Nature, sea, a rich cultural heritage with the holiday homes Zeeland

The Dutch Zeeland is the provence of water, including a mainland part and several islands, with the capital Middelburg. A holiday home in Zeeland is the ideal way to experience the area with the North Sea bay, the delta of big rivers with bridges, underwater tunnels, ferries, dams and others. While in Zeeland you surely have to see the Delta plan – the system comprising of four huge dams, many secondary dams and the mobile storm surge barrier built at the mouth of the three rivers – The Rhine, The Waal and The Masas. This was all built as a result of the numerous floods that took place here and these days a holiday in Zeeland means spending time at the beach, and in fancy resorts like Domburg, Cadzand and others.

Summer, sea, sand
Popular for its beaches, this part of the Netherlands is the ideal destination if you're looking to enjoy a holiday in Zeeland by the water. You can pursue water sports with activities like swimming, water-skiing, wake boarding and more or take it a bit easier with just enjoying some bird-watching at Lake Veere. This lagoon is also an ideal place for sailing or you can flock to the beaches of Zoutelande, which together with those of Dishoek and Westkapelle, comprise the "Zeeland Riviera". Swim, sunbathe or hit the waves for surfing on the coast of Zeeland. When you're ready to take a break from the water, the cafes and restaurants of the local coastal villages offer you the opportunity to relax and enjoy a refreshing beverage or a local specialty, such as delicious freshly caught seafood. Don't get caught off-guard this holiday season, the next best adventure awaits with a holiday home in Zeeland.

Nature and a rich cultural heritage
You'll find a wonderful natural environment in Zeeland. There's not only the sea but also forests and heaths. The Oosterschelde National Park is a tidal area with a unique flora and fauna. Its waters are home to seals, octopus, sea horses, oysters, mussels and world-famous lobster, but also provide the opportunity to enjoy swimming or diving. With a network of cycling/walking trails, you can also enjoy an active family holiday in Zeeland, among nature at Oosterschelde National Park. Soak up the wonderful fresh sea air as you enjoy a full-day program suitable for both young and old. If you're ready to take in a little culture, stop by the town of Veere, a cozy little place with historic sites like the Campveerse tower, an ancient fortification and a windmill. However you choose to spend your time, you'll find that Zeeland offers great potential, as far as culture as well as nature.

History, culture and water fun with a holiday park in Zeeland

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Zeeland Village - BO8 8 Persons
1 week 27 Nov until 04 Dec '15 € 424
Zeeland Village, a five-star villa park, is located on Schouwen-Duiveland Island, popular for its wide dunes and North Sea beaches. Within walking distance of the park you will find a small private beach and Lake Grevelingen, the largest and cleanest salt wate...
Soeten Haert - SD8 8 Persons
1 week 27 Nov until 04 Dec '15 € 159
The Villa Park Soeten Haert has everything you would need for a successful holiday. The park facilities are within easy reach. The location of the park is truly unique: it's a few hundred meters from the beach, on the outskirts of the popular family resort of ...
AQU Buitenhuis Royal 6p 6 Persons
1 week 27 Nov until 04 Dec '15 € 430
This park is located on the shores of the Grevelingen Sea, in a very special place - where three large bodies of water meet: the Oosterschelde, Volkerak and the Grevelinge Sea. The park has a number of facilities and offers a mixture of sports, games, nature a...
Bordeaux 4p 4 Persons
1 week 27 Nov until 04 Dec '15 € 448
In the autumn, winter and early spring, you can spend time relaxing in Domburg. Take a beautiful beach walk, then warm up in one of the numerous beach bars to be found here. You can take a walk in the forest as well, or visit the "Pearl" wellness center. There...
HVZ Crocus 4p 4 Persons
1 week 27 Nov until 04 Dec '15 € 188
The Court of Sealand (Hof van Zeeland) holiday home is nestled among the greenery, near the idyllic village of Heinkenszand. South Beveland has many surprising places. It is worth exploring South Beveland,  home to the city of Goes as well as more than thirty ...
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