Chalet Schaapskooi - SK4 - Wissel, La Gheldria, Paesi Bassi, BN37857

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Forest Park De Schaapskooi (Sheep Fold), situated on a ridge amidst the woods and heaths of the Veluwe, in the province of Gelderland, provides an ideal environment for you to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy the blissful peace and quiet of the countryside. This restful park has recently undergone a true metamorphosis. In the fully renovated main building - with an elegant restaurant, a park shop, swimming pool and small central square - you can easily imagine yourself somewhere in southern Europe. Your kids will surely have a great time in the play castle or at one of the numerous attractions in the neighborhood. New chalets have been one of the improvements in the park – they will provide you with all the comfort you deserve during your holiday at this cheerful and relaxing resort. The littlest guests of De Schaapskooi have not been forgotten either; several chalets have been specially designed for families with kids. A large play castle with all the equipment you can think of, plus various small playgrounds situated among the bungalows and chalets, will take care of your kids’ free time. In addition, there are numerous organized fun activities for children to make sure they do not get bored. Additional facilities include: a supermarket, a diner with a terrace, a bar, snack bar, indoor swimming pool with separate baby pool (free admission for guests of the park), an all-weather tennis court, sports and animation programs, bike and go-kart rental, an amusement arcade, lawn bowling, a basketball court, table tennis table and a launderette.

Attention, facilities at Bospark De Schaapskooi are closed in the midweeks from 28-10-2013 until 20-12-2013, from 06-01-2014 until 14-02-2014, from 28-02-2014 until 18-04-2014 and from 27-10-2014 until 19-12-2014. Before and after the season we don't provide all park facilities.


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Offerta per l'inverno  27 ott fino al 03 nov '14
€ 138.00
Offerta per l'inverno  03 fino al 10 nov '14
€ 138.00
Offerta per l'inverno  10 fino al 17 nov '14
€ 138.00
Fine settimana:
24 fino al 27 ott '14 
€ 155.00 € 89.00
31 ott fino al 03 nov '14 
€ 155.00 € 79.00
07 fino al 10 nov '14 
€ 155.00 € 79.00
Settimana media:
27 fino al 31 ott '14 
€ 140.00 € 59.00
03 fino al 07 nov '14 
€ 140.00 € 59.00
10 fino al 14 nov '14 
€ 140.00 € 59.00
1 Settimana:
24 fino al 31 ott '14 
€ 210.00 € 119.00
31 ott fino al 07 nov '14 
€ 210.00 € 119.00
Offerta per l'inverno  27 ott fino al 03 nov '14
€ 138.00
2 settimane:
24 ott fino al 07 nov '14 
€ 420.00
27 ott fino al 10 nov '14 
€ 505.00
31 ott fino al 14 nov '14 
€ 420.00
3 settimane:
24 ott fino al 14 nov '14 
€ 630.00
27 ott fino al 17 nov '14 
€ 715.00
31 ott fino al 21 nov '14 
€ 630.00

Siamo raggiungibili da lunedì a sabato dalle ore 08.30 alle ore 18.00 al numero +39 02 407 080 059.

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