Appartamenti Kastély Apartman V. - Poroszló, Lago Tisza, Ungheria, BN56742

This castle was built in 1870 (renovated in 2007) in the village of Poroszló, which lies on the Great Plain of north Hungary. It is in the southern part of the county of Heves, near the Tisza River and Lake Tisza. The castle is nestled on a 20,000 m² site located in the middle of the township. The apartments are 40m from the castle. The castle complex has the following free amenities: enclosed parking, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, grill, an area for barbecuing, table tennis table and a playground. The indoor pool is heated to 29-32ºC. You also have access to the following facilities (for a fee): fitness area, infra sauna, Alpha massage, massage, jacuzzi, mini-golf and bicycle rentals. You may also wish to take part in one of the many organized programs (for a fee) like: a visit to the House Of Regional Traditions in Poroszló; boat excursions on Lake Tisza; hikes into the natural surroundings; bicycle or motorbike trips; or a visit to the Hortobágyi National Park.


Siamo raggiungibili da lunedì a sabato dalle ore 08.30 alle ore 23.00 al numero +39 02 407 080 059.

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