Appartamenti Tropical Apartment - Almunécar, Andalusia , Spagna, BN63612

Almuñecar is a port town in the Granada region of Spain. It has a Moorish castle which was built in 1887. Almuñecar is located in a tropical valley of „Costa Tropical”, 76km from Granada and 85km from Malaga. Here bananas and papaya are grown. The picturesque center of Almuñecar, with its small white houses and narrow streets (Barrio de San Miguel), is really delightful. The modern part of the town was built around the old town and beach. A wide range of sports and recreational activities as well as nightlife await guests here. In Almuñecar – primarily in summer - life is really vivid. In winter this is a calm and peaceful little town.
The „Costa Tropical” is located in the south of Spain, close to the Costa del Sol which belongs to the beaches of Granada. This area is known as having the most optimal climate in Europe. Rain is rare and winters are moderate with an average temperature of 18°C. It has subtropical vegetation thanks to the mountains which surround the beach and protect it from the cold Nordic air-flow. Thus only the warm air-flow from the direction of Africa reaches the beach.

Siamo raggiungibili da lunedì a sabato dalle ore 08.30 alle ore 23.00 al numero +39 02 407 080 059.

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