Rekreační parky Monolocale - Perinaldo, Ligurie, Italie, BN49209

This property contains approximately 5 hectares of undulating landscape, in a hilly area of Ponente Ligure (Western Liguria), in the town of Perinaldo.

Inside the estate there are two groves, a small spring in the undergrowth with two "pools" of water that, thanks to their characteristics, are ideal for Kneipp therapy, and also, within walking distance from the spring, a hut for bird watching which can accommodate up to 4 comfortable beds and has a magnificent terrace equipped with a grill and overlooks Perinaldo.

Scented mimosa blooms on the grounds of the estate as well as the grapes which, when ripe, are used for the fine and rare Rossese DOC. There are also olives for the precious extra virgin oil called "Taggiasco" and also Mediterranean vegetables and fruits grown on this propriety.

Also at guests’ disposal, this hotel offers several rooms and a private home. The estate is immersed in a pristine green environment and offers guests the opportunity to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing holiday. Situated in the heart of a beautiful natural amphitheater, the small farmhouse is an ideal place to relax, right by the beach and close to the glamor of the French Riviera, in a beautiful countryside full of medieval villages and baroque churches, olive groves and vineyards of the "Rossese" grape variety. Here you can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding environment and benefit from a range of services including guided tours, relaxing massages, wine tasting and yoga, stage of bio-dance, Italian full-immersion, etc... An excellent starting point for the exploration of the hinterland whether on foot, by car, mountain bike or horseback.

The farmhouse also has a restaurant where the owner will delight you with her homemade food, prepared with local products as well as those from the estate.


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