Farmok Agriturismo Qualità 'Villa Vetiche' Type Maiella - Rocca San Giovanni, Abruzzo, Olaszország, BN900331

This holiday home is part of an authentic “agriturismo” (country estate) in the village of Rocca San Giovanni in the Italian region of Abruzzo. The town of Rocca San Giovanni was recognized in 2007 as one of the "Most Beautiful Villages of Italy". This newly built villa is surrounded by ancient olive trees and consists of three beautiful and elegant accommodations suitable for two to six persons. The magnificent coast of Trabocchi (Costa dei Trabocchi) is just 2 km away. This beautiful part of the coast of Abruzzo is characterized by steep cliffs, beaches and bays. Sandy as well as pebble beaches are interspersed with a rocky coastline. The villa is fully-fenced and has a beautiful garden with outdoor furniture and a playground. Facilities of the house include a common BBQ (wood-burning oven) where you can spend delightful evenings. You will also find a large gazebo here. Upon request (and for a low price) the owner can provide you with mountain bikes. The owner also produces and sells his own olive oil and wine. Furthermore, your holiday comes with a quality guarantee QA (Quality Agriturismo).

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€ 1521.73 € 1355.24
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€ 1509.20 € 1344.08
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€ 1494.16 € 1330.68
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€ 2233.09 € 2167.49

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