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The Eifel-Mosel region in Germany is very popular for outdoor sports lovers. There is of course also history, culture and a great variety of entertainment here, and there are like more than 200 volcanoes, dormant ones, and even some active ones. Read more

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The Eifel-Mosel region in Germany is very popular for outdoor sports lovers. There is of course also history, culture and a great variety of entertainment here, and there are like more than 200 volcanoes, dormant ones, and even some active ones. Germany is well-known for its scenic beauty, thus a holiday in Eifel-Mosel sets you in a pristine nature environment, among others:

A holiday with historical attractions

Trier is a most beautiful town for you to explore on a holiday in Eifel-Mosel, with numerous Roman attractions that are very well preserved, such as the gate of Porta Nigra, the Aula Palatina, the Roman Imperial baths (the largest on the Old Continent), the Archaeological Museum. From Trier a great option is to visit the Eltz Castle, in the small town of Wierschem, set on a hill above the Mosel. One of the most attractive towns in the Mosel Valley is said to be Cochem, with its stunning castle and the old town dotted with many attractions. Visit the picturesque little town of Treis-Karden and its beautiful churches and famous bridge over the Mosel, check out the town of Traben-Trarbach and the Middle Mosel Museum here, and numerous other fabulous places in the area.

Cultural treasures on your holiday in Eifel-Mosel

Culture is portrayed in Eifel-Mosel in all shapes and sizes, from beautiful towns to entertaining events and so on. From a holiday home in Eifel-Mosel you can visit the town of Daun, with its Volcano Museum, as well as many events such as the Volcanic Eifel Marathon, which is a mountain biking event. Then there is also the Crime Festival every two years, for the crime writers of the area; the St. Lawrence Carnival every year, there are many beautiful attractions to visit. On the other hand, the Nürburgring race track is very famous in this area of Germany, and you can watch various races here throughout the year. Visit the little town of Bernkastel-Kues if you get the chance, and do some wine tasting here, take a boat trip on the river. Choose your favorite thing to do every day here.

A holiday among nature in Eifel-Mosel

Dormant volcanoes, blue crater lakes, rolling hills and beautiful valleys, wine regions and forests, a beautiful countryside... a holiday among nature in Eifel-Mosel is simply astounding. Take the German Volcanoes Route here, it includes about 40 geological attractions. There are volcanic lakes, there are domes and geysers, mineral springs and other similar elements that you will encounter on this route. Then you have the Mosel Valley, dotted with historical and cultural attractions and revealing an astounding nature. In the town of Koblenz for example two of the mightieste rivers on the Old Continent meet: the Rhine and the Mosel. One of the greatest places for a stunning view of the Mosel Valley is the top of the Marienburg. From this hill you can see one of the most beautiful river loops, the Zeller Hamm. Impressive in the very least.

Wellness and spa on holiday in Eifel-Mosel

For a wellness and spa break in Eifel-Mosel all you need to bring is your fabulous self, the rest is all set up here. Places such as Vulkaneifel Therme in Bad Bertrich or the Moselbad Cochem in Cochem and many others make your pampering time one that you will never forget. Massages, thermal waters, jacuzzis, baths, saunas and so on... it is surely time for you in Eifel-Mosel.

Activities and sports

Given the varied and impressive nature of the area, sports and activities here are just as diverse. Whether it is water sport at crater lakes or on the river, or some great hiking on the Eifelsteig Trail, with its stunning attractions, you will be far from the feeling of boredom on a holiday in Eifel-Mosel. Cycling is also a fantastic way to explore the area, try the Kyll Cycle Route for example. Explore the Mosel wine region, where you will find some of the most amazing Rieslings. Never a dull moment in this part of Germany.

Family holiday in Eifel-Mosel

When you are not cycling, or hiking, or having a picnic among nature on your family holiday in Eifel-Mosel, you can go boating, or even swimming in the crater lakes, you can go sightseeing in the beautiful towns set among a spectacular nature in this area, or why not... check out local zoos, amusement and adventure parks: the Eifelpark with animals and nature, roller coasters and other fun activities; the Eifel zoo in Pronsfeld; the Adventure Forest, Mont Royal climbing forest and so on. Enjoy your family time, you've earned it!

Dining in Eifel-Mosel - Guten Appetit!

The cuisine in the Eifel-Mosel region is based on fresh produce, thus dishes such as smoked eel, baked trout, beef with tartar sauce, the Tresterfleisch which is pork marinated in wine, are very much appreciated here. Try the Winzersteak as well, namely pork neck in wine, the puree with sauerkraut, asparagus in Riesling foam and many other local delicacies that will enchant your taste buds here.

Holiday with a pet in Eifel-Mosel

Spend your holiday in Eifel-Mosel with your pet, or rather also with your pet. You will have a great time together here, not only among the splendid nature that offers tons of things to do every day, but also at your pet friendly holiday home in Eifel-Mosel. Hiking, cycling, walks among stunning natural landscapes, a picnic with the entire family... just relax and enjoy your vacation.

Points of interest, a “must see” list in Eifel-Mosel
  • visit the city of Trier with its Roman influences, the Roman Imperial Baths, the Porta Nigra, etc;
  • stop in Koblenz, the town where the Rhine meets the Mosel, a beautiful settlement in its all;
  • visit the Eltz castle near Koblenz, with its splendid medieval attractions, walk in the nearby forest;
  • the Bernkastel Kues, a medieval town where you can also take a boat trip on the river among others;
  • the castle in Cochem and the town itself, with its Marketplace, church of St. Martin and other attractions;
  • the Marienburg hill and the stunning view of the river loop known as Zeller Hamm, of the Mosel Valley in itself;
  • hiking the Eifelsteig Trails with the volcanic craters, the lakes, moorlands and spectacular nature, Roman ruins and impressive castles;

A holiday in Eifel-Mosel is a truly spectacular experience, the nature of Germany is known to be a fairytale one, and here is one of the places where you will see this statement's rightness in its best facet. Geography, history, culture, outdoor activities... this is the Eifel-Mosel region.

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