Vily Chalet A - Bojkovice, Jihomoravský kraj, Ceska republika, BN35454

This free-standing holiday bungalow is located in the area of an attractive campsite on the outskirts of a small town, in the valley of Olšavy at the foot of the White Carpathian Mountains. The Slovakian border lies 15 km away and Vienna can be reached within slightly more than 2.5 hours. The campsite offers lots of sun as well as shade. This bungalow is situated directly by the swimming pool, walled off by shrubs. At this comfortable and complete campsite you will find an information center, a restaurant and bar with a terrace for 50 persons, a swimming pool (18x9x1,60 m), a child pool (4x4x0,50 m), a refreshment bar and the Mouse House for children (equipped with table football and ping-pong, among other things). The bakery in the restaurant offers fresh baked goods every morning. Supermarkets and other small restaurants are within walking distance (in Bojkovice). You can park your car at the bungalow or in the parking lot on the premises. An ideal environment for a delightful family holiday. If you are vacationing with a large group, contact Bungalow.Net to see whether multiple bungalows are available at this campsite (see: Answer/Question under the photos).

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1 týden:
od 07 do 14 V '16 
€ 238.00
od 14 do 21 V '16 
€ 238.00
od 21 do 28 V '16 
€ 238.00
2 týdny:
od 07 do 21 V '16 
€ 476.00
od 14 do 28 V '16 
€ 476.00
od 21 V do 04 VI '16 
€ 476.00
3 týdny:
od 07 do 28 V '16 
€ 714.00
od 14 V do 04 VI '16 
€ 714.00
od 21 V do 11 VI '16 
€ 714.00

Jsme dostupní od pondělí do soboty od 8.30 do 18.00 na +42 0246019083.

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