Situated 3 km from Favone, celebrated for its long white sandy beach, 8 km from Solenzara and 25 km from Porto Vecchio. Favone is well placed to explore any part of the island.
Environment : Situated in a pine and oak park, leading down to the seashore, each villa is independent and not more than 50m to 150m from the seafront. The immediate coast line is dotted with coves, rocky creeks and jettys. Fishing is a popular pastime for holiday makers here.

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1 hét:
23-tól 30 aug. '14-ig 
€ 1341.00
30 aug.-tól 06 szept. '14-ig 
€ 711.00
13-tól 20 szept. '14-ig 
€ 711.00
2 hét:
23 aug.-tól 06 szept. '14-ig 
€ 2052.00
13-tól 27 szept. '14-ig 
€ 1422.00

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