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Austria is famous for its mountains and pristine nature, but also offers wonderful opportunities for various activities and cultural attractions. Think of Villach with its historical monuments or the gastronomic delights... Read more

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Austria is famous for its mountains and pristine nature, but also offers wonderful opportunities for various activities and cultural attractions. Think of Villach with its historical monuments or the gastronomic delights of Carinthia. The real attraction of a holiday in Carinthia is of course the chance to pursue adventure and relaxation in the broadest sense, thus fans of spending time among nature are in the right place here. This rural province has mainly two seasons that you can enjoy with a holiday home in Carinthia: it is very popular in the winter for skiing, while in summer you can fully enjoy its scenic lakes and mountaineering opportunities. The capital Klagenfurt is suitable for sightseeing at a stopover. The main attractions here include the area around the dragon-like Lindwurm statue, the "Neuer Platz". There is the Landhaus here, which is the seat of the Carinthian provincial government. Jörg Haider, Austria′s known rightwing populist, was elected governor of the province several times. The city hall is nearby as well as numerous other old buildings. Take a walk in the area, then go to the cathedral, with its beautiful baroque decorations. There is also a smaller parish church worth visiting, with a high tower. Carinthia′s attractions go outside of Klagenfurt also. A holiday in Carinthia can have you enjoying Lake Wörthersee and the cities of Velden or Wörth, which are popular resorts in the summer. There is a famous casino nearby as well.

Explore nature with your loved ones

From Bungalow.Net's holiday homes in Carinthia you can easily access beautiful and attractive places where you can enjoy a wonderful time among nature. Skiing in winter accompanied by magnificent views, walking around in spring, summer or autumn, cycling along the Drau through a nature teeming with rare vegetation are all great opportunities for fun and relaxation. You will find that Austria has made all the arrangements for you to enjoy various sports, as wherever you go you will find picnic areas like those at Drauoase, Dellach im Drautal and at the entrance to the Gaislochklamm, a perfect starting point for cycling. Walking in the natural surroundings of the Faaksee is a dream vacation for lovers, or how about more than 300km of hiking trails through an idyllic, rocky landscape? You'll also find Oberaichwalk ideal for spending time at the beach in Carinthia. And in Egg am Faaker See and Dribollach you can rent boats or take a boat excursion and just relax.

Some true Austrian culture

Culture in Carinthia is dotted with wonderful attractions. One of the main reasons is Klagenfurt, which is one of the two major cities in the province, a beautiful historic city. At an altitude of nearly 500 meters above sea level, you can expect stunning panoramas! The city has four shopping centers, two castles, craft shops, cozy cafes and narrow streets which makes a lovely setting for a romantic getaway or a family holiday in Carinthia. You can visit a small but beautiful botanical garden which also contains the Mining Museum, complete with mineral collection. Throughout Carinthia you will find small chapels which are not only important for the atmosphere, but are an essential part of life here, and for many visitors to Carinthia, are a memorable part of their religious cultural experience here. You can take day trips in Carinthia as well, try the ancient market town of Gurk, with its Romanesque cathedral and the local saint, St. Hemma. Ossiach and Villach are also beautiful towns by a lake, with an astonishing view from Landskron Castle, where you will be able to see people in medieval costumes displaying the way the nobility used to hunt back in the Middle Ages: through falconry, which was very popular in those times. Pack your bags and enjoy the beauty of Carinthia every step of the way.

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