Holiday in Switzerland

A holiday in Switzerland is a perfect destination if you like outdoor activities in nature and also if you like culture. The Swiss Alps are a paradise for nature and tranquility lovers, with beautiful skiing in winter and hiking in the summer. The natural scenery is impressive with the high peaks as the Matterhorn, the Jungfrau and the Eiger.


A visit to a beautiful city in Switzerland is another great holiday plan. Bern is the capital of the country, it is really full of historic buildings and museums. The old town has not without reason been on the list of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. Additionally you will discover during a city walk, the architecture of Hans Auer, the Jura dome with a height of 64 m or the Zytglogge Tower. The astronomical clock is a popular landmark here. The art museum of Bern is the oldest art museum with a huge collection of Italian art, art from Bern, the French coast, modern art and the art of German expressionists. During a holiday in Bern, and discover the city with its medieval atmosphere, various resources and old sandstone facades. You will probably not have enough time if you want to see everything in one single day.

The numerous lakes in Switzerland

Many people go to the lakes in Switzerland. There you will find beautiful nature and peace, water sports in summer and in winter it is a real skating fest. A few well known lakes in Switzerland are Lake Zurich, Lake Lucerne, Lake Thun or Lake Brienz, Lake Lugano, Lake Maggiore. On the Lake Zurich there are two islands, one island is inhabited and the other island is a nature reserve. On the East side of the Lake lies the Gold Coast with more luxurious holiday villas and large cities. The Lucerne is like a fortress surrounded by high mountains. The water sports play an important role here with fishing and boating, surfing and swimming. Lake Maggiore is a better known location with the nearby cities such as Locarno, Verbania and Luino. On the lake there are several islands such as Isola Bella, Isola Madre and Isole dei Pescatori. Bungalow.Net have many holiday homes on Lake Geneva, from this point, you can discover all the other lakes. It is also a wonderful setting for a water sports holiday in Switzerland.

Sports and leisure, entertainment with a holiday home in Switzerland

Dreaming of waking up in the morning to a magnificent view over the mountains and deep valleys, then putting on your hiking boots and setting off on an unforgettable Alpine adventure? Your dreams will come true with a holiday in Switzerland! A large part of the country is dominated by the Alps, making it the perfect destination for world-class skiing in winter or trekking in summer. Ticino is a perfect place for enjoying the mountains. Here you can embark upon an excursion along the twisting mountain roads where you can enjoy an ever changing landscape, or stop off at a picturesque village with its church bells sounding, and soak up the local culture. The country has numerous lakes also which makes it perfect for having some water fun with the kids. There is also the option of relishing a cultural break in cities like Bern and Geneva with a self-catering holiday home in Switzerland, or in Valais, amidst the Swiss Alps. The country is full of unexpected pleasant surprises and it is really amazing in itself, plus the locals are very friendly as well as pretty much reserved, so you will feel welcomed yet not too overindulged. A perfect break from the every day routine.

Family time in Switzerland

Your family holiday in Switzerland begins with the spectacular views as you go by cable car to the top of mountain peaks like Mt. Titlis, or take a ride aboard the Jungfrau Railroad from Kleine Scheidegg up to the highest train station in Europe, Jungfraujoch. There is also plenty of opportunity for winter skiing in the Alps, but you can even ski in summer at places like the Matterhorn. If you are more of a water lover, in Switzerland you can enjoy activities like sailing, surfing, swimming and fishing at Lake Geneva. Nearby is the historic city of Geneva, perfect for experiencing a bit of culture and some beautiful attractions, or you can visit the city of Zurich, home to wonderful family-oriented attractions like a Tram Museum and a Zoological Garden, complete with snow leopards and pandas. With one of Bungalow.Net's holiday homes in Switzerland, you don't have to be Heidi to enjoy your time here!

Sports and leisure

The Great Outdoors of Switzerland is very appealing. A fantastic adventure with family or friends among nature in this country is surely one of the better ideas. Outdoor sports such as mountain climbing, abseiling, kayaking and canyoning are eminently possible during a holiday in Switzerland. You can also enjoy extreme sports like paragliding and hang gliding, and of course winter skiing is also very popular and very convenient in a ski resort in Switzerland. For all these sports, Graubünden is a good region, there are many places in Graubünden were you can enjoy your vacation. Set off by bike with the family on the Mittelland Route, Switzerland's most popular cycling route. It's an enjoyable journey from Romanshorn to Geneva. For the more adventurous holidaymakers, there's the Via Valtellina, a former mule trail that once linked Austria and Italy. If you are a fan of boating and water fun you can even spend a day or two canoeing down the Aare River. It's hard to find the perfect vacationing place, but you can never go wrong with choosing a place that will offer you the chance to choose among various activities and places to enjoy with loved ones. The rest is to be tailored by you.

Types of houses

    Holiday homes Switzerland

    Holiday homes Switzerland

    From the holiday homes in Switzerland you will experience lots of fun in the Swiss mountains and nature, you will experience chocolate and culture, history and museums. The Swiss Alps with the Jungfrau Aletsch offer a wonderful natural landscape. The Aletsch Glacier is 23 km long, a trip on this glacier is wonderful in both summer and winter, yet you should have a guide and good equipment. The more than 62000 km of hiking trails in Switzerland are not only in the mountains yet a mountain hike is one of the spectacular experiences to be had in the Alps. The capital of Switzerland is Bern, the old town is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You will find 6 km of arches and galleries there and also covered shopping promenades, unique in Europe. The boutiques, bars and art venues in the old town, together with the great company to be found here, create a charming setting. The Zentrum Paul Klee is another cultural topper. Here you will find the world's largest collection of art works by Paul Klee in a special building by Renzo Piano. You have every reason to opt for a holiday in Switzerland.

    Our holiday homes

    Apartments Switzerland

    Apartments Switzerland

    With the holiday apartments in Switzerland you can endlessly enjoy outdoor activities in nature. Thanks to the natural landscape with mountains and lakes you may find a lot more than you expect here. A fine example is the Lenzerheide. In summer you can play golf here, there is a sledge run, you can try one of the tennis courts, some water sports on the Heidsee Lake, one of the four elevators in the mountains such as the Rothorn and how about the 140 km of hiking routes? In addition, the winter sports facilities in the same area are heavenly, with 155 km of ski slopes, cable cars, gondola and chair lifts, snowboard park and 52 km of cross-country ski runs. And this is just one of the many examples. A city like Lucerne is also worth seeing. It is near the Lucerne Lake. Discover the city with the Kapellbrucke, the water tower, the lively center with the historical and beautiful decorated houses and architecture. You will find yourself running out of time before getting to see everything in Switzerland.

    Our apartments

    Villas from Switzerland

    Villas from Switzerland

    The holiday villas in Switzerland will give you access to beautiful cities like Basel. Basel has a great historical city center with the Minster of Basel. The marketplace is a beautiful piece of art nouveau property. In Klein Basel young people like to go out, it's a little less organized of a neighborhood. In the town itself you will see a lot of contemporary architecture as the works of Herzog and Meuron. In Lucerne, you will see a nice mix of nature - located on the shores of Lake Lucerne, with the old and new town, with the old bridge of Kapellbrucke and the water tower. Its location between the two mountains, Pilatus and the Rigi mountains is very impressive. Thanks to the Swiss mountains, you can enjoy hiking, mountain biking and mountain climbing in the summer. If you opt for a winter holiday, you can choose besides skiing, cross country skiing and snowboarding activities like ice climbing, hiking and skiing on the glaciers. Thanks to the various lakes like Geneva, Lugano and Neuchatel there are also great places for sailing, water skiing and canoeing. You will feel like you did not spend enough time in Switzerland.

    Our villas

    Group accommodations Switzerland

    Group accommodations Switzerland

    The group accommodations in Switzerland are a pleasant holiday destination if you want to spend your holiday with your family or friends. There is lots of space in the living room, in the kitchen, there is a playing area for children and room for the luggage. These accommodations are found anywhere. Discover Lugano in a landscape of hills, mountains and Monte San Salvatore with a height of 912m, also the beautiful lakes. The Lake of Lugano is a beautiful place for boat trips, walking around the lake and swimming. In the city of Lugano itself you can visit the beautiful Cathedral and the monastery of Santa Maria with beautiful frescoes. There is a car-free Center here, numerous terraces and eleven museums. The cinder track and the ice skating rink are certainly attractive for those who like to enjoy cultural and active holidays. The Swiss Alps offer numerous sights such as the Jungfraujoch glacier. In the Schilthorn mountain you will find high rock walls, water fountains, which can be enjoyed from the spectacular cable car. Switzerland is a wonderful country.

    Our group accommodations

    Holiday parks Switzerland

    Holiday parks Switzerland

    With the holiday parks in Switzerland you can enjoy your holiday in your own way. In addition to the accommodation facilities these parks offer activities such as an Internet Cafe, restaurant, sports fields and organized activities for the entire family during the school holidays. Outside the park, there is also plenty to do, like in Graubünden for example. It is a well-known holiday destination with mountains and nature. The cities to be found here are Davos, St. Moritz or Engadin. Spend an active vacation all together with winter sports, hiking, playing golf but also with a visit to the spa. Bern is the most famous city in Switzerland. The Aare River offers great swimming opportunities in the summer in addition to the other attractions such as the old town of Matte and the Dahlholzli zoo. A visit to the onions market on the fourth Monday in November is a unique experience in Bern. A traditional folk festival for the inhabitants of the city and visitors. Choose Switzerland as your holiday destination!

    Our holiday parks


Practical Information


Switzerland is an European country. Tourists can travel to Switzerland with a valid ID or passport. There is no time difference. Other travel documents that are not compulsory can be a great help though when problems arise. Think of documents like the travel insurance, health insurance and the phone number for blocking your bank card in case it gets stolen or lost. A copy of your driver's license or passport is not valid ID but it is useful in case of loss of such documents.

Driving a car:

A holiday by car in Switzerland is enjoyable given the beautiful scenery here. You must have a valid driver's license and also your insurance papers when traveling. The border control is not very strict but surely your papers should be in order.
At the border you need to buy a vignette for the time you are in the country. A separate vignette applies for a trailer or caravan. You can get a hefty fine if you do not purchase a vignette. For each violation of a traffic law such as speeding, not wearing a seat belt or using a mobile phone when you're behind the wheel, you can expect a relatively high fine. If you do not pay the fine on the spot, you can expect a bill when you get home. In Switzerland, the same as everywhere else, you should act like a lady / gentleman in traffic.

  • Speed limits:
    Within the city limits: 50km/h
    Outside the city limits: 90km/h

General Information

  • Surface area: 41.285 km²

  • Inhabitants: 7.996.29 in 2013

  • Capital: Bern

  • Form Of Government: Federation

  • Language: German – 64%, French – 19%, Italian – 8%

  • Currency: Swiss franc-CHF


The currency in Switzerland is the Swiss franc. This is divided into 100 rappen or centimes. The code is CHF. Before you leave, you can look up the recent exchange rate on the internet. You can pay with your bank card in many places. You can also pay with euros in many places, though it is polite and wise to ask about this first in any location to avoid problems. The Swiss can appreciate a polite conversation.

Food and Drink 

- The existence of the Swiss cuisine is not really proven. It is true that each region does have its own dish like the cheese dishes in the mountains, Berner Platte from Berne or veal ragout in Zurich. The menu list in smaller towns is often not even translated
- The specific of the Swiss cuisine is preciseness and accuracy. The cuisine reflects the history of the country, the Swiss are known for being precise and accurate. Ingredients like fresh herbs and products are popular here. The modern cuisine is enjoyably combined with ancient and traditional recipes. Swiss cheese is used in anything, from salads to fondues, from soups to soufflés. The use of cheese, butter and cream in food goes back to the farm workers who needed nutritious meals
- The potato rosti dish comes in many varieties in each region, depending on the climate. Italian cuisine with pizza and pasta is also very popular with the Swiss and also with the tourists. 19 % of the Swiss population speaks Italian, and this is where the history of the country comes into picture again
- The home-made products such as cheese, wine, butter, sweet desserts and chocolate are to be encountered anywhere, especially in the smaller mountain villages. Serving homemade wine or cheese to their visitors is an important part of the Swiss hospitality.


A holiday with your pet in Switzerland causes no issues. If you make sure that your pet is in possession of a valid vaccination certificate, a pet passport and a recent health certificate from the vet, you can enjoy your holiday with your pet with no worries. For a dog, you need a muzzle, also fighting dogs are not allowed and dogs must be kept on a leash. Please note that you are not welcome anywhere with a dog, like on a terrace or in a restaurant. Inquire about pet access at your holiday accommodation before you go on holiday, this way you will prevent any future disappointments.

A few words in "Swiss"

The Swiss language does not exist. There are four or more languages ​​spoken in this beautiful country, all related to its history.

70% speak German
19% speak French
8% speak Italian
1% speak Rhaeto-Romance

More and more people speak English in Switzerland, because of the many tourists in the country.

Cultural habits

The people of Switzerland are punctual and conscientious people. That is also reflected in their well preserved traditions and customs. There are folk customs that are closely linked with the coming and going of the cattle to the alpine meadows. The Alpaufzug is a festive event where cattle herders dress in costumes and cows have floral garlands on them, there is dancing and singing, yodeling and alphorn blowing. On the Alpenfest you can get acquainted with the typical Swiss sports like swinging-wrestling-Alpine judo, flag waving, hornussen-mountain golf-team sports and rock throwing. This latest sport is very 'simple', basically strong men must throw heavy stones as far as they can.
The Swiss keep a clean country and that you can see everywhere. The Alpine Meadows are not for nothing so well preserved. If you visit an alpine village, especially on a special occasion or on a holiday, you can get acquainted with the Lederhosen or Schwingerhose - wrestling shorts and other typical costumes, often regional.

The Alpine horn was in earlier years a means of communication, it is popularly called now the mobile phone of the Alps. This was a mean of communication with the animals and also between towns. Its fifteen natural tones are still an important part of the celebration yodeling, the Alps festivals and feasts. The making of the horn, the cutting of masks and weaving are just a few examples of the traditions here that can be seen in the Swiss open air museum of Ballenberg in Bernese Oberland.

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