Where swimming is possible 365 days a year! Wherever you will find quality, space, luxury, style, comfort and coziness to enjoy! And these are just some of the key words that describe the character of this beautiful villa. Located in the village of Ducove, on the left bank of the Vah River, in the mountains of Považský Inovec, the accommodation lies within driving distance (5 km) of the famous spa town of Piestany, where you can be pampered in / by natural hot springs year round. This south-facing villa has an area of more than 250 m2 and consists of 2 floors. It can accommodate up to 8 persons (+ a baby). It’s an ideal holiday home for persons of all ages, for families and groups of friends. The house sits on private grounds of 1127 m2, which contains a beautifully landscaped and well-maintained garden offering plenty of privacy. The villa also has a furnished terrace offering great views plus 2 parking spaces on-site. Walking and cycling can be enjoyed everywhere and bicycles are at your disposal at the villa. Just 450 meters away you can do your grocery shopping and within a radius of 5 km, in the bustling town of Piestany, you’ll find famous spa resorts with different springs and spa treatments, beaches, several restaurants, tennis courts, opportunities for horseback riding , golf, water sports, supermarkets, ATMs and more. An ideal destination for those looking for quality at a reasonable price.

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21-tól 24 szept. '14-ig 
€ 327.00
22-tól 25 szept. '14-ig 
€ 327.00
23-tól 26 szept. '14-ig 
€ 327.00
Rövid hét:
21-tól 25 szept. '14-ig 
€ 436.00
22-tól 26 szept. '14-ig 
€ 436.00
23-tól 27 szept. '14-ig 
€ 436.00
1 hét:
21-tól 28 szept. '14-ig 
€ 732.57
22-tól 29 szept. '14-ig 
€ 699.00
23-tól 30 szept. '14-ig 
€ 667.71
2 hét:
21 szept.-tól 05 okt. '14-ig 
€ 1270.57
22 szept.-tól 06 okt. '14-ig 
€ 1238.00
23 szept.-tól 07 okt. '14-ig 
€ 1205.71
3 hét:
21 szept.-tól 12 okt. '14-ig 
€ 1824.00
22 szept.-tól 13 okt. '14-ig 
€ 1807.00
23 szept.-tól 14 okt. '14-ig 
€ 1790.00

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