Holiday in Portugal

A holiday in Portugal is the right choice if you love nature, tranquility, good food and culture. Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and is full of historical culture and architecture. For example Vasco da Gama is buried in the beautiful cemetery Torroella de Belem at the Mosteiro dos Jeronimos monastery. Baixa is the 'lower town' and the center of Lisbon. Here you will find the main square of the city Rossio. In the Bairro Alto district you can visit restaurants and enjoy the nightlife. Alfama is an old neighborhood with steep streets, stairways and alleys. In the Fado Houses in this district you can still find the original dances as also you will often see them in intimate restaurants with traditional dishes.

Explore the beautiful country of Portugal A holiday in Portugal has much to offer. In addition to the nature with the mountains and the coast, you can visit beautiful museums. A few well-known museums are the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga - important art museum with works by Northern European painters, the Calouse Gulbenkian museum of Centro de Arte Moderna, with international art. Visit the city of Coimbra with the fantastic baroque library and the oldest university. If you want to actively enjoying the nature, you can choose an adventure in the mountains with rafting and abseiling, water sports like sailing and canoe surfing on the coast or explore the area on a bike or with a nice walk .

The Portuguese coast is fantastic The Atlantic Coast is a wonderful destination for your holiday in Portugal. There are beautiful beaches on the coast, as in Albufeira. Keep in mind that the many beaches and rocky coastline are popular and crowded. A walk on the beach offers plenty of relaxation and the old town is worth a visit. Carvoeiro has famous cliffs and beaches. You can find also intimate beaches and quiet places for romance and coziness. At Villa Moura there is a marina and golf courses and of course there is a beach also. The Costa Verde is a wonderful place to spend your vacation. Depending on the wind, waves and the weather, you can always enjoy the beach and water sports. In southern Portugal there are 200km of sandy beaches, including the Algarve. Or enjoy a nice island vacation on the Azores. There is never enough time to spend in Portugal.

Tekintse meg nyaralóinkat

Nyaralóházak Portugália

Tekintse meg nyaralóinkat


    Nyaralóházak Portugália

    Nyaralóházak Portugália

    The holiday homes in Portugal are a wonderful start to your holiday. The natural landscape with mountains and beautiful coastline is rich in culture and hospitality. At the holiday homes there is often a terrace with barbecue or garden. If you wish, you can explore the area by bicycle or on foot, enjoying a Portuguese wine or dish and enjoying the atmosphere in the village. During your holiday in Portugal discover the unique Portuguese music. The best known one is the Fado, with the famous fado houses in Lisbon or Coimbra. Fado music is characterized by guitar and saudade music with a longing message, it's a type of melancholic music. The atmosphere in the fado houses is one you have to experience. Fandango is one of the regional dances, also very popular. Portugal is a special holiday destination where nature and culture often go hand in hand.


    Apartmanok Portugália

    Apartmanok Portugália

    Why should you choose an apartment in Portugal? There are plenty of reasons to choose this complete holiday accommodation with all the trimmings, in a beautiful natural landscape. You will find in Portugal some splendid culture, among others, like the art of painting, represented by the 15th century painter Nuno Goncalvesthe. You will definitely enjoy the museums with works of Fado and Columbano Pinheiro. Visit a city like Lisbon. You can get acquainted with the various districts of the city, each with its own charm. The city of Braga is a city that is rich in religious and historical architecture. The 12th century cathedral is a Romanesque masterpiece. Southeast of the city, you will find three important holy places for pilgrimage in the mountains as Bom Jesus, Sameiro and Falperra. Coimbra is one of the most historical towns in Centro Portugal with the fado houses and unique historical architectural styles. There is something for everyone here.

    Villák Portugália

    Villák Portugália

    When you choose a villa in Portugal, you choose more comfort and luxury while on holiday in Portugal, maybe in your honeymoon or in a holiday for a festive event. Portugal is an ideal country for lovers and couples with various small restaurants and intimate beaches. If you go in the low season in Tras os Montes you will experience the peace and tranquility of nature in its many parks. The rugged area with high plateaus and mountain ranges with realistic and at the same time traditional mountain villages is very special. Here there are farmers who still work their land with oxes and plows. Beiras is the region with sandy beaches, fishing villages, water sports but also Moorish castles, medieval fortresses and churches. You will go a little back in time in Portugal.

    Csoportszálláshelyek Portugália

    Csoportszálláshelyek Portugália

    Group accommodations in Portugal provide sufficient space for everything and everyone. This holiday accommodation is a convenient place for resting, for a barbecue party, for a match on the sports field or a leisurely breakfast on the terrace. During a group vacation, there are always a few people who want to look around in a beautiful city like Porto, a port city on the Costa Verde. The Porto wines come from this region of the Douro River. Discover Minho for example, the greenest region of Portugal. Lovers of nature and tranquility will like it here because of the national park Peneda Geres. Fortress towns, street markets and sometimes even bullock carts can still be found on the streets. If you choose to go along the west coast you can explore the quiet and intimate beaches of the cooling Atlantic, as an oasis of tranquility and natural beauty. In Portugal you can have great fun in your holiday.

    Nyaraló parkok Portugália

    Nyaraló parkok Portugália

    Holiday parks in Portugal have a lot to offer for both young and old. In addition to being holiday accommodations these parks offer diverse opportunities for various activities such as sports fields, an area for games such as table tennis and table football. During the school holidays there is often an entertainment team presenting programs for both young and adults. Outside the park you can visit beautiful places like Funchal. It is located in a beautiful setting where you can enjoy the impressive views of Monte from the cable car. The botanical garden and tropical garden, the indoor market are a few special places in the city. The historical cathedral Sé do Funchal is well preserved and is regularly open to visitors. In a city like Guimaraes, you can visit the historical center, protected by UNESCO. The medieval architecture is a silent witness of the history of Portugal.

    Szabadidő parkjaink


Praktikus információ


Before traveling to Portugal you need the following documents

  • A valid passport or a valid identity card.

  • A driver's license is not a valid ID, but you will surely need it when you go to Portugal by car or when you intent to rent a car. Do not forget your green (insurance) card if you take your own car!

  • Also consider taking the travel insurance papers, the health insurance papers and any important phone numbers, such as the one for blocking your bank card in case of theft.


You will find no specific traffic rules in Portugal.
On different roads in Portugal a toll must be paid (tollbooths). In certain locations, you can only pay electronically. Please be prepared for this.

  • Sebesség korlátozások:
    Város határain belül 50km/h
    Város határain kívül: 90km/h
    Autópályák120km/h (min. 50km/h)

  • People who have their driving license for less than a year cannot exceed the speed of 90km/hour.

  • In winter the use of snow chains is required.

Általános Információ

  • Terület: 92.080 km²

  • Population: 10.799.270 in 2013

  • Capital: Lisbon

  • Államforma: Köztársaság

  • Language: Portuguese and Mirandese

  • Pénznem: Euró


The currency of Portugal is the Euro Érmék: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 eurócent valamint 1 és 2 euró. Bankjegyek: 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, és 500 euró.

Ételek és Italok

Discover some common foods and drinks in Portugal:

Pastries of Belem - small pies with cream filling, especially in Lisbon
Bacalhau - stockfish prepared differently every day
Cataplana - stew made of shrimp, crab, chicken, meat and bacon.
Piri piri - spicy chicken
Arroz de sarrabulho - rice stewed in pork blood
Arroz de cabidela - rice and chicken simmered in chicken blood

It is recommended not to drink tap water.
Port in Portugal
Madeira wines
Coffee with milk


If you do not want to leave your pet at home during your vacation, please consider the following rules

  • The pet is required to have a European passport stating all the vaccinations that your pet has had.

  • The pet has to be able to be identified through a chip. Tattoos are no longer a valid form of identification since July 2, 2011.

  • For going to Germany, your pet must be vaccinated at least for the following diseases:
    - Dogs: Rabies
    - Cats: cat flu, feline distemper

  • You also have to make sure that the pet has been dewormed before leaving.

  • Please contact your vet in time to arrange for vaccinations and passport

  • Please keep in mind that when in public, your dog should always be on a leash, and when the dog is heavier than 20 kg and taller than 40 cm you should also have a muzzle with you. The dog does not always have to wear it but you should be able to show it upon request.

  • A pitbullok, a staffordshire terrierek, a Staffordshire bull terrierek, ill. a bull terrierek korlátozott számú napot engedélyezettek Portugália területén. Ezen a kutyáknak szájkosarat kell viselniük.

  • Transporting a dog also implies some special requirements. It should definitely not sit in the front seat or on the back seat, it must be in a special dog harness. A dog cage is always allowed.

A few words in Portuguese

It is always appreciated if you speak or recognize a few words in the language of your host country

Can I see the menu please? - Pode me dar o menu, por favor?
What time is breakfast served at? - Quando o e servido cafe da manha?
What time is lunch served at? - Quando o e servido almoço?
What time is dinner served at? - Quando o e servido jantar?

A beer, please - Eu gostaria a cerveja, por favor
I'd like a glass of white wine - Eu gostaria vinho branco, por favor
I'd like a glass of red wine - Eu gostaria vinho tinto, por favor
I'd like a bottle of white / red wine - Eu gostaria garrafa the vinho branco / tinto, por favor
A cup of tea / coffee with milk, please - Eu gostaria o cha/o café, por favor

Zero - Zero
One - Um
Two - Dois
Three - Três
Four - Quarto
Five - Cinco
Six - Seis
Seven - Sete
Eight - Oito
Nine - Nove
Ten - Dez
Eleven - Our
Twelve - Doze
Thirteen - Treze
Fourteen - Quatorze
Fifteen - Quinze
Sixteen - Dezesseis
Seventeen - Dezessete
Eighteen - Dezoito
Nineteen - Dezenove
Twenty - Vinte
One hundred - Cem
Five Hundred - Dosentos
One Thousand - Mil
Hello - Bom dia
Goodbye - Adeus
Yes / No - Sim / Nao
Please - Por favor
Thank you - Obrigado ( m ) Obrigada ( f )
Sorry - Me desculpe-me
What is your name ? - Como se chama ?
I am / My name is ... - Meu nome e ...
Do you speak English? - Voce fala Ingles ?
I do not speak Portuguese - Não falo português
I do not understand - nu nao entendo
Could you repeat that ? - Pode repetir isso ?
What time is it ? - Que horas são ?
How much does it cost? - Quanto que e este ( a)
I'd like a glass of water - Eu gostaria a agua, por favor
I'd like a bottle of water - Eu gostaria gaffafa de agua, por favor

Cheers ! - Tim - tim !
Can I please have the bill? - Por favor traga-me a conta
Where is the bathroom? - Onde esta banheiro?

The Mirandese is recognized as a co - official regional language in some municipalities of northeastern Portugal. The language is spoken by about 15,000 people.

Kulturális szokások

  • Buying and consuming alcohol is allowed starting with the age of 18.

  • Same rules apply for tobacco. There is no smoking allowed in public facilities.

  • Respect the Portuguese music with the Fado dances, with the Portuguese guitar and the longing music.

  • Eating habits

  • Soup is a favorite starter

  • The dessert is often made with fresh fruit and different types of ice cream

  • Each region has its own dishes and culinary traditions

  • Mindenhol Portugáliában találhat cukrászdákat és kávézókat egy kávészünetre ebéd közben. A kisvárosok és a falvak a piacain különböző friss termékeket találhatóak.

  • The eating habits of Portuguese people are clearly different but as a tourist you will not notice this. Visit a restaurant and you will receive a warm welcome at any time.

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