Holiday in Poland

A holiday in Poland can be as complete as you want it to be. A visit to the Polish city of Krakow is very pleasant. This was the capital of Poland with over 6,000 historical monuments and architecture. The center of town is Rynek Glownuy with the big cloth hall where you will find the large tourist market and the National Museum of the Polish paintings. The citadel of Cracow in Wawel is located just outside the city center, it is well worth a visit as is the rest of the city. Another attraction is the Wieliczka salt mine, 700 years old and still operating. Auschwitz was a concentration camp during WWII. Though it is not a cheerful landmark, it's an impressive day trip for both young and old. From the holiday homes in Masuria you can enjoy numerous lakes, dense forests and tree-covered hills. The great outdoors is not just for the hearts of nature lovers. You will also find here several historic buildings, including an impressive medieval castle and a lock.


Nature lovers will enjoy a visit to one of the national parks as Babia Gora National Park or Bialowieza National Park. The Babia Gora Park is located in the Beskid Zyqiecki with the highest peak of 1725m. You will find nature, forest fruit in the wilderness, but also many slopes. Bialowieski park is protected by UNESCO. There is a primeval forest, and the Orlowka river divides the park into two parts. These parks offer wonderful hiking and biking opportunities. In the last park the trees are 500 years old and 43 meters high. Nature, when it comes to flora and fauna, is well represented here.


An active holiday in winter is popular in Poland. You can find beautiful skiing opportunities in the Giant Mountains in Szklarska Poreba and Karpacz, in the Iron Mountains in Swieradow Zdroj, at Czarna Gora, in the Beskids in Szczyrk and of course Zakopane in the High Tatras. Zakopane is the most famous winter sports destination, nationally and internationally. You will find everything for an active holiday in winter (and summer). Activities such as snowmobile riding, skiing and snowboarding, cross country skiing and a spa visit. In addition, you can eat here, you can enjoy the après ski in a cozy atmosphere. Although it is quite touristy, the village atmosphere is still preserved here. From the holiday homes in Lower Silesia you will find a few interesting ski resorts such as in Karkonosze. Here are as many as 100 km of cross-country ski tracks and 30 km of ski slopes. The largest ski resort of Lower Silesia is Karpacz. This ski resort has several challenging slopes and lifts. The Polish people will warmly welcome you, all this for an even better holiday.

Impressive World War II sites with a holiday home in Poland

Poland is a beautiful country, with really amazing history and plenty of culture to entertain your next family holiday. Just imagine walking along its old streets, marveling at different attractions, silent witnesses of its tumultuous past. Admire medieval castles such as Wawel Castle in Krakow and a host of World War II sites like Hitler's famous Wolf's Lair in Gierloz and the Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Reserve a holiday home in Poland on the Baltic coast and you can savor a fantastic beach break with the children, or enjoy nice walks in the Slowinski National Park, home to 140 km of well-marked trails. You'll have also plenty of opportunity for water sports on Poland's longest river, the Vistula, or at the country's largest lake, Lake Sniardwy in the Masurian Lake District. In Pomerania you can enjoy a stay at the waterfront. Meanwhile, mountains ranges like the Tatras and Giant Mountains provide the perfect conditions for trekking, or you can simply relax among the tranquility of nature.

Amazing nature

A holiday home in Poland is ideal for spending some time among nature and the country has some wonderful and varied natural conditions. At Lake Sniardwy for instance, the largest in Poland, you can enjoy a host of activities including sailing, boating, canoeing, kayaking and fishing (You can rent boats and canoes in the small town of Mikolajki). In winter you can ice skate here or try "ice-boating". If you would prefer a forest adventure to water sports, the Masurian Lake District of northern Poland is also home to some of Poland's biggest forests, including Piska Forest, an ideal destination for a day of hiking. There's even a small zoo here, perfect if you're vacationing with children. If you are looking for more outdoor adventure, you should check out the mountains of Poland, such as the Tatras, where you can enjoy unforgettable winter sports or pursue a range of mountain sports during the warmer months. Going to the beach is not quite the first thought that comes to mind when thinking of Poland However, at the sunny Baltic Sea this is more than possible, it's a lot of fun. You must be lucky with the weather but real beach lovers are certainly at home here.

A cultural experience

A holiday in Poland is basically an affordable way to discover the culture of Europe so for those who are passionate about the historical heritage of the Old Continent, visiting this country will definitely be among the top ideas. Begin your cultural experience here with a trip to Krakow, voted the cultural capital of Europe in 2000. Despite several wars, this city contains a host of wonderful cultural and historical attractions. In the heart of the Old Town of Krakow lies the Main Square, the largest medieval town square in Europe. At the edge of the square there is St. Mary's Church, the Town Hall Tower, the Draper's Hall and the Church of St. Adalbert. Krakow is also full of museums, monuments, churches and palaces. A holiday in Poland also gives you convenient access to famous World War II sites like the KZ Majdanek concentration camp in Lublin and the remains of the Krakow Ghetto. Or maybe you want to tour a practically endless number of castles, including the Royal Castle in Sandomierz and the Castle of the Masovian Dukes in Czersk. Take a journey back in time and experience a little something new.

Apartments Poland

Villas from Bungalow.Net Poland

For a holiday with all the trimmings, reserve one of Bungalow.Net's villas in Poland. From the comfort and convenience of your own private villa in Poland you can enjoy a fantastic cultural break with visits to cities like Czestochowa. This city has a beautiful center and is famous for the Pauline monastery of Jasna Góra which is home to the Black Madonna painting. There are also thousands of art objects here that have been preserved, and the ceiling paintings and extensive library are also quite special, the oldest piece dating from 1480. It is a very famous shrine comparable to Lourdes and Mecca and many people have found consolation and help here during their religious cultural holiday in Poland. Find your solace with an affordable villa in Poland!

Villas in Poland for a nature holiday

Get back to nature with a villa in Poland! Bungalow.Net's detached villas in Poland allow you to reconnect with nature during a special holiday in Poland, where you'll find national parks and protected nature areas scattered throughout the country. A great place to begin your holiday among nature in Poland is with the primeval forest of Bialowieza, a UNESCO World Heritage site and a paradise if you like nature, peace and tranquility. Or set off from your pet-friendly villa in Poland and hike through the Tuchola Forest, the third largest forested area in Poland. If you're looking to combine a nature holiday with some water sports fun, the Masurian Lake District is home to more than 2000 lakes and allows you to enjoy activities like sailing, fishing, canoeing and kayaking. Reserve a villa on the Baltic coast of Poland and you can admire the beautiful flora and fauna, as well as peace and tranquility of Wolin and Uznam islands. Don't delay. Book a self-catering villa in Poland today and get ready to enjoy a fantastic holiday among nature!

Villas in Poland for a cultural holiday

With a luxurious villa in Poland, your holiday is sure to be a memorable one. Make it even more memorable by reserving one of Bungalow.Net's villas with swimming pool in Poland. Of course being surrounded by such luxury, you may not want to leave your private villa in Poland. But when you do, wonderful cultural sites like the Polish Aviation Museum await you. This large museum with historic and modern aircraft is located in Krakow. It's a beautiful collection and promises a very special experience for aviation fans. Another great holiday destination in Poland is the Wieliczka salt mine, also within easy reach of one of our freestanding villas in Poland. This is one of the oldest salt mines in the world and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The corridors are over 300 meters long and 300 meters deep. The mine has been a tourist destination since the 15th century. Here you will find an underground lake, a chapel carved from the salt, and statues of mythical and historical figures made of salt. An ideal place for a day trip in Poland, especially if you've never been in a salt mine before. Now a protected area, it has been preserved for those who would like to enjoy it. Get the most out of your next holiday. Book a spacious villa in Poland now!

Types of houses

    Holiday homes Poland

    Holiday homes Poland

    With the holiday homes in Poland you can opt for a varied holiday, these accommodations are everywhere. A city like Poznan is a good destination for a city break. Despite the history of the country you will find unique historical architecture in churches and castles. Poznan has a nice city center with several terraces. The Renaissance town hall is one of the best preserved historical buildings in the city. In the Giant Mountains, you will find a mix of culture, nature and outdoor activities. The town of Jelenia Gora is called the Pearl of the Karkonosze known for its historic architecture, the hot springs and the fantastic location. The market is an assembly of all the streets from the Old Town. Discover the collection of art glass in Poland or walk the defensive walls here. The hot springs at Cieplice attract numerous people with their healing and relaxing treatments. Poland is unique.

    Our holiday homes

    Apartments Poland

    Apartments Poland

    From the apartments located in Poland, a break in Gdansk is highly recommended. Gdansk is actually an elongated urban area with the resorts of Sopot and Gdynia, the most important port city of Poland. A harbor cruise and a walk through the town are the two best ways to sample the city atmosphere. In the town itself you will find beautifully restored churches like St. Mary's Basilica. Przedbramie is a former prison where you can see ancient torture methods now. You can enjoy shopping in Gdansk as in the Dlugi Targ-Lange market. The jewelry and amber objects from Gdansk are famous. Poland is a diverse country with a lot of nature and mountains. The culture is perhaps less known, we would like to give you some examples. Visit the Peace Churches in Jawor and Swidnica, the wooden churches in southern Malopolsk, or the Muzakowski park. Poland is rightfully becoming more and more popular as a holiday destination.

    Villas from Poland

    Villas from Poland

    From the holiday villas in Poland, you can choose to visit a beautiful Polish city of culture, but you can also opt for outdoor activities in the mountains or at the beach. Zakopane is a famous destination for a holiday in the mountains, in both summer and winter. In winter you will find a pleasant and complete variety of winter sports with 50 ski lifts and 160 km of ski slopes. In summer the area is perfect for a hike or mountain bike tour. The village, despite the many tourists, has kept its village atmosphere. And this is just one example. A visit to a Polish city like Krakow will be a success. Miraculously, the WWII has not devastated this town, which explains the presence of 6,000 historical monuments and buildings. The square with the numerous cellars has a special atmosphere. The Rynek Glowny center with the great Lakenhal in a Renaissance style, is a tourist attraction, here you will find a tourist market and the national museum. Poland is rich in nature and culture.

    Group accommodations Poland

    Group accommodations Poland

    The group accommodations in Poland are complete holiday accommodations. These accommodations are spacious, comfortable and practical so you can enjoy your holiday without getting in each other's way. If you want to enjoy an active location, an ideal destination is Zakopane. At the foot of the Tatra Mountains, it is a village where artists and tourists like to come and go. The atmosphere is cozy, the food is tasty, the wooden houses give the town a special atmosphere. Both skiing in winter and hiking and cycling in summer are great, it just depends on what you like. For countries like the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, Poland is a cheap holiday destination. The facilities including the cable cars are well looked after. Visit Poznan if you want to get acquainted with a Polish city. International cuisine is very much present here. It is a green city with various city parks and two zoos. The center with the market place should also not be missed. Therefore, just enjoy!

    Holiday parks Poland

    Holiday parks Poland

    The holiday parks in Poland are a wonderful start to your holiday with the family or to a group holiday. The parks dispose of various facilities for activities such as organized hikes , internet cafes, entertainment programs for parents and kids, the cozy restaurant. The city of Warsaw means a fun day out on the banks of the Vistula river. The city was beautifully restored in an old style after the WWII and its devastating effects. Only in the Praga district here you can still find antebellum homes. This cozy town is perfect for young people, and shoppers are also in the right place here. The whole country has beautiful attractions such as the ancient city of Zamosc and the medieval city of Torun. The castle of the German knighthood in Malbork is the largest castle in the world and it is opened to visitors. A walking and cycling holiday in Poland is nice and pleasant. In each region there is a private network of trails and paths, which are improved every year. This way you can explore the village or the countryside in a peaceful way. Poland has surprisingly much to offer.

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Practical Information


You can go on vacation to Poland if you are in possession of a valid passport or identity card. These papers are required. If you are traveling by car, a valid driver's license and insurance papers are required as well. Travel documents that are not required but they are useful in case of any problems are the papers for your travel insurance and health insurance. Another useful information is the phone number that you can call in case of loss or theft of your bank or credit card. A copy of your passport or driving license is useful in case of identity theft. Of course, the copy has no legal validity.

Driving a car:

A driving holiday in Poland offers you a lot of freedom, and many roads are being refurbished getting better every year. The natural environment will offer much enjoyment to travelers by car. The border control is minimal due to the Schengen Agreement
The papers you need for your car trip are:
- A valid driver's license
- A valid identity card or passport
- Complete car papers including insurance papers
- Traffic rules are in accordance with the European legislation, they drive on the right side of the road here, mobile phone conversations while driving will cost you money as well as over speeding if you get checked
- The speed limits are in urban residential areas 20km per hour, 50km per hour between 5:00 and 23:00, 60km per hour between 23:00 and 5:00 - outside urban areas the speed limit is 90km per hour, 100km on four lane roadways and single carriageways - motorways and four lane expressways 120km per hour and 140km per hour on highways
- Be a lady / gentleman in traffic in Poland

General Information

  • Surface area: 312.685 km²

  • Population: 38.482.919

  • Capital: Warsaw

  • Form of Government: Republic

  • Language: Polish

  • Currency: Polish Zloty (PLN)


The Polish currency is the zloty - zł PLN
1 zloty is 100 groszy
There are coins of 1,2,5,10,20,50 gr, and 1,2,5 zl
There are banknotes of 10,20,50,100 and 200 zl.
For exchange rates you should check out / Kursy
You can find ATMs everywhere, and you can pay with your credit card almost everywhere. Please keep in mind that in the smaller villages you should have some cash on you, just to be sure. You will find that in Poland many international stores are also open in the evenings. This does not apply in some villages and towns.
You can pay with euros in many places, but it is advisable to be informed about this in advance.

Food and Drink 

- The Poles have their own traditions when it comes to food and drinks.
- Poland is known for its many vodkas in various flavors such as lemon, coffee vodka , etc.
- The Christmas menu includes some "solid food " like beet soup. Carp in jelly with vegetables, fried carp with cabbage, pie, poppy seed cake
- The cooking style is influenced by the Jews, Ukrainians and people from Belarus and Lithuania. The Polish cuisine used to use more fat, cream and sauces in past times. Now the dishes are more varied with fresh vegetables, falling under the influence of culinary television programs. Additionally, you can still order "homemade dishes" in some villages and towns, ' typical Polish and prepared 'like mom's food'.
- Some dishes are:
- Baszcz - beetroot soup with beans.
- Uszka - pasta with meat or mushrooms
- Kapuśniak - sauerkraut soup with meat
- Krupnik - barley soup with vegetables and meat
- flaki - fish soup / stew
- Bread is always served with a dish .
- Kotlet schabowy - fried pork with potatoes and cabbage
- Golonka - roast pork knuckle served with beer
- Zrazy - beef dish served with buckwheat groats.
- Bigos - savory stew with sauerkraut, cabbage and meat
- You have a wide variety of choices with typical Polish dishes, go see what you like for yourself.


A holiday with pets in Poland poses very few problems. Despite the minimal control at the border, the following documents are required:

- A European passport for dogs
- Recent health declaration from the vet
- Complete and valid vaccination certificate
- A dog should always be on a leash and wearing a muzzles is often required
- This way you can have a carefree holiday

A few words in Polish

Some words and phrases:

Null = zero
Five = piec
Tien = dziesiec
sto = Hundred
Thousand = Tysiac
Please = Proszę
Thank you = dziekuje
bye = do widzenia
Tomorrow = dzisiaj
Today = jutro
Breakfast = śniadanie
Cheers = na zdrowie
Doctor = lekarz
Water = woda
Soup = zupa
Market = rynek
Shop = sklep
Welcome = zaprasza
Tavern = Knajpa (German: Kneipe)

Cultural habits

The traditions and customs of Poland are closely linked to the Christian holidays, Christmas Eve is to be spent with the family, on Easter Monday the women are sprayed with cheap perfume or water. Thus, each holiday has its own traditions and specific cuisine. In addition, Poland has certain traditions when it comes to folk music and typical dances such as the polka and polonaise. The Poles have great respect for art and they worship their art heroes. Chopin was a Polish composer. Jan Kochanowski was a famous writer. The Polish Renaissance architecture can be seen in the entire world, having many characteristics of the Romanesque architecture.

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