Vily Roos C - Vernerovice, Královehradecký kraj, Ceska republika, BN902390

On the outskirts of the village of Vernerovice, 40 km east of the Giant Mountains, in close proximity to shopping and a restaurant (300 m) lie these two new apartments plus a mini camping area. The 2 apartments are part of an old barn (over 100 years old), equipped with modern comforts yet retaining the original atmosphere. You have a panoramic view of the countryside and mountains. Do not be surprised if roe deer or other users of your garden come for a visit and storks stop off on your roof.
The heating throughout the house and apartments is by wood-burning stoves.
The new building has been built with respect for the old, but we have used the latest techniques with respect to energy. The hot water is by way of solar hot water heaters and there is underfloor heating throughout the building. Furthermore, the insulation is of the highest level.
We have our own on-site water treatment plant so only clean water enters the local stream. Our philosophy is geared towards being environmentally friendly, a natural way of live and let live.
Guests will enjoy an atmosphere of tranquility, with leisurely and healthy walks, a great place for a wonderful holiday.

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1 týden:
od 22 do 29 VIII '15 
€ 710.00
od 29 VIII do 05 IX '15 
€ 650.00
od 12 do 19 IX '15 
€ 650.00
2 týdny:
od 22 VIII do 05 IX '15 
€ 1437.52 € 1292.00
od 12 do 26 IX '15 
€ 1374.10 € 1235.00
od 19 IX do 03 X '15 
€ 1374.10 € 1235.00
3 týdny:
od 12 IX do 03 X '15 
€ 2061.15 € 1852.50
od 10 do 31 X '15 
€ 2251.41 € 2023.50
od 16 IV do 07 V '16 
€ 2187.99 € 1966.50

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