Rekreační parky HUB Bungalow Borger 6p - Exloo, Drenthe, Nizozemsko, BN55737

This magnificent park sits high on the Drenthe Hondsrug. The park was recently rebuilt at the site of a really beautiful farm. Surrounded by forests and heath, the park has bungalows and a hotel. Both offer a very wide range of facilities ranging from a wonderful outdoor pool with children's pool to a mini-golf course, bowling alley and several restaurants. There is plenty to do for both young and old! Children can enjoy the large outdoor pool with water slide or ride a nice 'cool' mountain bike or go-carts in the woods with their new friends. The youngest have not been forgotten either: they can play on the playground or in a separate small pool with toys. For the smallest ones there is a small wading pool which is only 20 cm deep. Or what about a trip with a 'Bolderkar' (a hand-drawn cart) or bicycle? You can also play miniature golf or tennis. In the vast park you will find a variety of comfortable bungalows which offer space for 4 to 8 persons depending on the layout. Even the smallest plots have a minimum area of 500 m2 (per bungalow). On the farm there is a modern bowling alley with 4 lanes, suitable for up to 6 persons per lane. There is a swimming pool (25 m long and 1.4 m deep) for the exclusive use of the guests of the bungalow park. The swimming pool has a large 40 m long slide for children. The pools are surrounded by a lawn where you can relax and enjoy plenty of fresh air. Other facilities of the park include: a park restaurant, miniature golf course, indoor playground and a large outdoor playground toys.


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