Bed and Breakfast Matrimoniale + 2 - Fornari, Campania, Olaszország, BN901878

This beautiful farmhouse is located in the pristine countryside in the heart of the Cilento National Park. Nestled among the hills overlooking the sea, it lies among thick olive groves and the lush greenery of an amazing natural landscape. The resort consists of double rooms, one suite and various separate buildings, scattered among a large private garden, suitable for both families and couples who are looking for true relaxation. Guests can use the various available facilities including a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, playground for children, fitness room and table tennis table. Mountain bikes are available for excursions along the trails running through the surroundings. The hotel has a restaurant where guests can enjoy local products such as olive oil and cold cuts in addition to the products of farm. With plenty of attention to detail, the farmhouse offers high quality services and a hearty hospitality, typical of the Cilento area. Good food, quality products, a high-level of hospitality, relaxation, nature and fun are the essential elements that make this complex different than all the others: a true Cilento farmhouse!


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28-tól 31 aug. '14-ig 
€ 528.00
29 aug.-tól 01 szept. '14-ig 
€ 496.00
04-tól 07 szept. '14-ig 
€ 432.00
Rövid hét:
28 aug.-tól 01 szept. '14-ig 
€ 672.00
04-tól 08 szept. '14-ig 
€ 576.00
05-tól 09 szept. '14-ig 
€ 576.00
1 hét:
04-tól 11 szept. '14-ig 
€ 1008.00
05-tól 12 szept. '14-ig 
€ 1008.00
06-tól 13 szept. '14-ig 
€ 1008.00
2 hét:
04-tól 18 szept. '14-ig 
€ 2016.00
05-tól 19 szept. '14-ig 
€ 2016.00
06-tól 20 szept. '14-ig 
€ 2016.00
3 hét:
30 szept.-tól 21 okt. '14-ig 
€ 3024.00
01-tól 22 okt. '14-ig 
€ 3024.00
02-tól 23 okt. '14-ig 
€ 3024.00

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