Stúdiók Statek Suite C2 - Votice, Közép-Csehország, Csehország, BN900354

Statek Otradovice is a 13th century farmhouse which was completely renovated in 2008 / 2009 to bring it up to Western standards. It has since been deployed as a private hotel for small groups (up to 30 persons). The complex has been integrated with a versatile small farm that produces organic products. These farm products are only sold to private individuals or served in the restaurant. The location is ideal for individuals or small groups who would like to enjoy a peaceful holiday along with all that southern Bohemia has to offer. In addition to the apartments, suites and rooms, the complex has a restaurant and shop plus a game room with pinball machines, pool table, etc. The swimming pool is a natural pond and is only for use by guests. There are two patios with BBQ available, as well as a bread and pizza oven and smokehouse meats for those who would like to try it.

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19-tól 22 szept. '14-ig 
€ 100.00
26-tól 29 szept. '14-ig 
€ 100.00
02-tól 05 jan. '15-ig 
€ 120.00
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22-tól 26 szept. '14-ig 
€ 200.00
05-tól 09 jan. '15-ig 
€ 240.00
12-tól 16 jan. '15-ig 
€ 240.00
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19-tól 26 szept. '14-ig 
€ 250.00
20-tól 27 szept. '14-ig 
€ 250.00
22-tól 29 szept. '14-ig 
€ 250.00
2 hét:
02-tól 16 jan. '15-ig 
€ 600.00
03-tól 17 jan. '15-ig 
€ 600.00
05-tól 19 jan. '15-ig 
€ 600.00
3 hét:
02-tól 23 jan. '15-ig 
€ 900.00
03-tól 24 jan. '15-ig 
€ 900.00
05-tól 26 jan. '15-ig 
€ 900.00

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