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Between the Apennines slopes and the waters of the Adriatic is where you can spend a holiday in Abruzzo, in a land of such diversity that fun and good times are simply a guarantee here. Imagine that you have a beach holiday in Abruzzo, but also a holiday in the mountains here... Read more

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Between the Apennines slopes and the waters of the Adriatic is where you can spend a holiday in Abruzzo, in a land of such diversity that fun and good times are simply a guarantee here. Imagine that you have a beach holiday in Abruzzo, but also a holiday in the mountains here, you have ski slopes and nature parks, museums, and cities of great culture and history, castles and churches... and you're not even dreaming. Italy has a name for being THE holiday destination throughout the entire world, and as you will see, it is not for no reason:

A holiday with historical attractions

This region of Italy has four provinces, Chieti, Pescare, Teramo and L'Aquila, the latter also hosting the city with the same name, the capital of the Abruzzo region. One of the most important artistic towns you can get to explore from a holiday home in Abruzzo is L'Aquila, which is situated on the mountainside of the Gran Sasso. You will find here the Basilica di San Bernardino, a 16th century castle, the Basilica di Santa Maria di Collemaggio, the Fontana delle 99 Cannelle. The city is well-known because of the "Celestine Pardon". The Castello di Celano hosting the Museum of Archaeology and Sacred Art and the remains of the ancient city of Alba Fucens are really amazing sites in the province. The Chieti province hosts the 11th century Cathedral, as well as a National Archaeological Museum, while the town of Teramo hosts a medieval cathedral as well as the remains of a Roman theater. Scanno and Sulmona are two other towns that are really rich in history and tradition.

Cultural treasures on your holiday in Abruzzo

The region of Abruzzo is one of great natural beauty, a region of impressive traditions and handicrafts that have been maintained to this day. Lanciano for example is a most beautiful medieval city that hosts a wide range of shops, restaurants, shopping centers, bowling alleys, architectural buildings and churches. Pescara is a city on the Adriatic Coast, with a nice seaside promenade, great restaurants and a vivid nightlife. The Museum of the Abruzzi People hosts a vast collection of artifacts here, and there are also a few other museums and churches here that will surely impress you. There is even an international jazz festival you can attend here in summer.

A holiday among nature in Abruzzo

The Abruzzo region has a spectacular nature, about two thirds of the region is mountainous and the rest is hills and coast. One third of this region is actually designated a national parkland. A holiday villa in Abruzzo will allow you to explore the area in various ways. For example, Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo has numerous hiking and biking trails, and Gran Sasso is the highest point in the Apennine Mountains, with also numerous hiking trails. A holiday in Abruzzo can have you experiencing the 129 km of sandy coastline and the numerous beach resorts here as well. Overall, variety is what best defines this region where the north of the country meets the south, and a stunning natural landscape backs it up.

Wellness and spa on holiday in Abruzzo

This region of Italy and its marvelous natural beauty can be a most ideal setting for relaxation, and you can complete this feel with spending a wellness weekend in Abruzzo for example. After the sightseeing and the walking around among nature, after hiking and biking in the Gran Sasso National Park, or in the National Park of the Majella and so on, some pampering in a local spa is more than welcome. Whether it is the Fluentia Beauty Experience in Castel di Sangro, or maybe the Baden Baden Bagno Romano in Montesilvano, or any other of the locals spas and wellness centers, you are sure to feel completely rejuvenated in no time here.

Activities and sports

This central region of the country is one of diverse nature, as we mentioned, thus you can spend a most beautiful summer holiday in Abruzzo, or a winter holiday in the Apennines for that matter. The beaches in Fossacesia and Vasto Marina on the southern coast of this region, or the ones of Alba Adriatica and Martinsicuro are really beautiful. The water of the Adriatic is warm, thus numerous water sports can be practiced on a holiday in Abruzzo, from swimming to sailing, canoeing and many others. In winter, you can enjoy 15 ski resorts here. Some of the most popular ones are Roccaraso, Campo Felice, Campo Imperatore. Cross country skiing is also very popular in this area. Besides these activities specific to seasons of the year, a holiday in Abruzzo can also have you enjoying hiking, horse riding, climbing in the mountains. The Parco Zoo La Rupe is a zoo built on a mountain, and rock climbing can be enjoyed at the Petrellia Liri, Roccamorice, San Vito, and others. Each season here defines its own style of fun activities.

Family holiday in Abruzzo

A family holiday in Abruzzo is a most wonderful opportunity to create great new memories with your loved ones: from strolling on the beach to spending some time hiking in a nature park, from enjoying winter sports as a family to mountain biking or trekking to areas of a splendid beauty such as the Sagittario Gorge, Zompo lo Schioppo Falls, or Lakes Penne and Serranello. The National Park of Gran Sasso and the Laga Mountains offers thousands of miles of stunning landscape that is just perfect for horse riding. Rent a car and drive from the Adriatic coast up to Peligna Valley, among beautiful olive groves and vineyards, rent a family group accommodation in Abruzzo and enjoy the archaeological ruins of the Fucino Valley from there. You will never not find a place to impress both you and your little ones here.

Dining in Abruzzo - Buon Appetito!

Abruzzo has a most varied culinary tradition, and each province of this region of Italy pays tribute to the famous Italian cuisine that is most adored throughout the world. The Maccheroni alla chitarra are just perfect (home-made pasta), and the Scrippelle are thin strips of pasta eaten in soup that are typical to Teramo. The Scapece is typical of Chieti, a sort of pickled fried fish. Guazzetto is also a fish broth specific to the coastal area, but besides the fish, this province is also a great master at cooking lamb, mutton, pork loin, and the prosciutto, lonza, ventricina are typical salamis of the region. Among the desserts, with almonds and honey as main ingredients, the nougat or Torrone, the confetti, a specialty of Sulmona, the mostaccioli and bocconotto, typical of the Province of Chieti, are a must.

Holiday with a pet in Abruzzo

With renting a pet friendly holiday home in Abruzzo, you get to enjoy the marvel that this place is, together with your pet friend. Instead of thinking about Poochie being bored at home, why not just take your buddy along with you when exploring this region of such amazing natural beauty? A walk in the mountainous area, in the local National Park, the Parco Nazionale dell’Abruzzo, or even on a beach where you have access, in Tortoreto, Giulianova or Silvi Marina is completely relaxing.

Points of interest, a “must see” list in Abruzzo:
  • the Rocca Calascio in Calascio, a most beautiful castle with perfect views of the surroundings;
  • the Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park, which is the largest national park in Italy, with a simply stunningly beautiful nature;
  • the Basilica di Santa Maria di Collemaggio in L'Aquila, a beautiful church with an impressive architecture;
  • the Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzo, the oldest nature park in the Apennines, and the Corno Grande, the highest peak in the Apennines
  • the ski slopes of Roccaraso, Pescocostanzo and Rivisondoli, famous resorts with great facilities;
  • Pescara, the Palm Riviera, the San Benedetto del Tronto, the beautiful beaches and the unique atmosphere by the sea.

There are few places that can match the beauty and the diversity portrayed by the region of Abruzzo, and this considering the fact that in Italy, words such as “amazing”, “breathtaking”, “deeply impressive” are much common in the vocabulary of anyone that wishes to describe this country. From the sea to the mountains, and from the mountains to the unique history, a holiday in Abruzzo is unforgettable.

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