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You can either choose to spend a holiday in Liege, Belgium, or maybe you just end up there with other business and have a couple of days to wonder around... either way, it can't hurt to know what this place is about. Read more

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You can either choose to spend a holiday in Liege, Belgium, or maybe you just end up there with other business and have a couple of days to wonder around... either way, it can't hurt to know what this place is about. The best way to actually describe it is probably by using words such as “diverse”, “enjoyable”, “relaxing” and also “fun”, especially when considering its museums, nightlife, architecture, nature, etc.. Here's why:

A holiday with historical attractions

The province of Liege surrounds the city with the same name. It also comprises of regions and parts of regions of Ardennes, with its wildlife and nature, Condroz with spectacular castles in the Ourthe Valley, Hesbaye with long hills, the agricultural Land of Herve and the Ostkantons with amazing nature again. Throughout these regions you will find all sorts of historical vestiges, WW II memorials, such as the World War II Ardennes American Cemetery and Memorial, the World War II Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery and Memorial and others. The city of Liege in itself is not far from Maastricht, Holland, and it is very accessible by train from other cities as well, such as Paris, or Brussels. A major cultural and historical hub, with great architecture and all sorts of events and nightlife, this city is definitely worth a stop on a holiday in Liege, Belgium.

Cultural treasures on your holiday in Liege

Upon renting a holiday apartment in Liege, Belgium, you are most likely to end up visiting the city of Liege as well, besides its surrounding province. Thus, here is where you will find numerous enchanting attractions, such as the Musee des Beaux-Arts de Liege, the Liege Guillemins Station designed by Santiago Calatrava. One may define Liege as the birthplace of Charlemagne, but also home to the country's biggest palace – the Palace of the Prince-Bishops, to many of its oldest churches, to the only opera house in Wallonia, etc. Outremeuse is a neighborhood here known for its Tchantchès festival. All in all, a holiday in Liege, Belgium has a lot to show you.

A holiday among nature in Liege

A most beautiful thing in Liege is strolling the Coteaux de la Citadelle. You will be walking here among courtyards, steps and orchards and you can climb the 374 steps of the Montagne of Bueren. The trails are marked and on the first Saturday of October there is even an organized walk lit by 15.000 candles. The city of Liege in itself lies on the river Meuse, so from here you can imagine that the nature "accessorizing" the river is amazing. The city is rather known to be a city of arts as well as a "green city", with numerous parks and gardens and green spaces. A holiday home in Liege, Belgium, leads you to a most relaxing time.

Wellness and spa on holiday in Liege

Enjoying a wellness weekend in Liege, Belgium is totally possible and completely rewarding. Les Thermes de Spa is just one example of the spa centers you can find in this province. From massages to jacuzzis, from swimming pools to saunas of all sorts... taking some time to enjoy some exquisite pampering is more than worth it here. Le Jardin de sens in Liege is said to offer amazing massages, while the Louvrex les Bains in the same city is also worth a visit. Enjoy your time for yourself in Liege, Belgium!

Activities and sports

Activities and sports in Liege, Belgium are very diverse: from hiking in the Ardennes to cycling, from sailing on the river Meuse to sightseeing and visiting important and impressive vestiges, you can choose your favorite thing to do here every day. One of the highlights of this region though is the Christmas Market in Liege, where more than 2 million visitors per year can be counted. You can also spend a day at Mediacite in Liege, a complex that combines commerce with culture, leisure, it even has an ice skating rink. Opportunities are numerous, fun is to be had everywhere around, a holiday in Liege is one of special moments, people and places.

Family holiday in Liege

Family time is unique... it is the time when life makes most sense many would say. Spending a family holiday in Liege can be just as unique and amazing, whether you go sightseeing or you decide to take a long walk in the Ardennes area of it, go cycling together or have a delicious dinner in a local restaurant. Northwest of Huy for example there is the L’Hirondelle recreation park, with tennis courts, football fields, a swimming pool with a huge slide, and many others. In the heart of the Ardennes, more exactly in Aywaille, there is the "Monde Sauvage" park with all sorts of animals. The Ourthe-Amblève countryside, or the Garden of Liège as it is often called, is quite amazing as well, and offers something for everyone, from caves to a safari park, museums and restaurants, etc. All in all, a family holiday in Liege, Belgium, is not one that should be missed!

Dining in Liege - Eet Smakelijk! Bon Appétit!

The Liege cuisine includes some most varied and delicious dishes. No wonder everyone leaves here much impressed by the way the Belgians of Liege know to “dot the i” when it comes to food. Boulets a la Liégoise or the Liege meatballs should definitely be “tested”, they are prepared with pork and beef meat and they can be served with fries and a sweet sauce. Then there is also the Salade Liégoise, the Fricassee, which is an omelet with bacon and sausage, the Liege Waffles of course. The Café Liégois is a dessert, and the Galler chocolate should also not be missed, neither should the local beers. Bon Appétit, we say!

Holiday with a pet in Liege

Your holiday in Liege can be complete this year as you can also take your pet along with you and more so, you can spend some really quality time together. A holiday with a pet in Liege is one of long walks in the countryside of this region, one of wondering the streets of Liege, one of hiking in the Ardennes area... one that is just special. If you don't really tend to believe it, that is just ok, you can try it yourself and see what your personal impressions of it will be. Rover is wagging his tail already, at just the thought of a happy fun holiday in Liege.

Points of interest, a “must see” list in Liege:
  • the Liège Guillemins railway station in Liege, the Collegiate Chruches, the "La Batte" market on Sundays, the Grand Curtis Museum and many other museums and art galleries in the city;
  • the Liege Christmas Market, one of the most famous in the country, visited annually by more than 2 million people;
  • the local cuisine, the Liege waffles, the peket, the Galler chocolate, the local beer;
  • the cycling routes surrounding the city of Liege, with easy access to the Spa Francorchamps Formula 1 racetrack;
  • the Henri Chapelle American Military cemetery, which is the largest in the country actually.

A holiday in Liege, Belgium, is a most wonderful opportunity to actually spend some time exploring the country's culture. The city of arts, of galleries, of great cuisine and plenty of entertainment and nightlife, Liege, will not only make a great first impression on you, but it will continue to charm your every sense with its every attraction.

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