Holidays in Austria

There is plenty to do while on holiday in Austria. Summer and winter in the Austrian mountains are a real paradise for nature activities. Whether you are looking for adventure and action or nature and peace, in the Austrian mountains you can enjoy pleasant walks and exciting mountain biking, abseiling, climbing, and an active and complete winter sports holiday. In addition, the numerous mountain lakes in this beautiful country offer a fine water sports holiday. Think of Weissensee or Worthersee in Carinthia. You can have fun with water sports like windsurfing, diving, banana riding here, diving, fishing and water skiing. The cable cars offer lovely views over the surrounding area both during the summer and the winter. If you are more into hiking and cycling, with a holiday home in Styria you will feel like you hit the jackpot. Nothing better than enjoying the Austrian nature with its infinite attractions.

Discover the beautiful Austrian cities
Lovers will have great fun in one of the cities in Austria. Innsbruck is a beautiful city known as a winter sports center, but the town itself is well worth a visit. The bustling city of Vienna is a beautiful city with historic buildings as Schonbrunn, Belvedere Palace and the Hofburg. If you want to experience something special you can buy tickets for the Spanish Riding School where the Lipizzaner horses offer a great show. Prater is a large amusement park in the city, with the oldest Ferris wheel, it being literally and figuratively a highlight of the park and the city. The city of Salzburg is the city of Mozart, where you can also visit Mozart's residence. It is the city of music, atmosphere and concerts . Discover the town's center during a city tour.

Austria offers something for everyone
You can visit beautiful regions during a holiday in Austria . Explore the Tyrol mountains with the Zillertal for your active holiday, cities like Kufstein and Kitzbuhel for a taste of culture and as a bonus enjoy the delicious food and drinks in a welcoming atmosphere. Vorarlberg lies further west where you can take cycling, motorcycling, car or walking tours through a beautiful natural landscape. Visit the monasteries and churches, or one of the lakes such Lünersee. In summer and winter, Austria is an all-year-round holiday destination. Find out for yourself with a holiday home in Austria.

Tekintse meg nyaralóinkat

Nyaraló parkok Ausztria

Tekintse meg nyaralóinkat


    Nyaralóházak Ausztria

    Nyaralóházak Ausztria

    You will surely choose a vacation in Austria ​as ​soon as you see these offers. The holiday homes are situated in the nicest locations. Austria is a beautiful country with a diverse landscape including mountains, mountain lakes and beaches. This holiday accommodation is fully equipped, offering plenty of space for kids and also for your pet. From here you can enjoy nature walks, or opt for a ride on the numerous cycling or mountain biking routes. In winter, the winter sports play the lead role in an active holiday. After an active day you can relax on your private terrace or by the fireplace. Discover the charming villages in the area, try a local dish or a delicious drink in a small restaurant or bar. Austria is a versatile and cozy holiday destination enjoyable throughout the year for both young and old.


    Apartmanok Ausztria

    Apartmanok Ausztria

    Apartments in Austria are a good start to your active vacation, to a weekend getaway or a winter sports vacation. They are well preserved and complete holiday accommodations where you can enjoy some well-deserved rest. From here you can opt for various day trips such as hiking or cycling in the mountains. If you're into culture, you can opt for a museum or a social attraction or you can enjoy a day of shopping. The hospitality of the Austrians is reflected also in their patience when it comes to children during your family vacation. You will also find numerous locations in Austria where you can eat, drink and feel very cozy. Thanks to the numerous opportunities here, there is always something to do in Austria for people of all ages. Anyone can enjoy their holiday in Austria in their own way. With a cozy apartment here you can spend an unforgettable holiday.

    Villák Ausztria

    Villák Ausztria

    The villas in Austria are popular holiday accommodations. They offer comfort and coziness, and their interior is practical and complete. If you want to enjoy your well-deserved rest in a pleasant environment, a villa in Austria is the ideal place for you. If you wish to withdraw from all the hustle and bustle of daily life for a romantic honeymoon, a villa in Austria is very comfortable. A villa in Austria is perfect for you if you're looking for a pleasant holiday destination with your family. Here you will find everything you need for your stay. From here you can choose to go on a bike ride, to go hiking in the mountains, practice water sports at a mountain lake or walk through one of the charming cities. Discover the churches and monasteries that are perfectly fitted into the landscape, often open to visitors. A holiday in Austria is very versatile.

    Csoportszálláshelyek Ausztria

    Csoportszálláshelyek Ausztria

    A cozy holiday with family and friends is very possible with a group accommodation in Austria. This group accommodation is suitable for several people. The kitchen is practical, the amenities were chosen for a multipurpose use and there is plenty of room for kids, pets and for all your luggage. This way you do not have to just make due during your vacation. You will often find a furnished terrace at the group accommodations and there is also a barbecue in the garden which is ready for use. The benefit of a group accommodation is that you can enjoy a cozy breakfast together or in groups in your own manner, you can enjoy an active vacation or a visit to a certain city. At the end of the day it's time to catch up with everyone's fun activities from during the day, sitting on the terrace in the summertime and by the fireplace in the wintertime. Treat yourself to a pleasant holiday in Austria.

    Nyaraló parkok Ausztria

    Nyaraló parkok Ausztria

    You will never get bored on a holiday in Austria. These holiday parks offer a mix of cozy holiday homes, entertainment in the form of various programs for both kids and adults, facilities for sporting activities such as sports fields, depending on the location. If you want to relax outside the park, there is a beautiful area with a beautiful scenery, mountains with villages, mountain lakes with beaches. You can also discover and explore everything to be found here. The ones who love nature and tranquility will experience a special atmosphere in the mountains during the spring and autumn, while walking on the beautiful mountain pastures. The fresh air, the flora and fauna, the peaceful tranquility and the beautiful views will not soon be forgotten. As for visiting some special museums you can look in the vicinity of your accommodation for which museums are to be found there. Austria is home to a surprising number of unique museums and historic buildings which culture enthusiasts will simply love.

    Szabadidő parkjaink


Praktikus információ


Before traveling to Austria you need the following documents

  • A valid passport or a valid identity card.

  • A driver's license is not a valid ID, but you will surely need it when you go to Austria by car or when you intent to rent a car. Do not forget your green (insurance) card if you take your own car!

  • Do not forget your documents such as the travel insurance, health insurance when you travel. These are not compulsory in Austria, but they can help you solve possible issues much faster.


  • Sebesség korlátozások:
    Város határain belül 50km/h
    Város határain kívül: 100km/h
    Autópályák 130km/h

  • In Austria it is mandatory to have a toll sticker on the highways, we recommend that you buy one anyways at the ANWB before going into Austria. You can buy a vignette for 10 days (11.45 euros), 2 months (27,75 euros) or one year (83.30 euros) (the 2014 prices).

  • In Austria, the permitted BAC is 0.49 ‰ and for drivers that own their license for less than 2 years the permitted blood alcohol level is 0.1 ‰. The fines are very high in case of defying these laws.

  • The use of your mobile phone while driving is not allowed, there are high penalties for violating these rules.

  • It is compulsory to have a hazard warning triangle, safety jackets and a first aid kit in the car.

  • Cyclists often ride on the roads along with the cars. Sometimes they are harder to spot in the hilly areas. Please consider that they can be cycling anywhere on the road. We advise you to offer them sufficient space. In Austria there is also a lane for passing cyclists.

  • In winter you need snow tires and / or snow chains

Általános Információ

  • Terület: 82,858 km²

  • Population: 8,221,646 (2013)

  • Capital: Vienna

  • Államforma: Köztársaság

  • Hivatalos nyelv: Német

  • Pénznem: Euró


The official currency in Austria is the euro. Érmék: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 eurócent valamint 1 és 2 euró. Bankjegyek: 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, és 500 euró.

Ételek és Italok

- Bauernsmaus (sausages, ham and bacon with a potato dish)
- Wiener schnitzel (breaded cutlets)
- Semmelknödel with Eierschwammerlsosse
- Kasnocken cheese dumplings
- Bosner, bratworst in a roll
- Beuschel, veal ragout
- Gulash, kind of like Hungarian goulash stew but served with Semmelknödel
- kaiserschmarrn, pieces of thick pancake with raisins, served with powdered sugar
- Apfelstrudel, warm apple pie served with whipped cream
- Tropfenstrudel, similar to Apfelstrudel but with cottage cheese filling
- Germknödel, dumplings filled with Powidl, a kind of jam and vanilla sauce.


If you want to take your dog with you to Austria, you must consider the following aspects.

  • The pet has to have a European passport or a valid vaccination card where all the vaccinations your pet had have to be stated.

  • The pet has to be able to be identified through a chip.

  • Prior to going to Austria your pet must be vaccinated against the following diseases at least:
    - Dogs: Rabies
    - Cats: cat flu, feline distemper

  • Also make sure that your pet has been dewormed before leaving.

  • Please contact your vet in plenty of time to arrange for vaccinations and passport.

  • Please keep in mind that if you have a dog it should always be on a leash while in public and you should have a muzzle with you. The dog does not always have to wear it but you should be able to show it upon request.

  • You may bring a maximum of three dogs with you to Austria.

  • For further  information please consult our Website

Társalgás alapjai

During a holiday in Austria you will find that everyone speaks German with or without an accent and depending on the region. The Austrians very much appreciate if you know some German words. Here are some pronunciation tips and frequently used phrases and words.

A német nyelvben vannak bizonyos betűk, amelyekre kiejtéskor oda kell figyelni:
Az „a”-t úgy ejtik, mint a magyar „á”-t
Az „s”-et, mint a magyar „z” hangot
A „z”-t, mint a magyar „c”-t.

Jó reggelt - Gutenmorgen (gútenmorgen)
Jó napot - Gutentag (gútentág)
Jó estét - Gutenabend (gútenábend)
Helló - Hallo (hálló)
Viszlát - Auf Wiedersehen (auf víderzén)
Kérem, adáskor/kapáskor - Bitte (bite) / Gerne (gerne)
Köszönöm - Vielen Dank (fílen dánk)
Elnézést - Entschuldigung (entsuldigung)
Igen - Ja (já)
Nem - Nein (nájn)

Szupermarket - Supermarkt (zupermarkt)
Pékség - Bäckerei (békeráj)
Mészárszék - Fleischerei (flájseráj)
Vendéglő - Restaurant (resztáuránt)
Gyógyszertár - Apotheke (ápotéke)
Kórház - Krankenhaus (kránkenhausz)
Orvos - Doktor (doktor)
Fogorvos - Zahnartzt (cánárct)
Úszómedence - Schwimmbad (svimbád)
Strand - Strand (stránd)

Egy - Eins (ájnsz)
Kettő - Zwei (cváj)
Három - Drei (dráj)
Négy - Vier (fír)
Öt - Fünf (fünf)
Hat - Sechs (zeksz)
Hét - Sieben (zíben)
Nyolc - Acht (áht)
Kilenc - Neun (najn)
Tíz - Zehn (cén)

Kulturális szokások

Each country has its own traditions that determine its culture. Customs may also vary by country. You will find here some information about life in Austria. Knowing this you can demonstrate more respect towards your host or your hostess.

  • Austrians often have a warm lunch, but you can get a hot meal in restaurants also in the evening. When you want to eat somewhere between meals you can often find hot dishes on the menu. The portions are larger than the ones in the Netherlands.

  • It is customary to leave a tip for services received in restaurants, when you are pleased. The standard tip on the bill is considered to be 10 to 15%, but it is common to tip even some 5% more. It is also customary to leave a small tip to the person working in a theater, wardrobe or gas station.

  • Always address someone you converse with in a polite form (not with the familiar du-form), it is considered rude not to do so. There has to be a prior agreement for addressing each other on first name basis, this is called Duzen. In German, the "Sie" is easiest to use, therefore "Sie" is always followed by a verb.

  • When you are invited somewhere, it is customary to take a little something for the hostess. Do not take a seat before being invited to do so.

  • If you meet people while walking, it is customary to greet one another.

  • Many shops are closed on Saturday afternoon in some places, but there are numerous supermarkets that are opened on Saturday afternoon and evening.

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