With an irresistible charm portrayed in the boulevards of Paris, as well as in the chateaux of the Loire Valley, the country of France offers one of the most astounding scenery in the entire world. The resorts on Cote d'Azur and the scenery in the French Alps are unforgettable and the local traditions are worth experiencing. Read more

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With an irresistible charm portrayed in the boulevards of Paris, as well as in the chateaux of the Loire Valley, the country of France offers one of the most astounding scenery in the entire world. The resorts on Cote d'Azur and the scenery in the French Alps are unforgettable and the local traditions are worth experiencing.

A holiday with historical attractions

The symbol of Paris and of France itself, the Eiffel Tower, is a great starting point for exploring the capital. Complete the experience with a boat tour on the Seine, a visit to the Notre Dame Cathedral. Go to the Louvre Museum in Paris and the Palace of Versailles from your last minute holiday home in France. The fairy tale like town of Carcassonne is one that takes you back to the Middle Ages. It is also a great place to see the Bastille Day fireworks in July. The sacred site of Rocamadour found somewhere between heaven and earth has seven ancient sanctuaries. The place is simply unforgettable. More so, the prehistoric cave paintings of Lascaux are ones that take you back to the beginnings. They are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Cultural treasures on your holiday in France

Cultural treasures of France are hard to be ranked, a holiday villa in France though will surely point you to some most impressive ones. The Mont Saint Michel rises dramatically out of the sea, the Provence area has inspired artists such as Matisse, Picasso, Chagall. It has stunning olive groves and the famous lavender fields. The Alsace Villages are some of the most beautiful ones in the country, easily accessible from a group accommodation in France: Obernai has characteristic burghers' houses, Ribeauvillé is a town of flowers, Guebwiller is one of "art and history", and Bergheim is a medieval village. In matters of events, the Nice Carnival in February is quite impressive. There is also the Versailles Festival in summer, the Cannes Film festival and the Festival d'Automne a Paris, they will all enchant your senses.

Cities and regions to explore when on holiday in France

Amazing regions of France such as Brittany on the northeastern coast, with a rugged seaside, quaint fishing villages and a weathered sea, are ready to astound you at any time of the year. Cities such as Paris, Marseille, Nice, the beach town of Biarritz in the Basque country, the famous Loire Valley, all are perfectly suited for exploring their infinite charm from a holiday home in France. The Mont Saint Michel in Brittany receives over 1.2 million visitors per year, and the Lille zoo is one not to be missed if you are in the area. Western France hosts the Aquarium in La Rochelle, as well as La Palmyre zoo in Charente Maritime. No time to waste!

Wellness and spa on holiday in France

Thermal springs and natural spas in Languedoc are famous throughout the world. There is nothing more relaxing and defining of a well-being after a day of sightseeing than a relaxing soak. Try also the Bains de Dorres in the Pyrenees, it is a simply unforgettable experience. There are natural thermal waters here, they offer a wonderful panoramic view and are open both in summer and winter. The spas and wellness centers in France offer both relaxation and medical treatments, with brine baths and geothermal waters, sulfurous waters, swimming pools and solariums, steam baths, all sorts of saunas and aroma grottoes and many others.

France by season

France is well known for its amazing skiing possibilities, we've all heard of the Chamonix-Mont Blanc "combo" in the French Alps. Each season in this country is a blissful experience though. Choose sunbathing and relaxing in St. Tropez in summer, and exploring the Loire Valley in fall, and the most stunning lavender fields in spring... feel the fragrance of an enchanting vacation year round in France!

Activities and sports

The famous petanque game, or the jeu de boules originated in Provence, France and now, each year, there is an international championship known as the Mondial la Marseillaise de pétanque. You can play this game on any flat open space, but let's face it, it's more fun if you do it on a holiday in France. There are numerous other sports and activities one can enjoy in this country, that also come with the variety of the land forms here: hiking and cycling from a holiday apartment in the Pyrenees, water sports on the Cote d'Azur, great fishing in Burgundy. Be the hero of your own great time in this country!

Winter sports in the French Alps and Pyrenees

The largest ski area in the world, the 3 Valleys area, can be explored from a a href="https://www.bungalow.net/en/winter-sports/france/holidayhomes/">holiday home in France for winter sports. 600 km of ski slopes and 200 ski lifts “serve” this place and guarantee a good time for all those who visit it. Courchevel, La Tania, Meribel, Val Thorens and other famous names make this area one that you will fall in love with. Skiing, snowboarding, sledding, dog sledding, snowshoeing and cross country skiing, as well as many other winter sports can be practiced in the French Alps, as well as in the Pyrenees. In speaking of the Pyrenees, when you book a last minute group accommodation for winter sports in Aquitaine for example, you not only get to enjoy beautiful landscapes but also a great load of fun. The villages of La Pierre Saint Martin and Gourette for example have great ski slopes. Not to mention that the spa resort of Eaux-Bonees is only like 8 km away.

Summer holidays in France

Whether you choose the Côte-d'Azur and Aquitaine Coast for your holiday in France, or maybe the picturesque Provence, or Normandy, Burgundy and the Dordogne, you will never be disappointed. Spending your summer in France is a dream come true. The Aquitaine Coast from Soulac to Hendaye via Cap Ferret, with also resorts such as Arcachon and Biarritz is one you will not soon forget. It is a flat land with some infinite beaches bathed by the Atlantic. Visit cities such as Nice, Marseille, have fun at a nightclub in St. Tropez, or maybe choose the picturesque Provence towns instead or simply a group accommodation for summer holidays in Languedoc-Roussillon, and spend time with your friends enjoying the sea and the water sports, a boat ride, and even fishing. The lagoons and sandy beaches at the Mediterranean on the secret riviera of Narbonne are also a great attraction. Enjoy the French sun this summer!

Family holiday in France

Traveling with family is always fun. You get to create great new photo albums from such experiences, ones worthy of being framed in your heart forever. Be a hero to the little ones and take them from a holiday home in Paris to the Disneyland here and Park Asterix, or maybe explore other parts of the country and their impressive attractions. Burgundy's castles and bike trails are always fun for both young and old. You can have your family experience the warmth and the beauty of Provence also, or maybe the ski chateaux of the French Alps. Take a road trip from a family holiday park in France, rent a car and visit towns such as Conques, explore the perfect Aveyron region, or even drive along the Mediterranean. They say you cannot actually choose your family, but you can surely choose an ideal family vacation... and France is here to help you out on that at any time.

Dining in France - Bon appétit

Whether it is le petit déjeuner, le déjeuner or le diner, France has prepared for you a wide array of specialties that will enchant your taste buds: the soup a l'oignon, the Boeuf Bourguignon, the Flamiche, the Chocolate Souffle, the Confit de Canarde and many others. From the local wine and cheese, the famous steaming croissants and the bouillabaisse in the south of France, gastronomy in France is equal in its fame to the amazing fashion here. Choose your ideal ”style” in matters of cuisine and go ahead an experience!

Holiday with a pet in France

Who's to say that a road trip in France with your dog friend is not one that you should follow through with? Cities like Paris, Bordeaux, Nice, Cannes, Marseille, Strasbourg, Lyon, Toulouse and many others will support your idea for sure. There are also beaches on the Mediterranean coast, and on the Atlantic Coast and others, that host dog-friendly resorts and renting a last minute holiday villa with pets allowed makes things even easier. Beaches such as at Cagnes sur Mer on the Mediterranean Coast, La Ciotat near the Capucins in Bouches-du-Rhone, the Saint Vincent beach in Collioure, Pyrenees Orientales and many others set the ground for a great vacation with your dog.

You will find that the phrase “Bonjour! Comment ça va ?” - “Hello! How are you?” is actually quite catchy, and the only answer to that when on holiday in France is one that maybe says “Je vais bien, merci. J'adore la vie en rose”.

Top 10 family beaches to visit in France this summer

When you think of France... French beaches... summer, sea, sand, relaxation... there is nothing more "wow" than this! You probably wish you could just close your eyes and “land” on one of the postcard-like beaches of this country. Still somehow, when you consider a family holiday at the beach in France, with your children, you soon realize it kind of pays off to have a few hints on what the right places to go would be. Read more

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