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Berlin is a huge city, it is the capital of the country and a most amazingly diverse place. Culture, media, politics, history, science, you can find it all here in a wide array of attractions of all sorts: museums, art galleries, architectural marvels, UNESCO World Heritage Sites... Read more

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Berlin is a huge city, it is the capital of the country and a most amazingly diverse place. Culture, media, politics, history, science, you can find it all here in a wide array of attractions of all sorts: museums, art galleries, architectural marvels, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, events and shows and exhibitions, shopping and culinary delights... a holiday in Berlin redefines variety in all shapes and sizes.

A holiday with historical attractions

One of the most famous landmarks of Berlin is of course the Brandenburg Gate, which has seen many famous visitors throughout the years, including presidents Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama. Then from your holiday home in Berlin you will surely wish to pay a visit to the Berlin Wall and checkpoint Charlie, other famous historical landmarks of the area. See the rebuilt Reichstag, with its Kuppel dome that offers stunning views of the city. The Berlin Cathedral Church and the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, the French Cathedral are yet other fabulous attractions that need to be on your "to visit" list on a holiday in Berlin.

Cultural treasures on your holiday in Berlin

A most wonderful part of Berlin is also the Museum Island, which is where you will find the oldest museums in the capital city, such as the Old Museum, the New Museum, the National Gallery, the Bode Museum, etc. The Berlin Television Tower is also an interesting sight, the tallest building in Berlin. The Gendarmenmarkt is one of the most beautiful markets in the city, dominated by historic buildings, a great place to even start exploring this capital city. Alexanderplatz is another well known market, and if you get the chance, from your holiday villa in Berlin, check out the Nikolai Quarter and its famous sights as well. In matters of events, there is something going on in this city every month, there are film festivals, there are music shows and concerts, the Carnival, the Festival of Lights, there is a fabulous Christmas market each year and so on. Time is the only thing you will run short of on a holiday in Berlin.

A holiday among nature in Berlin

The nature of Berlin is portrayed in its most beautiful green areas, and there are not few of those either. The Unter den Linden street for example is a most wonderful place to relax and contemplate the bustling city around you. For some more greenery and a much varied flora, visit the Berlin-Dahlem Botanical Garden, one of the most important ones in the world. A surprising feature of this huge city in Germany is also the Grunewald, a 32 square km forest, with a varied flora and fauna, and with three little lakes. Here you will also find the Grunewald Tower, the Hunting Lodge that is now a museum, the ruins of a former US “listening station” and so on. Berlin never seizes to amaze its visitors.

Wellness and spa on holiday in Berlin

After sightseeing and walking around on a holiday in Berlin, you can take an afternoon or so to enjoy some of its great wellness and spa facilities as well. At Vabali Spa for example you will feel like in a Balinese vacation, the Amayana Day Spa at the Meridian Spa offers numerous saunas, even a herb sauna, an aromatic steam bath and also a huge pool on the roof among many other facilities. At Aveo Spa you are offered great massages, as well as procedures such as acupuncture and all sorts of therapies. All in all, you have just so many places to choose from, and they are all great, so you can just pick one that is maybe closest to your holiday apartment in Berlin and take it from there. Relaxation will get a whole new meaning in your life.

Activities and sports

Where to even start? Besides the so many cultural and historical attractions, a holiday in Berlin gives you something new and exciting and interesting to do with every day spent here. You may wish to try Bearpit Karaoke in Mauerpark or maybe visit the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, a most impressive site of quite large proportions. Climb the Mount Mitte especially if you're traveling with your children, they will surely love this urban adventure garden. If you're more of a fan of the beach, not to worry, Berlin has this too: the Strandbad Grünau is a lovely lake beach that is much relaxing and has great facilities too. Berlin has quite a number of lakes, and also the River Spree and the Landwehrkanal that run through it make it perfect for all sorts of water sports, such as even canoeing. Another great idea is an open air cinema, such as the Freiluftkino Kreuzberg which is most likely to show an English film. Choose your every day activity and make the best of your first holiday in Berlin, there will be others, that is a certainty.

Family holiday in Berlin

When you travel to Berlin with your family, you can opt for all sorts of activities and sightseeing of famous landmarks, among others. Thus, from a holiday park in Berlin, you simply must see the Berlin Zoo, famous throughout the world. Of course, there are the many museums and the beautiful lakes, the water sports and the indoor playgrounds for children, you must always keep in mind that Berlin is defined most by variety. Its biggest lake is the Muggelsee, the main park is Tiergarten. Take your little ones to Legoland in Berlin, or to the Filmpark Babelsberg, go shopping, or simply enjoy the surroundings in this city, you will have a time to remember.

Dining in Berlin - Guten Appetit!

Berlin is a heaven of culinary delights, you can find here pretty much all you can think of in matters of cuisine. Some of the dishes you will find though in the many many restaurants of Berlin are quite specific to the place. Among these, the currywurst is a must try, as well as the döner kebab, the ketwurst, the senfeier or “mustard eggs”, the Eisbein or pork knuckle, the Königsberger Klopse or meatballs with sauce, the classic Berlin schnitzel, etc. In matters of desserts, the Berlinese donuts or the pfannkuchen are simply amazing.

Holiday with a pet in Berlin

You can totally enjoy Berlin with your dog, the city is very much dog friendly actually. There are parks such as the Humboldthain, Mitte, the Tempelhofer Feld and others where you can relax and take long walks. You can explore the city on water with your dog, or go sightseeing together. A pet friendly holiday home in Berlin is your starting point for an adventure you will wish to repeat.

Points of interest, a “must see” list in Berlin:
  • the Brandenburg Gate, the most famous landmark in Berlin;
  • the Berlin Wall and checkpoint Charlie;
  • the Gendarmenmarkt with its famous attractions, the Konzerthaus, the French Cathedral and the Berlin Cathedral;
  • the Reichstag and its Kuppel dome offering stunning views of the city;
  • the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church;
  • the Berlin Zoo and the Botanical Garden;
  • the Museum Island with some of the oldest and most important museums in the city;
  • the Grunewald forest and the three lakes here, the many attractions for all ages in this area;
  • climbing the Mount Mitte, or sunbathing and swimming at the Strandbad Grünau.

Berlin area is not one that can and will be visited once only. There is just so much to see and do here and this part of Germany is just so impressive with its numerous sights, that it will completely fascinate you. Before you know it, a holiday in Berlin will head towards being a most beautiful and much awaited routine.

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