Slovakia has a long standing history, even though the country only separated from the Czech Republic in 1993. The Celts and Germans have left their footprints first, Bohemian kings ruled here within the Roman Empire and others succeeded them. The Velvet Revolution took place in 1989 in Bratislava, a city built on both sides of the Danube River, near the lesser Carpathians. The country’s nature and culture are best explored from a holiday park in Slovakia. Bratislava The Austrians and Hungarians played an important role in the glorious past of Slovakias capital city Bratislava. In 907 the castle was occupied by the Hungarians and that remained so for several centuries. Hungarian Kings were even crowned here as Buda fell into Turkish hands. Various streets and a part of the city wall remain untouched in the city center. This is where you’ll find the baroque Michael tower and the St Martin Cathedral. The peace of Pressburg (former name of Bratislava) was signed in the Primatial Palace in 1805, just after the battle of Austerlitz. The castle is the symbol of Bratislava, towering over the city on its hill. It presents a beautiful view over the city. Nature of Slovakia Hikers and nature lovers will think of Slovakia as paradise. The various mountainous areas and rivers create the most wonderful landscapes, each offering a bungalow park as starting point for your explorations. National Park Slovak Paradise is part of the Slovakian Ore Mountains in the western Carpathians. The name Slovak Paradise is true, waterfalls, rivers and canyons feed the lush green of trees and plants. Some hikes will take you through waterfalls and canyons, sometimes you even need to climb a waterfall by ladders. The ideal place for the adventurous hiker. Slovak Karst National Park A unique natural phenomenon is the karst system, creating wonderful rock formations and caves. In the south of Slovakia and the north of Hungary you’ll find Slovak Karst National and Park national Park Aggtelek (Hungary) hosting countless karst caves. There are a minimum of 712 caves in the area of which 7 are placed on the UNESCO world heritage list. The stalactite cave Baradla is the largest cave with 26m in length. The Dobšinská ice cave, officially discovered in 1870, was opened to the public in 1871. The cave was covered in ice at the time and the total ice volume estimated at 125.000m3. In winter the air cools quickly and the average temperature is 0 degrees Celcius. The cave is open to the public from May till September.

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Mountains, lakes, skiing, nature, culture, a holiday park in Slovakia

Slovakia has a lot to offer when it comes to culture. The city of Nitra is a lovely destination for a city break. The town is beautifully situated in a hilly area, the upper town castle is well worth a visit, it actually has like three churches. You'll also find a Baroque plague column from the 1760's here. There is a great historical library housed here as well. In the lower part of the town there is the Stefan Chapel, the oldest building in Nitra. In the vicinity of the city, you can hike to Zobor Peak with a height of 588 meters, by following one of the numerous trails. The Zobor national park is highly recommended if you love peace and nature. The Jelenia Gastnaica chestnut is also to be seen. Nitra is a nice destination for spending a few days here, and with a holiday park in Slovakia you will have plenty to do here.

The mountains of Slovakia
When you hear the name of the Tatra mountains, you think of Slovakia. The mountains here are divided into the High and Low Tatras. You will find that a holiday in Slovakia allows you to enjoy that little bit of everything; mountain lakes like Liptov, known ski areas such as Banska, special stalactite caves like Demanovska, romantic valleys like Muran. In the High Tatras you will find rugged mountain peaks with heights of up to 2600 meters. In Tatranska Lomnica you will find the Museum of Nature. Stary Smokovec is a beautiful ski resort that you can enjoy from one of our holiday parks in Slovakia. The Low Tatras offer a landscape with rocky ridges and caves, the highest peak is 2024 meters tall, at Chopok. Lovers of nature, tranquility, walks and hikes, challenging mountain bike trips, cozy winter sports are in the right place in the Tatras. Check online for the activity that suits you best and enjoy your holiday in Slovakia.

Fun and variety in Slovakia
You may not be aware of the fact that Slovakia is a wonderful place for cycling. Yet it is indeed and if you consider the hilly landscape you'll realize the country is actually a rather challenging place when it comes to culture. The signs may not be the best, but you can find information about the biking and hiking trails in any supermarket. Just take your bike and explore some of the 5400 miles of trails and paths during your family holiday in Slovakia. Discover the glaciers and the glacial lakes, you'll find them in the most beautiful locations. The national park in the Presov region is known for its special ravines and the deep Dunajec river. If you are adventurous enough, here you can sail on large rafts and live an unforgettable experience. In Slovakia you'll always encounter a beautiful place, an interesting local museum or a local terrace with a culinary treat. It's just one of a kind.

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One of the Slovak regions, more exactly located in the north-east part of the country, the region is highly mountainous, with the High Tatras Mountain range, perfect for skiing during winter, and also very popular with tourists. A holiday park in Presov offers great opportunities for winter sports in the winter, hiking in the summer, for visiting the regions top attractions like Spis, the Strazky Castle, the Cerveny Klastor Monastery, the wooden churches in Hranicne, Potoky. The city of Presov is also worth a visit, with the Gothic Cathedral of St. Nicolas, the Evangelical Church, the imposing Neptune Fountain. To the north of Presov you will find two Middle Ages fortified castles: the Saris Castle and the Kapusiansky hrad Castle. A popular area for both young and old.

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