following documents.

  • A valid passport or current identity card, for Dutch a driving license is a valid form of ID within its borders.


  • Speed limits:
    In urban areas: 50km/h
    Outside the village: 80km/h
    Freeway: 100km/h
    Highways: 120 to 130 km/h depending on the road.

    On some roads the speed limit can be determined by means of the visible center line. If it is a double white line then the speed limit is 80km / h. If there is a green line between the 2 white lines then the speed limit is 100km / h.

  • In the Netherlands you are allowed to drive after drinking 2 glasses of beer or 1 glass of wine. The allowable alcohol limit is 0.5 %. For beginning drivers it is 0.2 %.

  • You are required to have a warning triangle in your car. For your own safety, it is also wise to have a fluorescent safety vest with you at all times.

  • In the Netherlands there are a lot of cyclists, especially in the city. In many places there are separate bike paths beside the road, but there are also bicycle paths on the road. These are identified by a red pavement containing the symbol of a bicycle.

  • On some roads the speed limit can be determined by means of the visible center line. If it is a double white line then the speed limit is 80km / h. If there is a green line between the 2 white lines then the speed limit is 100km / h.

General Information

  • Official name: Kingdom of the Netherlands

  • Area: 41,628 km2

  • Population: 16.4 million (2008)

  • Capital: Amsterdam, but the government is based in The Hague

  • Form of government: Constitutional monarchy

  • Language: Dutch

Food and Drink 

  • Kale stew with sausage

  • Meatball

  • Sausage and croquettes

  • Pancakes with syrup or powdered sugar, various fillings

  • Diverse Dutch beers such as: Grolsch, Hertog-Jan

  • Various cheeses such as Edam, Gouda, Leerdammer or Frisian clove cheese

  • Custard in various flavors

  • Gingerbread, Frisian seedcake

  • Spiced

  • Syrup waffle

  • Drop


If you want to take your faithful friend to the Netherlands you must consider the following points.

  • Pets must have a European pet passport which states which vaccinations your pet has had.

  • Pets must be identifiable by means of a chip (since July 1, 2011 a tattoo is no longer sufficient)

  • In the Netherlands your pet must at least be vaccinated against the following diseases:

    • Dogs: rabies

    • Cats: cat flu, feline distemper

  • Make sure that your pet has been wormed prior to departure.

  • Plan ahead and contact your vet for vaccinations and a pet passport.

  • For more information, please visit the website:

  • To go on holiday in the Netherlands with your pet is not difficult. You do not need to meet special conditions. However, we advise you to bring a pet passport. In this case, if anything happens with your pet and you need to visit a vet, there will be no problems.

Conversation Basics 

When you go on holiday to a different country, it almost always means that you will encounter a different language. Therefore we’d like to introduce you to the conversation basics. It’s always appreciated if you know a few words in the foreign language.

Dutch has some difficult sounds and some are pronounced in the back of your throat. You can use the pronunciation of the vowels and letters below with the pronunciation in brackets behind the words.

a - is a British “a” like in can’t
aa - is a longer and more open “a”, like the last a in area
au - is like “ouch” without the ch
e - is an American “a” like in the word can
ee - is a long American “a” like in the word cane
eu - as the first “e” in nerve
g - pronounced in the back of your throat, as if clearing it
i - is the “i” in hint
ie - is “ee” in Greece
ei or ij - English doesn’t have this sound but an “ai” as in five is closest.
o - is the “o” like the first o in hollow
oe - as the “oo” in good
oo - is a longer more open “o” as in locomotive
ou - as in ouch without the ch or as in house
r - pronounced in the back of your throat, as if clearing it
u - as the “u” in blunt, within a word. In other forms it is pronounced "uu"
ui - there is no such vowel in English, ou like house is the closest
uu - is a sound that does not exist in English but the “u” in utopia, without the j that is pronounced before it, is the closest

Good Morning - Goedemorgen (goodemorgen)
Good Day - Goedendag (goodendag)
Good Evening - Goedenavond (goodenaavond)
Hello - Hallo (hallo)
Goodbye - Tot ziens (tot zeens)
Here you are/Please - Alstublieft (alstubleeft)
Thank you - Dank u wel (dank u well)
Sorry - Sorry

Supermarket - Supermarkt (supermarkt)
Bakery - Bakker
Butcher - Slager (slaager)
Restaurant - Restaurant
Apothecary - Apotheek (Apothake, with a long o like locomotive)
Hospital - Ziekenhuis - (zeekenhouse)
Doctor - Dokter (docter)
Dentist - Tandarts (tandarts)
Swimming pool - Zwembad (zwembad)
Beach - Strand (strand)

One - Eén (ane, like cane without the c)
Two - Twee (twa, with an a as in cane)
Three - Drie (dree)
Four - Vier (veer)
Five - Vijf (vaif)
Six - Zes (zas, American a)
Seven - Zeven (zaiven)
Eight - Acht (acht, British a)
Nine - Negen (naigen)
Ten - Tien (teen)

Cultural Norms

When you visit the Netherlands you will be dealing with another culture. The culture of a country is determined not only by the construction of its houses, clothes and language, but also by the mannerisms of the people, which may be quite different. In addition, body language is also very important. We hope to assist you in this by means of this bit of insight into the Dutch norms and values.

  • Dutch are known for their directness. If you ask a question you'll get an honest answer as they will tell it exactly like it is. With questions and comments you'll find that the Dutch don't beat around the bush.

  • Dutch are very focused on time. When they have an appointment they are more likely to arrive a few minutes early rather than too late. Arriving late is therefore disturbing.

  • The Netherlands is a beautiful country and the Dutch work hard to keep the streets and other areas clean. It is therefore desirable to properly dispose of any waste in the appropriate bins and do not throw anything on the streets or ground. 

  • In shops and at the market everyone patiently waits his or her turn. There is not always a clearly distinguishable queue, so it is common that you take notice of who preceded you, then you will know when it is your turn.

  • In the Netherlands it is impolite if you pick up your phone when you are being helped in a shop or are at a counter.

  • If you want to visit someone, it is customary that you call first and ask if it is alright that you come. Just dropping in on someone is not common.

  • In the Netherlands there are generally fixed times for everything. Coffee time is around 11 am, tea time in the afternoon is around 3 pm, dinner is at 6 and evening coffee is at 8 pm. There are also certain times that you are expected when invited. Always take along a little something for the hostess.

  • During dinner is not a good time to call on people. Do not call or ring the doorbell around 6pm.

  • On Sundays, all shops are closed with the exception of shops in tourist areas and those that have a special permit to be open on Sundays. Supermarkets are generally closed on Sundays, but it is becoming increasingly common for some to remain open on Sundays.

  • If you bring a pet, you must be careful where you walk your pet. There are dog-walking areas but you must bring a pooper scooper. Your dog is not allowed to relieve itself on the street.

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