Farmok Agriturismo Forno Antico 4 - San Mauro la Bruca, Campania, Olaszország, BN901360

This agriturismo (farmhouse) is a modern farm with plenty of comforts. It is located in the province of Salerno, in the heart of the Cilento National Park.
The 20-hectare estate is covered with olive trees, fig trees, orchards and vegetables: an integrated farm becoming a biological one.
The fauna in the Cilento National Park and in the Vallo di Diano is quite diversified thanks to the wide variety of habitats in the area.
Coastal and mountainous areas, rushing rivers and streams and wooded areas bolster the presence of species of the greatest naturalistic importance.
The fauna is very rich also in the aquatic areas, where otters (Lutra lutra) are definitely the dominant population, probably the largest in Italy.
The peculiarity of this farm is its location: near the sea, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. A long time ago, and even now, a trade road passed just in front of the old farm. The exchange of natural products was a common practice of yore. As the days went by, what were once only business relationships became friendships.
There are organized sightseeing boat trips with ventures into caves and lunch on the beach; magic "Lamparate" (from lampara=fisherman light), with a dinner of freshly caught fish on a solitary creek; unforgettable day sailing excursions with on-board lunch, also gives you the possibility to swim in secluded and unspoiled waters dolphins before your romantic return! Higher up, in the silent kingdom of the high rocks and peaks of Alburni, Cervati, Motola and the Bulgheria Mountains, live the very rare Barberry of Etna (Berberis aetnensis), the endemic Saxifrages of Appennino (as Saxifraga paniculata subsp. stabiana, Saxifraga ampullacea and the rare Saxifraga porophylla), the Aubrieta columnae subsp. Columnae, the mountain Centaurea and other rare species.

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